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  1. Griffith

    Time for a Y2 Rant...

    Joe Here is your Ray Brinzer quote A philosophy major, Brinzer wouldn?t warm up before a match. He viewed wrestling as a martial art If someone jumped him in a dark alley, he wouldn?t have time to warm up. As told to Lincoln McIlravy during the "94 season I always enjoyed Ray at Hawk Club events he could draw a crowd.
  2. Griffith

    New concussion rule question?

    Please don't cut and paste parts of this information to suit your opinion !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use the information as intended. Safety of the student athlete is the only thing that is important. Trying to find every loop hole, and you wonder why people have lost respect for the sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough from me
  3. Griffith

    New concussion rule question?

    My previous updated post should answer your questions.
  4. Griffith

    New concussion rule question?

    IHSAA PROTOCOL FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS (NFHS) SPORTS PLAYING RULES FOR CONCUSSIONS ?Any athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from the contest and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health care professional.? The language above, which will appear in all National Federation sports rule books for the 2010-11 school year, reflects a strengthening of rules regarding the safety of athletes suspected of having a concussion. During the 2009-10 school year, some rules codes required officials to remove from play any athlete who was ?unconscious or apparently unconscious.? This new language reflects an increasing focus on safety, given that the vast majority of concussions do not involve a loss of consciousness. This protocol is intended to provide the technicalities to follow during the course of contests when an athlete sustains an apparent concussion. 1) The Official?s Role in Recognizing a Concussive Event: If an official observes a player that is exhibiting concussive signs, including appearing dazed, stunned, confused, disoriented, to have memory loss, or the athlete is either unconscious or apparently unconscious, he/she shall notify a coach that a player is apparently injured and advise that the player should be examined by a health care provider. 2) If it is confirmed during the contest by the school?s designated health care professional that the student did not sustain a concussion, the head coach may so advise the officials during an appropriate stoppage of play and the athlete may reenter competition pursuant to the contest rules. 3) In the event the contest continues and the designated health care professional does NOT clear the athlete for return during said contest the athlete is subject to the return to play protocol as listed below: a) Only an MD or DO may clear the individual to return to competition. The clearance must be in writing. c) The clearance may not be on the same date on which the athlete was removed from play. 4) Regardless of whether the athlete returns to play or not, following the contest, an official?s report shall be filed with a removed player's school by the contest official that removed the athlete from play due to an apparent concussive event. This report shall be filed with the athletic director of the school and may be found on the IHSAA website at www.ihsaa.org. 5) In cases where an assigned IHSAA tournament physician (MD/DO) is present, his or her decision to forbid an athlete to return to competition may not be overruled. The IHSAA member school?s designated health care professional may be one of the following individuals: A medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) that holds an unlimited license to practice medicine in the state of Indiana, or; A certified athletic trainer (ATC/L) licensed in the state of Indiana.
  5. Griffith

    New concussion rule question?

    NFHS 2010-2011 Rules Book Penalties and injuries 8-2-4, page 41 Points of emphasis ,page 56 Suggested guidlines for management of concussion, page 80
  6. Griffith

    Wrestling Calendar

    http://www.broadcastsport.net/Schedules/Wrestling.aspx Email me for a list of NI dates.
  7. Griffith

    Three Divisions - CLASS 1A

    Head coaches only, so Garrett should not suffer the consequences of Y2 ;D ;D ;D
  8. Griffith

    Fort Wayne Semi-State

    ;D ;D Nine of the best officials in Indiana will be on the mats, with 150+ more in the stands : :-X
  9. Griffith

    DIII's-Cedar Rapids

    Had that not happened, it would have been a travesty of Aldrichian proportions. NOW THATS FUNNY
  10. Hello wrestling fans, We are an independent research company that has been contracted to help the NCAA gather and understand important information about wrestling. Please help us by completing this survey online by Wednesday, March 10 ? type the following link in your browser: www.prsurvey.com/wpa. Thank you again for your continued interest in wrestling. Playing Rules Administration National Collegiate Athletic Association
  11. Griffith

    Congrats to C. Barnett

    Congrats Chuck 8) Doesn't this mean you have to retire now ;D
  12. Griffith

    Watching the State Finals on the Internet

    When will you be on air this weekend From Darrell at broadcastsport.net Friday when the parade starts, Saturday at 9:00
  13. Griffith

    121 Teams Represented at State

    Those are the school Y2 didn't share his cookies with ;D
  14. Griffith

    FW SS Braodcast

    www.broadcastsport.net will be broadcasting with LIVE VIDEO from Merrillville & Fort Wayne , Saturday Our announcers include former High School and College coaches and former wrestlers, including Hall-of-Fame Coaches Al Smith and Henry Wilks. Check it out and let your friends and family know that they can watch Live Wrestling wherever they live throughout the world. Fort Wayne Individual Semi-State Feb 13th Merrillville Individual Semi-State Feb 13th

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