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  1. Pretty formidable schedule for Purdue out of the box even without Penn State & OSU ( who they will see at Cliff Keen) PURDUE 2016 - 2017 WRESTLING SCHEDULE 11/13/2016 - Purdue Duals - Uindy, Bloomsburg, Northern Illinois - West Lafayette, IN 11/18/2016 -Stanford @ Palo Alto, CA 11/20/2016 - Roadrunner Open @Fresno, CA 11/27/2016 - Iowa - West Lafayette, IN 12/2/2016 Cliff Keen Invite- Las Vegas 12/3/2016 Cliff Keen Invite -Las Vegas 12/19/2016 Southern Illinois Edwardsville @ Edwardsville, IL 12/29/2016 Midlands Championship-Evanston, IL 12/30/2016 Midlands Championship-Evanston, IL 1/8/2017 Northwestern. Evanston, IL 1/15/2017 Indiana - West Lafayette, IN 1/20/2017 Maryland - College Park, MD 1/22/2017 Rutgers - New Brunswick, NJ 1/27/2017 Nebraska - West Lafayette, IN 1/29/2017 Minnesota - West Lafayette, IN 2/5/2017 Illinois - Champaign, IL 2/10/2017 Wisconsin - West Lafayette, IN 2/12/2017 Ohio and Gardner Webb- Athens, OH 3/4/2017 BIG Ten Tourney @Indiana University 3/5/2017 BIG Ten Tourney@ Indiana University 3/16/2017 NCAA Championships - St. Louis 3/17/2016 NCAA Championships - St. Louis 3/18/2017 NCAA Championships - St. Louis
  2. Great Match. First of all, I called the Red riding on top as being the difference before the match. Lee was getting to his legs so easy, that in that situation, instead of deferring, Lee's team should have chose down the 2nd period, or chose neutral the 3rd, and kept up the pressure on their feet; he had Red on the verge of being hit for a caution or two. The way Red rides with the arm bar, he is a hammer on top and has it down to art where he does not have to expend a terrible amount of energy, and will always look active with that to the ref. Back to your point on the celebration, it's supposed to be about the two fine wrestlers and their effort, and you reward a guy shaking hands and looking him in the eye. For the kids to be excited, OK, their still teens. But after re-watching the video, and your comment regarding Sr., not sure what you are trying to say that can excuse what we all witnessed. Oh my, that was inglorious & silly, especially the chasing of the camera to throw out a parental statue pose with some cryptic hand signals; wtf?
  3. Both great wrestlers. Will be interesting to see which one pushes the pace and which one goes for a knockout opportunity. Neither one has been pushed for 6 minutes in many months, so 3rd period conditioning will be tested. Red is a hammer on top...
  4. Red, you don't tug on Superman's cape!
  5. 5 ways to identify non-region fans http://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/r/2013/09/18/8e76e903-b1f1-4d1c-ae6f-55810e13a352/resize/350x241/b0ce5613bf7e8a2e5ed6aba7e972c20d/130918queer-eye1.jpg
  6. I'll vote 50 times if you promise to stop wearing the blue speedo shorts around wrestling tournaments! Deal?
  7. I agree and I am torn; the issue is Morgan and Calvin are not doing what it the market takes to make it work. Examples include being the sole B10 program not to offer a multi-year contracts (when they did do this for Volleyball coach). I think Calvin made a complete fool of himself when he got up to speak at the 100 Year Purdue wrestling celebration last year, claiming he was going to 'do what it takes', 'Scott is his guy', blah, blah, blah. What a freaking back stabbing phony. At the same time, if Mr. Erslund is the new guy, he has to know that the issue with the Alum is with the AD and assistant AD, and not the new coach, and try and give him support. It will be interesting to see who he will bring in as his assistant coaches. Purdue is going to make a run at Angel, and they should.
  8. I bet Rosseli thought he had th WV job in the bag; If Purdue had non-wrestling experienced adults in the interview room, you can bet Rosseli came off sounding like a jag bag to them. Calvin Williams, the assistant AD, is really screwing up this whole sh!tstorm. It's a Big Ten Position: you recruit the position, not take applications; any dolt can put a position on Careerbuilder.com, but it takes someone with knowledge to get the right people on board, seek consensus, and articulate the program's vision, and then go out and recruit the best candidates and staff. If you are going to get rid of the current staff, then he should have had a thouroughly researched and prepared list 6 months ago. Three weeks after he pulled the chord on Coach Hinkle, he still did not have a list. Then he was told by the AD to seek input and communicate with an advisory panel of program supporters, and he blew them off. An interview group that doesn't include Kish, Hahn, Perry, or Eggum is a failure in my opinion; if you are saying you want to make a big change, then you better put on the big boy pants and pony up. Sigh..... ??? ???
  9. Rumor is Jeff Jordan might be interested but the assistant AD did not bother to call him. You have to recruit for this job, not just look at who applies. How Damion Hahn or Kish were not recruited harder is maddening. Two out of the 4 on the list are very good candidates, but this young assistant AD had the opportunity to get a game changer and I believe he shunned input from Alumni, so we shall see.
  10. Bull ***potty mouth*** move by Purdue for a number of reasons. Building a foundation does not happen overnight, especially when you have zero support from your Athletic Director (Morgan Burke) & assistant AD (Calvin). this is the same AD that guy that wanted to hire Shawn Charles... The Big Ten is a brutal conference, with Big Ten wrestling being the toughest conference sport of any conference. You will not find a coach that has to do more with less than Coach Hinkle. The things he has done to build a momentum of support from coaches in Indiana, alumni, former wrestlers, is amazing. He was the main energy behind raising funds to get the wrestling room they now have. Is Morgan Burke suddenly going to start paying market rate for a Head coach & staff, instead of taking my JPC $$ donations to cover his salary and salaries of dead weight in his department?
  11. Watched it again on espn3, and schopp took top in the 2nd Period, Quiroga neutral in 3rd. Schopp is such a monster in top That he is the only guy to 95% of the time to choose top, kind of like Patactsil a few years ago.
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