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  1. Good day of wrestling. Lot of good match's. Great start to our final season.
  2. I hate for his season to end the way it did this year but My son Travis McMillan came home from school yesterday afternoon sick. Got him into the doctor and he has a bad bug that is going around. As a paramedic, I don`t jump to conclusions when it comes to medical but I have seen a lot of people with the same thing and it is pretty nasty. His doctor made the call and I agree, it is not worth spreading this to everyone he would come in contact with today. Besides, he can`t even get out of bed right now. Good luck to all wrestlers from FC... T is gonna start getting ready for the Golden Gloves State in a few months.
  3. I don't know who is complaining other than the school. If they did not, they would not be doing their job. As far as Sectionals are concerned, the dual would have had to have been scheduled prior to the infraction. A special dual can't be scheduled for the purpose of a wrestler to sit out in order to be eligable for another event. I can say this, I have not said anything to anyone outside of our coaches and the same thing to Lance. I will say this, because of the extent of what happened, it was not an accident. I have known Barry for a long time and don't know why he did it but he did. I have always thought highly of him and hate the consequences here. They are just in my opinion. If my son did that, I would not allow him to compete any further. That would not be an option to be taken up.
  4. At 113 Elliott from Franklin Central over Young Beech Grove...Good match
  5. If he went to #13 man in the bracket then when BG scratched their guy he would have bumped Kenny to 12 and the BG kid would now be 13. 13 BG would have wrestled 1 Reel and BG would have wrestled 2 McMillan. Kenny would beat reel and McMillan lost to Robles. Then in finals would have been 12 Kenny and 14 Robles. For 3 and 4 McMillan and Reel. So the outcomes would have changed.
  6. If the bracket was spread out like it should have been he would have been in finals against Kinney
  7. Because I was not watching 132. It does not matter what weight it is. It is wrong to do it the way it is being done. A wrestler coming in should be the last person in the bracket not the last seed. The way it came out, three tough kids were in the bottom bracket together and one was in the top by himself. The person who really got screwed was Robles. He should have been in the finals. Thats all I have to say about it. From what I am told you think you know it all and there is no talking to you so I am going to let it go.
  8. I do think I will take your advice. I think I will take this issue to the IHSAA. Iwas going to let it go but I can't not take on a challenge.
  9. No I am concerned because the way it is done is BS. Don't presume you can read my mind, your not that evolved.
  10. I am not sure if you are implying that I think Perry did something wrong. If you are that is the furthest thing from the truth. Their coach's dedication and hard work put in by the kids is why they are the powerhouse they are. I am saying anytime a team replaces a wrestler, that wrestler should go to the bottom of the bracket. That is just my opinion. Had that happened the outcome yesterday would not have changed other than the 3 and 4 match would have been different. So would have 1 and 2 been. Seeding for later on may have changed depending on the outcome. Congrats to Kinney you looked good yesterday.
  11. Great day of wrestling. A lot of good match's. 126 ended up almost the way it should have. Reel had an easy path to the finals. I think if the wrestlers he and McMillan would have went for 3rd and 4th and Kinney and Robles for 1st and 2nd.
  12. It might be the easiest way but it is wrong. Are you there to make it easier on yourself or fair for the kids.
  13. I agree that the seeding is there to primarily separate the the better wrestlers. At 26 with all the changes, 3 of the best wrestlers are together in the bracket. In this case the seeding is doing an injustice to the better wrestlers.
  14. Just out of curiosity, I saw the 126 bracket has changed yet again. I saw they have Kinney listed as 9-0. I did not think he has wrestled a varsity match this year? What weight has he been wrestling?
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