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  1. jwkwrestler12

    Friday night upset alert??????

    I would really doubt Molloy beating him by anything more than a major, and I think that is pushing it. Katsafaros can compete with just about anyone. Any given day. That's why they wrestle the matches, or else there would be no point of a state tournament, and they'd just mail out the awards.
  2. jwkwrestler12

    Merrillville Semi State should be moved to

    East Chicago would probably be the best place to have it. I believe it's in the top 5 biggest high school gyms in the nation.
  3. jwkwrestler12

    Whitford vs. Morse

    This is not how Whitford usually wrestles. Looks like he gassed pretty hard in the first.
  4. jwkwrestler12

    True 2nd

    If there was true 2nd, then wouldn't there be true wrestle-backs? That would make it a little more interesting I think.
  5. jwkwrestler12

    Berry torn ACL

    Funny thing is, it wasn't just a torn ACL...
  6. jwkwrestler12

    Merrillville officiating

    Does it matter that much? There was still a fall, so does it really matter if he slaps the mat and blows the whistle or just blows the whistle?
  7. jwkwrestler12

    Crownpoint Regionals

    Is Halsted done? If not Mavros and Cahill would be semis and Roadruck and Roach would be semis if Roach can pass Neal.
  8. jwkwrestler12

    Regional Brackets

    Y2, in the Crown Point regional, all the champs are out and the 5th place guys are 4th.
  9. jwkwrestler12

    McKinley v Molloy at Team Regionals!!!

    I agree with you 100%. I'm not taking on a side on who wins or doesn't, but to say one is going to kill the other is ridiculous. Come on people, McKinley is ranked 8th in the nation and Molloy has been hm and ranked if a few national rankings. He competes with the best. It will be one worth the price of admission also, the way these two wrestle!
  10. jwkwrestler12

    Mishawaka Sectional

    That's a possible swing of 48 points for four guys... And for this group, it is most of the team THEY NEED.
  11. jwkwrestler12

    Merrillville semi state Rankings FINAL

    McHugh (CMA) dropped to 132.
  12. jwkwrestler12

    Indiana's Nationally Ranked H.S. Wrestlers

    English and Walpole both were juniors. I'm not going to do a 103, and 140 and 182 are cut out but: 112/113 Brooks vs Wise (2) 119/120 Todd/Campbell vs Vandagrifft (7th) 125/126 Ayersman vs Kelly 130/132 McKinley vs Humphrey 135/138 Jackson vs Escobedo 145 Tsirtsis vs Johnson (3rd) 152 Mullins vs Coughlin 160 Harvey/Johnson vs Hesseltine (2nd) 170/171 Willis vs Corpe 189/195 Berry vs Klienhenz 215/220 Kral vs Panko 285 _____ vs Kasten
  13. jwkwrestler12

    Indiana's Nationally Ranked H.S. Wrestlers

    Happens a lot in some of the other top states, hopefully Indiana can keep this up. I think this class of seniors is the best to ever come through Indiana and hopefully it continues.
  14. jwkwrestler12


    I think he wins every weight class in Indiana except MAYBE 195, and 220. He's too agile for heavy's so I think he wins that. Other than that I am pretty sure he would FIND a way to win against everybody else.
  15. jwkwrestler12

    D.A.C 1-14 at Valpo

    106-Garza 113-Buckley 120-Garcia 126-Ayersman 132-Halsted if healthy, if not Padilla 138-Roach 145-Tsirtsis 152-Katsafaros 160-Stevenson 170-Quiroz 182-Deluna 195-Berry 220-Kral 285-Swope

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