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  1. Anybody know the status on Jason Tsirtsis? I saw he got 5th at the aisics, I just kind of thought he might me wrestling in this tournament. I was really looking forward to possibly seeing the results of the match we've all been waiting to hear about him vs Aaron Pico.
  2. Does anybody know who will be competing in these events. The only match I know of is Pico vs Tsirtsis, which I don't understand because they are both from USA.
  3. So Carmel, Carroll, BS, & Avon had more points in sec., reg., SS., and throught the state tourney than New Pal? Because Carmel, Carroll, & Avon didn't even place in the top 32 teams... I'm not being rude here, I'm just actually trying to understand the "qualification process" I thought there were only 8 a division teams last year also...? Is there more now this year? And Caroll earned an automatic bid because they won SS correct?
  4. New Pal probably should have been invited to the IHSWCA state instead of Carmel, Avon, Carroll, & Bloomington South. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Also I do respect the comitee and the decesions they come up with to make the choices of selection. The group of gentleman have knowledge of wrestling.
  5. I was just curious how good Bryce Brill is and if anyone knew what plans he had his freshman year. I mean obviously he is the real deal since he is ranked #1 in the nation, but will Tsirtis and him wrestle off or cover 149 & 157? I mean is it even worth wrestling off Tsirtis is the question..? I am a fan of Northwestern wrestling, and I'm eager to know what is in store for the KATS next year
  6. Connor Hofmeister of Indianapolis Cathedral... Undefeated his senior year. Lost in sudden death ticket round. Beat Michael Duckworth like 3 or 4 times
  7. How much weight have some of the wrestlers gained since the season is over?
  8. Hey at least the kid from Hobart got to place at state. I was told he didn't even qualify... There's a trivia question for ya! Who is the first person to ever place at the state tournament to never qualify..? Unfortunate for Brock, but I'm sure he will make some noise next year. Keep your head up kid
  9. Well dang, tell us how you really feel. Geez, isn't this website about discussions, debates & opinions..? I just meant era like 4 years at a time. The Howe's, Humphrey's, Tsirtis's, Escobedo's, etc.. but alright brotha. Thanks for your opinion, maybe I do shut up... :/
  10. Lee is a freak, and I started that fun topic earlier this year, but I think Tsirtis freshman year vs Lee's this year... I'd have to give to Tsirtis. That's a fun topic to discuss, but JMO... I think Tsirtis was just a lot stronger than Lee. And then uk... you go Micic vs Cashe.?.?.. The competition differences. Also, I think my opinion is very very biased because for some silly reason I think Indiana High School wrestling was better in that era. By better I mean better wrestlers...
  11. New Castle SS 106- Schaefer vs Hawkins 113- elliot vs Bocock 113- Holmes vs Starks 120-cottey vs Mantel 120- quite a few 132- eldred vs James 132- Devine vs Locke 138- smith vs Ruberg 145-amos vs Lile 152- Brown vs Larson 152- Noon vs Graham 160- Wilson vs Dole 170- McCool vs Johnson Jr. 170- Tonte vs Stewart 195- Schrader vs Manns 220- Warner vs Morrow HVY- Trawick vs Porter
  12. I thought FOX 59 agreed/signed to broacast all IHSAA state title events... Correct me if I'm wrong. But I think it would be a good idea to broadcast this way also
  13. Not gonna go through the weights, but I of course gotta go with my Irish 35-31
  14. That was an awesome match to watch, I'll take Forte in the rematch also
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