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  1. Congrats Kayla, and good luck in your future endeavors! We (my daughter and I) met you back in 2012 at State, after you'd wrestled (she was upset she missed your match due to traffic). She still wears her Kayla T shirt (she's tiny, it still fits). You were her inspiration to start wrestling, and we finally found a club near us in Washington to get started. We recently completed folk style season, and she's set to wrestle her first Freestyle meet this weekend. She hates missing practice, and she's already set a goal to be a state champion. Thanks for being such a positive influence. I look forward to seeing you do many more great things in the mat and wish you all the success in the world (on made do off the mat) Joshua Richey
  2. However, you've never been to a hospitality room until you've had fresh salmon, halibut, and moose steaks in it. And it's surreal to have sat in a coaches meeting and argued seeding with Lancer Smith and Lennie Zalesky.
  3. I grew up in Alaska, and wrestled in and graduated from an Alaska High School. States usually at one of the major Arenas or at times the largest High school (which happens to be my high school, gyms about as big as new Castle with out the seating capacit.... Small schools is usually held there). Their state tournament is classed, but it's 2 classes. 4A, and 1-2-3A combined..... Separate seasons as well, because a lot of bush (small schools consisting of schools with less than 150 kids) wrestlers also play basketball, which ASAA has accommodated for. I actually compile the state rankings for Alaska 4A. Due to the population, and the love of basketball in the bush, the seasons are split up, and the 123A schools are very thin on talent in some weights. There's a select few kids who are tough (typically East Anchorage, South Anchorage, and the Valley schools, Wasilla and Colony) as well as Kodiak Island. Other schools are cyclical, and there's a few who straggle year to year due to the demographic area they live in (My High School used to be ok and was on the rise, but a lot of the best athletes transfer to East or Chugiak (just north of Anchorage) due to coaching and/or military families cycling in and out. Fairbanks has the same issue with cyclic programs due to the military community there as well, with the random Air Force or Army move in that makes noise for a season or two and then moves on. I'm a big proponent of the state movi back to a single class tournament, because the small schools is typically watered down and some areas don't even send an entrant to state (this happens in 4A as well). They do have a 98lb weight that's growing amongst the school, but most of hone talent within the state lies from 106-160. 170 and above are usually dominated in the small schools by 1 or 2 kids each year, with the rest being fodder and a few notches below. I've often thought that a Semi State qualifier in Indiana could place or even win State in Alaska in a good nUmber of cases (there are a few weights from Alaska I'd put up against Indiana's best and expect a competitive match). When the Alaska state tournament was single class it was reportedly very tough. Oh, and no shaved ice. They don't do it up there, but I've not been to state in Alaska in a good long while.
  4. Jacob Teuschler. Cambridge City Lincoln. either undefeated or 1 loss when he lost to Chad Donegan,Lawrence North
  5. New Castle NPO Brenden Campbell (INJ, 3,2,2) Connor Mullins (5,3,2,8) Mac Taylor (6,5,3,3) Bubba Dickerson (SQ,1) Bill lewis (New Castles First state Champion) Matt Jaggers (SQ,5,7,2) Keith Garrard (Ticket Rounder ever year (Including a heartbreaker as a senior), 5th as a Jr.)
  6. John Doe, of the band X. Also, he was in Pure Country with George Straight, and played Jerry Lewis Father in law in Great Balls of Fire
  7. Thanks for the update Y2
  8. What happened? two forfeits in the first round? Miss weight or not even make it to the venue? Hudkins and Haynes..... ???
  9. Watching via live stream in Washington state...... Wow, sinko was just FLAT.....
  10. Decker, New Castle. Homer pick, But nonetheless....
  11. Mitch Todd, Pendleton over Keith Garrard, New Castle in 03. Garrard was a returning Place winner, ranked 4th, and undefeated. I remember finding out after Id gotten there from Drill. Garrard told me hed lost, and I thought he was joking. Todd went on to tin the Semi State, and then lose first round to Stephen Mosier from Yorktown on Friday
  12. A coworker of mine informed me that former Western High School Wrestling and Football coach Dennis Schulte was killed in a tragic traffic accident while visitin family in Washington State. I dont know much about him, but thought i would pass it along. learned of this on 25 MARCH but just got around to posting this. Coworker isa former Western Wrestler and Football Player.
  13. To Clarify, Brendan is at the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School (USNAPS). Navy Prep, like Army Prep (USMAPS) is akin to a post-High School program like Blair, Choate, Fork Union, Hargrave Military, and Wentworth Military Academy (My alma Mater, which is a JUCO, and also an Air Force Prep School). Campell wrestled the opening weekend at the Clarion Open. He was 1-2 with a win by INJ DFLT (1:35 into the match) and 2 decision losses @ 133. HE wrestled at the Ursinus Fall Brawl this past weekend, and was 2-2, winning his first two matches (WBF over the #2 seed, and MAJ over the #7 seed) to make the semis where he lost 4-0 to the 6 seed. he them MED FFT in the Consolation Semis. Navy Prep is an NCWA program, and is the closest thing to a Redshirt that most athletes that move on to the Academies will get. Brendan will move on to Navy as a freshman next year. Listed below is Navy Preps Season Schedule. 11/04/2012 Clarion Open Clarion, PA 11/10/2012 Fall Brawl Collegeville, PA 11/17/2012 East Stroudsburg Open East Stroudsburg, PA 12/07/2012 Westchester university Westchester, PA 12/15/2012 MAPS NAPS 01/05/2013 UMBC, Nassau, AIC NAPS 01/12/2013 Will Abele Tournament Collegeville, PA 01/20/2013 Shorty Hitchcock Open Millersville, PA 02/02/2013 STCC, MIT, UNH NAPS 02/09/2013 Groundhog Tournament Amherst, MA 02/16/2013 TBA NAPS 02/24/2013 MAPS Westpoint 03/02/2013 Conference Tournament Durham, NH 03/14/2013 NCWA National Tournament Allen, TX
  14. Nice! Little decker is a nice surprise, lots of folks were counting him out!
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