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  1. Am I wrong in thinking that Sellmer from Floyd Central made a similar decision in the semifinals?? If I remember correctly his score was TIED going into the 3rd and he (Sellmer) still refused to take the bottom position. I remember thinking to myself “wow- this kid he is wrestling must be a hammer on top” ....sounds like he was/is.
  2. This- get over yourself a little bit bud. The opponent he was wrestling got up from a leg Turk after the first period and didn’t like the fact he had an arm across his throat giving up near fall for about 30 seconds in the match. Gets up- acts CLASSLESS himself by getting in Lee’s face and talks/shoves Brayton - that set off the chipness in the match. If you are going to “poke the bear” so to speak...gotta be ready for the repercussions. I saw nothing wrong with the knee breaker seeing as how the Portage kid acted
  3. No way the kid is anywhere close to 100% - feel awful for him and wish him nothing but the best- but I’ve seen my fair share of knee tweaks/injuries and the poor guy couldn’t even put weight on the thing Saturday...hoping I’m wrong tho
  4. Weak sauce...it’s the State Finals- should have to make the weight with no “extra” pound! Geez
  5. I know we make light of the situation cause there is not much that can be done with general admission seating - however I have personally witnessed families/mom in tears because of this situation and not being able to get a "good seat" to watch her son wrestle....sometimes in his last match. That's an issue that needs to be addressed, immediately , rather than cast aside. Quit trying to save 3 rows of seats in a section.
  6. The unfortunate/sad part to this whole situation is the effect it has on the "first-time/only time" qualifier who may be from a small school or non-traditional wrestling power and his family/parents. Because of the monopoly on the lower level schools like Brownsburg, Avon, PM, MD, etc...have, it makes it very difficult for individuals/families not from those areas to have a good viewing seat to watch their son wrestle. I've witnessed this first hand and it's unfortunate to watch a family have to trudge up to the upper levels because a coach ran into the lower levels when released and started throwing down post-it notes or hanging whatever over seats so some random 17 year old student who maybe/maybe not been to wrestling before gets a seat before a set of parents trying to watch their qualifying son.
  7. Ahh the "seat saving" up at Banker's Life. I'm honestly surprised there aren't MORE confrontations/issues each year. It's an issue that I don't really see much solution towards. I do think the saving of 3 rows down in the bottom section (think post it notes or shirts, etc...) is a bit extreme however.
  8. I can remember the day ... not to long ago- when match-ups were discussed, predictions made. Now it's all "class wrestling" and this and that. Don't get me wrong...I understand these are topics that need to be discussed, but can't we leave that for another time. IT"S SEMI-STATE week for pete's sake!!
  9. Coach - I'm sure a lot of people in the wrestling community share your opinion and thoughts. (I am one of them) - However in my experience coaching in multiple sports (wrestling and football) - I believe wrestlebacks are going to run into the same "issue" that another hotly contested topic -seeding in football- runs into. Here me out: Every year around tournament time (in football), seeding the sectionals come up and is HOTLY contested. It makes no sense for the regular season to mean absolutely nothing, as it is now. Being a wrestling coach, I can't understand how we can NOT get this done....lock the coaches in a room, set some criteria, and don't come out till it is finished. The problem is not all of the coaches/programs want to see it happen as they are the "fortunate" ones on the side of a blind draw. They can say..."hey, we made it all the way to a sectional championship game" ....where as a 8-1 team might be knocked out round 1. The same issue/argument is what you're going to run into with wrestlebacks. You're going to have almost half the State like the chance of staying away from the "death draw" so-to-speak. Right/wrong/indifferent...it makes it hard to gain a lot of traction. In the end, there is going to be one champion and that is what it seems the IHSAA is concerned about in regards to seeding in football and wrestlebacks in wrestling. That's what I've heard/seen in my experiences in both.
  10. Didn’t have the 10 Champs some thought they would however.
  11. I've thought about this (Red v Lee in college) and wondered a lot of the same things you all are expressing. I wonder, in terms of confidence, if Lee would have some "reservations" in the back of his mind wrestling Red again?? Sometimes, a guy might just have your number?? Not saying this is the case in this scenario...but you all know what I'm talking about. Different styles work better against certain wrestlers etc...
  12. Of course I understand the difference between the IHSAA and the Coaches Association. In BOTH instances when I have reached out to Mr Faulkens to question first- the sectional relaignments, and second- the current FF issue being discussed, I was told it was in collaboration with or a direct request of the IHSWCA. The reference to an Oligarchy is, if the Coaches Association is TRULY suppose to be a representative of the Coaches amongst the State...why wasn't there more information shared with the Coaches when these decisions were being made?? An email survey perhaps? Instead, it's just a few deciding the fate of many- and to me, that seems unjust
  13. Oligarchy- same goes/went for sectional realignment.
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