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  1. 1st Teams & Honorable Mention - Sr's & Jr's 2018-19 JR. Acad AS 1st TM & HM.xlsx 2018-2019 Sr. 1st Tm & Hon. Men. Academic All-State.xlsx
  2. Currently, I am open on November 17, 2018
  3. The IHSWCA is offering a monetary donation to any Wrestling Club willing to work the tables at the IHSWCA State Duals on Friday, December 23, 2016 @ the FW Coliseum. We will need at least 2 workers per table (12) throughput the day - approx. 9am - 9pm. Workers will be asked to work the scoring clocks and the Computers. The computer workers should be familiar with Trackwrestling, but instructions will be given prior to the meet's start. If interested in details, "donation amount" contact JD Minch - IHSWCA Ex. Director at jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net Thanks and "Wrestling is not a sport - it's a lifestyle!"
  4. Spoke to soon: Warren Central junior wrestler on HM list is Dylan Culp - NOT "Dalton" Sorry Dylan! JD Minch - IHSWCA
  5. Well hopefully I have finally have all the corrections with these two; Cody Widner - Twin Lakes - SR. 1st Team - not an Honorable Mention Darius Taper - Taylor - SR Honorable Mention - unintentionally left off the list We had a total of 327 Sr & Jr wrestlers on the 1st & Honorable Mention teams this year - representing 117 schools. JD Minch - IHSWCA
  6. And another one rolls in: Alec White - New Palestine JR - 1st Team with a 4.08 GPA JD Minch - IHSWCA
  7. Just received another addition: Austin Bethel - Mount Vernon HS - JR. 1st Team Acad. AS w/ a 3.96 GPA I will never deny a deserving wrestler! JD Minch - IHSWCA
  8. Some more corrections; Perry Meridian HS Rilee Miller - JR 1st Team Sunny NiEr - JR Hon Men Brett Johnson - SR 1st Team Logan Hurley - SR Hon Men Matthew McCloskey - SR Hon Men Westfield; Evan Eldred - SR 1st Team NOT Hon Men North White; Jake Quasebarth - JR 1st Team Jett Cronkhite - JR 1st Team Muncie Central; Matthew Cole - SR 1st Team Richmond; Alston Bane - JR 1st Team NOT SR 1st Team Again - my apologies! JD Minch - IHSWCA
  9. OK OK OK - somehow I left some names off the lists! Grrrr - I think I may be a little forgetful? LOL So you can add these deserving wrestlers to the lists! Senior 1st Team - Tucker Moseley - 3.91 - North Montgomery HS - Coach Maurice Swain Junior 1st Team - Corbin Maddox - 3.99 - Daleville HS - Coach Steve Duke Junior 1st Team - Dylan Hicks - 3.86 - Daleville HS - Coach Steve Duke Senior Honorable Mention - Riley Morehouse - 3.49 - North Montgomery HS - Coach Maurice Swain Junior Honorable Mention - Andrew Ingenito - 3.56 - Daleville HS - Coach Steve Duke My apologies, JD Minch
  10. No 9th or 10th grade Academic All-State yet. It's quite a chore getting the JR's & SR's completed before State Finals. A big thank you to Joe C. for posting these list for the IHSWCA! JD Minch - IHSWCA
  11. Dingo - Send info to either JD Minch - jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net or Scott Schwarz - sschwarz@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us Thanks a lot, JD Minch
  12. Wrestlers - Josh Hardy/Princeton Adam Doherty/Jeffersonville Robert Rosbottom/Jeffersonville Marcus Shontube/Lowell & David Maldonado/EC Central Coaches - Trent McCormick/Yorktown Ed Hamant/Greenfield Cen Jim Binkley/New Albany Contributors - Bob Morris/Beech Grove Chuck Barnett/Valparaiso John Weaver/Elkhart-Hammond-Fairfield-Northridge Family - Deters Family/Castle Billy Thom Award - JD Minch/North Montgomery-IHSAA & USAW Official-ISWA Officer-IHSWCA Officer Dr Shelbourne Honorary Member - Jon Fitch/FW Carroll Mumby OW Award - Tommy Cash/Lawrence North Coach of Year - Not selected yet Asst Coach of Year - Not selected yet ISWA John Hurrle Award - Dave Errett/Martinsville IHSWCA Hall of Fame Banquet - Sunday, February 21, 2016 @ Jonathan Byrd's Cafeteria - Greenwood, IN. just off I 65 south exit99 - 1:00 pm
  13. The IHSWCA Hall of Fame Committee is currently seeking information on 1997/98 State Champion Josh Hardy of Princeton HS He will be inducted into the IHSWCA HoF next month (Sunday - Feb. 21, 2016) and we have yet to contact him or any of his relatives or friends. If anyone knows where Josh is located now or you have a contact # - please contact me - JD Minch jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net or Scott Schwarz - HoF Director sschwarz@sunmandearborn.k12.in.us Thanks!
  14. I sent this information to all the email addresses that I have from last year's membership list! To: All Head Coaches of IHSAA Wrestling Schools From: J.D. Minch - IHSWCA Consultant Re: IHSWCA Information Date: September 17, 2015 Welcome to the 2015-16 wrestling season. Well the technology dinosaur (yours truly) is finally trying to become update to this era. Hopefully this information is posted in enough areas that all Indiana head wrestling coaches receives this information. If not, I apologize up front! For you convenience, all IHSWCA Forms can be located on the website (www.ihswca.org) Jake Harreld – former head coach at Fishers HS is gracious enough to continue to manage our website. While the IHSWCA cannot take your payment electronically “YET”, I’m working on it, You can preregister for the clinic by emailing me at (jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net). Either use the attached form or just state your name & your other coaches name and say “SAME INFO AS LAST YEAR” & then bring payment to the clinic. This year’s clinic features three individuals with Indiana ties. Angel Escobedo, Reece Humphrey, and Coyte Cooper. Angel (4X State Champ – NCAA Champ) & Reece (3X State Champ – NCAA All-American & World Team member) are both Indiana high school products. Coyte was an NCAA All-American at IU. This should be a great clinic! Please see attached 2015 Fall Clinic Flier. We will once again offer the IHSAA Rules Interpretation Meeting at the clinic. It is scheduled for Thursday evening @ 6:30 pm at Warren Central HS our clinic site. So even if you cannot attend the clinic, you can make the rules meeting and then attend the coaches social afterwards at our host hotel the Clarion East – formerly the Ramada Inn. Tyson Skinner – Madison Consolidated HS will be taking over for the 2015-16 & 2016-17 school years as our President and Greg Ratliff – Edgewood HS was voted in as Vice President along with Sam Riesen - Churubusco HS as Secretary at last Spring Clinic’s business meeting. While the IHSWCA cannot offer you the USA/ISWA coaches card in our clinic package, the ISWA will be contacting all previous coaches with information that will help you in the process of attaining your card. I hope to see all of you at the fall clinic. While there are many clinics being offered this fall in several areas of the state, the IHSWCA is the only clinic exclusively for coaches. You will receive IHSWCA membership, clinic gifts, lunch, and a social all for a very reasonable cost. Plus this is the only face to face Rules Interpretation clinic offered. Respectfully submitted, J.D. Minch – IHSWCA Ex. Dir. - formerly IHSWCA S/T – 1990-2010 Address: 202 S. Vine St. Crawfordsville, IN. 47933 email – jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net
  15. First of all: My apologies for not posting the Acad. AS teams sooner. As explained earlier, my computer died last week and I was unable to acquire a new one until Thursday. Then I was very preoccupied conducting the IHSAA State Tournament. I did get all the certificates printed with minimal errors. If the certificates were not picked up at the state meet, they will be mailed to coaches TODAY. Again, please excuse my tardiness. JD Minch - IHSWCA Ex. Director / IHSAA State Tournament Director / Retired Coach of North Montgomery HS
  16. I have attended the IHSAA State Wrestling Finals every year since 1970. 1970-1973 high school - competed @ HW in 1973 1974-77 while @ Purdue University - I was on Purdue's team - but still made State Finals 1978-2010 while coaching @ North Montgomery HS - didn't always have a competitor, but I was there 2011-present - I have been the tournament director I think that's 46 years? 1985 - meet was moved to New Castle HS - same year my daughter was born - my 8 month pregnant wife was with me!
  17. My first State finals was 1970 - I was a freshman in high school. Therefore this year makes 44 in a row. JD Minch
  18. Should be up later today or tomorrow. JD Minch - IHSWCA Ex. Director
  19. You will submit your wrestler's resume upon entering Bankers Life where you check in to obtain your credentials. JD Minch - Tournament Director
  20. The Ancient Elder has officially retired. If any new version of the history of Indiana HS wrestling is to be written, it will be a new author.
  21. Hey this is JD. I'm so glad all my friends were concerned about me. I received many phone calls that Ihad been hacked. It took a week but now my email is back and running again. If I had been mugged, just know that I would have gotten my fair share of good painful hits in before being taken down! Arrrrrr!
  22. Jan & Sue Hesser will also be representing Indiana at the Olympics. Jan will be a timer/scorer and Sue will be a pairer.
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