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  1. Dougs a good wrestler but he sometimes stalls alot
  2. kuhn and Beck will be a great match, and also Moss vs Hall Kuhn vs Beck Moss vs Hall 5- 3 Kuhn 4- 3 Moss
  3. he will probably get 3rd because he is not going to beat bennet. You never know though
  4. i believe the cavemen will win. if you qualify 10 for state, you should beat anybody
  5. the 103 lb class is loaded. He has plenty of competition.
  6. i thought that it would be a good match to watch. obvisously Iowa is the best. i still thought Minnesotaa would do a better job. the only teams that may be able to beat them are ohio state or psu
  7. This year's 103 weight class at state is loaded. Does anyone think Phillips can be beat? If so, by who? What will the top eight be?
  8. some good wrestlers are goin to go home friday. But that is not the bracket makers fault. some wrestlers are goin to place when they aren't even good
  9. 1.Blake Maurer 2.Angel Escobedo 3.Alex Tsirtsis 4.Andrew Howe 5.Reece Humphrey
  10. 103-Cody Phillips fall Josh Farrel 112-Paul Beck d Kyle Ayersman 119-Branden Nelson d Josh Keiffer 125-Brandon Wright d Ethan Raley 130-Jason Tsirtsis maj Shawn Miracle 135-Brannigin Barlow d Mason Berryman 140-Frankie Porras d Kirk Johnson 145-Eric Roach d Doug Welch 152-Sam Bennet d Ryan Sthal 160-Sean McMurray d Trey Reese 171-Micheal Duckworth d Drake Stein 189-Branden Atwood d Travis Thatcher 215-Nathan Cleveland d Evan Wooding Big Boys-Jame Travis d Travis Thomas
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