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  1. Boston is a great wrestler, but with Brooks you are talking about a guy who has consistently proven to be a top 2 guy nationally at this weight, with him most recently showing that he is #1 nationally in all ages with a good super 32 win over Nathan Tomasello- with Tomasello being also being someone who has definitively proven to be a top 2 guy in this weight through numerous junior and cadet gold and silver national tourney medals; most recent being an impressive, prestigious Iron Man title. Outside of being a flonats runner up last year and whatever young division accomplishments he's had, Boston really can't compare to Brook's credentials. He just hasn't beaten the caliber of wrestlers that Brooks has. Also, watching their wrestling, I don't think Boston could hang through the brute strength and grinding offense that Brooks would bring; on top of that, Brooks technique is just as good if not significantly better than Boston's. so I can't possibly see what advantage Boston would have. I think Boston is going to go down as one of Indiana's greats when everything is said and done, so by no means am I taking anything away from him, but it really doesn't make any sense for you guys to be even suggesting that Boston would beat the # ONE wrestler in the country a weight up from him (and considering Boston can make 106, I would surely stick with saying Brooks is a weight up, because brooks sure as heck couldn't dream of getting down to 106) when he isn't even ranked in the top three nationally in a weight that is mainly filled with freshman. Regardless, it would be an entertaining match to see and a great opportunity for Boston. So, I hope they wrestle at the Al Smith for sure. Best of luck to both of these great wrestlers!!!
  2. Boston is wrestling in Ohio, not Indiana. This is old news!
  3. That injury really broadened is arsenal. His short offense has gotten scary! Andrew Howe, 2012 olympic champ!!!
  4. Definitely Goldman, considering he went from just being a semi state qualifier last year to being a state champ this year in a wieght class with 2 top 10 nationally ranked guys. That's just nuts! I got to see him wrestle a lot last year and I was never very impressed. In fact because of that I really doubted he would even place this year. I don't know what he did in the off season but man it helped for sure. It will be very interesting to see how he does at IU. Congratz Garret!!!
  5. That's insane!!! Congratz to Boston!!! This is awesome for IU and I think he will definitely be a good sized 125 pounder in college!
  6. Hi I was just wondering if any one had an idea when the state finals matches would be on youtube. Thanks, Nick
  7. Offensively Taylor is one of the most diverse and well rounded wrestlers out there, but in a lot of the matches I have seen of his he has been taken down by low ranked opponents. Grant it he still techs them due to his over powering and non-stop offense, but this for sure tells you what would happen if he wrestled a guy like Howe or Burroughs. That's what worries me about Taylor in the NCAA's wrestling guys like Hall and Fittery. I guarentee they will get takedowns on Taylor. There is a good chance that they can shut down Taylor's offense as well and if that happens then I don't see Taylor winning. On the other hand, maybe Taylor is just careless with his defense against lesser opponents. Either way nationals is definitely going to be exciting this year and I am stoked!!!
  8. 103- Boston over Boomsma in what is more of a toss up match than most expect. 112- Phillips avenges his loss at semi state. And let me just point out how crazy this wieght class is; you have at least 3 guys who have been in the national rankings at one point in time with the highest ranked of those 3 getting upset this past weekend....TOUGH! 119- Cambell 125- I see Keiffer beating Mckinly in a 2009 Eppert over Wright fashion. 130- Malloy 135- Keiffer 140- Tsirtis with much more ease this year around. Locked with no key to be found! 145- Roach, locked. 152- Welch 160- Quiroz with an upset in the semis and a state loss avenged in the finals. 171- Jackson Bratcher 189- Sliga 215- Reese 285- Daniel Meyer
  9. Yeah this wieght class is just disgusting. I am super eager to see Todd wrestle. I had heard a lot of people say he had been wrestling way better and might be able to take out Phillips, but I just didn't believe it. With Phillips being as good as he is nationally, it was just too hard to imagine him losing to anyone from indiana this year....just goes to show how much depth our state is gaining and that is awesome. At this rate, people will be talking about which state has the best wrestling and Indiana will surely start getting brought up. Congrats to both wrestlers!!!
  10. Maligned you are bumming me out man lol! This stuff is giving me nightmarish flashbacks of my Finite course, though kind of a different math lol!
  11. Haha I have been thinking about this for a looong time lol! I like a lot of the points being brought up here from both sides, but I gotta say it possibly flopping is a risk that should be taken. If they could create a game that does the sport justice, then I would absolutely looooove it as would many other people. With that being said, I feel that the techniques and manuevers in wrestling would be far to difficult to replicate in a video game. There is just way too much going on, and they would have to make it really simple and less free to control complex wrestling scenarios (ex press x for takedown, y for sprawl; this would just not suffice for true wrestling fans). How would you be able to control scrambles or create mis direction and above all working in ties would be a nightmare!!! I feel that because of this, a lot of people would be turned off to the game. But who knows, maybe with the right company they could really create something unique, very unlikely though. Plus it would be very hard to get a good gaming company to be on board to develop it, so than the game would fall into bad hands and really do some damage to fans. In the end, regardless of the challenges, it is a risk I feel should be taken as I previously stated. Gotta have faith, no matter the odds.
  12. Haha who knows how this kid will grow, only time will tell.
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