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  1. 1st Teams & Honorable Mention - Sr's & Jr's 2018-19 JR. Acad AS 1st TM & HM.xlsx 2018-2019 Sr. 1st Tm & Hon. Men. Academic All-State.xlsx
  2. JoeDad

    J.D. Minch

    Currently, I am open on November 17, 2018
  3. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    Spoke to soon: Warren Central junior wrestler on HM list is Dylan Culp - NOT "Dalton" Sorry Dylan! JD Minch - IHSWCA
  4. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    Well hopefully I have finally have all the corrections with these two; Cody Widner - Twin Lakes - SR. 1st Team - not an Honorable Mention Darius Taper - Taylor - SR Honorable Mention - unintentionally left off the list We had a total of 327 Sr & Jr wrestlers on the 1st & Honorable Mention teams this year - representing 117 schools. JD Minch - IHSWCA
  5. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    And another one rolls in: Alec White - New Palestine JR - 1st Team with a 4.08 GPA JD Minch - IHSWCA
  6. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    Just received another addition: Austin Bethel - Mount Vernon HS - JR. 1st Team Acad. AS w/ a 3.96 GPA I will never deny a deserving wrestler! JD Minch - IHSWCA
  7. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    Some more corrections; Perry Meridian HS Rilee Miller - JR 1st Team Sunny NiEr - JR Hon Men Brett Johnson - SR 1st Team Logan Hurley - SR Hon Men Matthew McCloskey - SR Hon Men Westfield; Evan Eldred - SR 1st Team NOT Hon Men North White; Jake Quasebarth - JR 1st Team Jett Cronkhite - JR 1st Team Muncie Central; Matthew Cole - SR 1st Team Richmond; Alston Bane - JR 1st Team NOT SR 1st Team Again - my apologies! JD Minch - IHSWCA
  8. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    OK OK OK - somehow I left some names off the lists! Grrrr - I think I may be a little forgetful? LOL So you can add these deserving wrestlers to the lists! Senior 1st Team - Tucker Moseley - 3.91 - North Montgomery HS - Coach Maurice Swain Junior 1st Team - Corbin Maddox - 3.99 - Daleville HS - Coach Steve Duke Junior 1st Team - Dylan Hicks - 3.86 - Daleville HS - Coach Steve Duke Senior Honorable Mention - Riley Morehouse - 3.49 - North Montgomery HS - Coach Maurice Swain Junior Honorable Mention - Andrew Ingenito - 3.56 - Daleville HS - Coach Steve Duke My apologies, JD Minch
  9. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    No 9th or 10th grade Academic All-State yet. It's quite a chore getting the JR's & SR's completed before State Finals. A big thank you to Joe C. for posting these list for the IHSWCA! JD Minch - IHSWCA
  10. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees

    The Tim Welch listed is an official, who lives now in Greenwood. His nephews are the Welch twins from castle HS.
  11. JoeDad

    Jan. 15 Tournaments!

    Sagamore Conference @ North Montgomery HS Crawfordsville Danville Frankfort Lebanon North Montgomery Southmont Tri-West Western Boone Defending Champion - Danville
  12. The message below in quotes comes from John Licata, who is the NWCA Coaches Coordinator. I think that Indiana HS Coaches have made a great effort to improve in this area over the last ten years, but we definitely need to maintain the improvement. I agree - ties are not always required, but WE most definitely need to stay away from wearing jeans, caps, etc.. as you will read, to any high profile meet. I'm not taking shots at anybody - just want you all to know what the media and our fan base is seeing and wandering about. JD "I am in receipt of some constructive criticism that resulted from our NWCA National Dual Tourney hosted this past weekend in Iowa. This will be addressed to all the Collegiate Coaches that are involved in the NWCA Leadership Academy. I am including all the State Leaders and State Reps, as all of us can have a positive impact at our schools in our states. The concerns that were expressed are as follows: Coaches in the corners wearing Jeans. Ball caps worn by coaches. Coaches poorly groomed. Coaches spitting dip into paper cups. Wrestlers littering through out the arena. Wrestlers using profane language. I have no doubt that these were the actions of very few and some what isolated.. That being true, non the less, I wanted to raise the awareness. Additionally, being a leader by example may not be enough? Addressing the situation in a professional manner while it occurs may not be comfortable for some, but still useful. Lets hold each other accountable and not accept anything less. We recognize that a coach may not want to wear a suit and tie for the long day and due to nature of our sport's physicality. However we can sure dress in a professional manner. At the Duals we had more media than any event other than the Olympics and Nationals. We must portray our sport in a better fashion to be accepted by the mainstream media. The product you allow is a direct reflection on you as the coach and your institution. It is also a reflection on all coaches and the NWCA. We should do better!! John Licata John Licata Coaching Coordinator"
  13. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees

    Having trouble getting in touch with Blake Maurer and Angel Escobedo. Anyone who can help me out - please email me at jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net JD
  14. JoeDad

    IHSWCA Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees

    If you want to attend, you may reserve seats by contacting Ed Fox - HoF Coordinator - edfox@etczone.com

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