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  1. Survey results are in and were used in discussions with Ashland University leadership. It looks very promising that Ashland University will entertain the idea of starting a women's wrestling program in the fall of 2013. I will update everyone as new informatiin is released. Coach Miracle
  2. Attention friends of female wrestling. We are currently gathering information to present to Ashland University leaders in hopes of starting a women's wrestling program in Ashland, Ohio. If you are a high school female wrestler please take a moment to fill out this quick survey and re-post on your Facebook site. If you know of any high school female wrestlers, coaches, or parents involved with high school women's wrestling please get this survey to them for mass distribution. Thank you very much for your support! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W8T8BTG
  3. Kayla Miracle wins Plymouth Sectional with an 8-1 score in the 106 finals. She is currently 39-1 with 24 pins on the season.
  4. Kayla Miracle wins 2011 Body Bar Nationals and becomes USA World Team member. Kayla had six pins out of six matches. Five of the falls occurred in the first period and one of them at the beginning of second period.
  5. Kayla Miracle just won back to back championships at USA Girls Folkstyle Nationals today. Cadet 108 (first period pin) and then Junior 105 (4-0). First female in history to do so. Her younger sister Hope won the Division 1 championship with a fall in the finals as well. We are blessed!
  6. Coach Miracle

    Kayle Miracle in Sports Illustrated

    Kayla is very thankful for all of the kind words. She is working very hard to do her best. Anyone who knows her knows that there will never be a lack of effort from her. She is just taking everything in stride and trying to remain focused on her training. Sometimes all of the attention can be distracting if it is not put into perspective but, at the same time reinforces all that she does and encourages her to try even harder. She seems to handle it very well.
  7. Coach Miracle

    Undefeated Wrestlers?????

    Kayla Miracle of Culver Academies is 17-0 and ranked 11th @ 103
  8. Nice article Miracle now 17-0 http://www.thepilotnews.com/content/kayla-miracle-gets-undefeated-start-cma-wrestling
  9. Coach Miracle

    Indiana Teams at Disney Duals

    Hoosier Elite needs to fill a couple of last minute spots. We need a 160, 171 and 215. Our 160 just backed out do to some kind of family scheduling issues. We would also like to take at least one alternate. I would like the alternate to be 125-130 and/or 152-160 so we can move things around if there are any injuries. If you are interested and need more info please call me ASAP (812)929-2784. Our mini camp starts Tuesday night and we leave late Wednesday night. Weigh ins for the District All Star teams are on Friday. Coach Miracle
  10. Coach Miracle

    Miracle to Blair Academy?

    I had the opportunity to take Shawn up to Blair Academy http://www.blairwrestling.com/ last week for a visit while I was on some business to Manhattan, New York. It was incredible! The campus atmosphere was nothing like I have ever experienced anywhere. I loved it! More importantly Shawn loved it. The educational facilities were second to none. The student to teacher ratio is something like 8 to 1. The classes and classrooms are small. There is no way a kid should walk out of a classroom not understanding something. There is a huge emphasis on academics at Blair and you got that feeling that some of the smartest high school students in the country were walking around. We met one kid who was going on to college to study Nano Scale Engineering. I don't even know exactly what that is lol but it sounded complicated The wrestling facilities to include the wrestling room and the weight room were very inspiring. The physical structures themselves were very impressive but what was even more impressive was the people in the room. Shawn had a chance to work out with his new team and it was an awesome experience. His wrestling partners were some of highest ranked kids in the nation. His coaches were second to none. Coach Buxton and his assistants do a tremendous job running a practice filled with star studded talent. After a practice where Shawn saw more adversity than he has all year Coach Buxton asked me "Well, what do you think?" I said "He will get better." LOL. Shawn will wrestle a post graduate schedule that will give him around 50 college level matches. For Shawn this is a great fit. He was a late bloomer physically jumping from 112lbs his Junior Year to 130lbs his Senior year. The military academies do not have red shirt years. Shawn will be able to mature physically, mature mentally, and learn to live on his own in a structured environment not unlike the one he will be living in the following year at West Point. Overall, we feel that Blair Academy gives Shawn what he needs to succeed not only as an athlete but as a student at the college level. We are very thankful to everyone that has helped Shawn get to this point. We feel very blessed and believe that God has guided us through his high school career and all of the tough decisions we had to make including where to continue Shawn's education. If anyone is interested in pursuing an education at Blair Academy or one of the military academies please feel free to contact me with questions. I was mentored through this sometimes overwhelmingly complicated process so the least I can do is pay it forward and assist anyone I can.
  11. Coach Miracle


    The Hoosier Elite teams going to the Ohio Tournament of Champions still need the following weights: Elementary: 85, 105, and 110. Middle School: 150, 180, and 230 High School: None needed If you are interested please contact me via email at lmiracle20@msn.com or call (812)929-2784. Thanks, Coach Miracle
  12. The Hoosier Elite Wrestling Academy is taking three teams (Elementary, Middle School, and High School) to the Ohio Tournament of Champions in Columbus Ohio. These three teams are the only teams from Indiana that will be competing at the OTofC. This is our second year competing in the team tournament. The weigh-ins will take place on Friday April 23rd, the individual tournament is on Saturday April 24th, and the team tournament is on April 25th. We have filled spots with Academy wrestlers that want to go. We are now opening up the remainder of the spots to the rest of Indiana. below you will find the current rosters for the three teams. If you see a weight class you would like to fill please contact me via email at LMIRACLE20@MSN.COM as soon as possible. Information you need to know before you sign up is below. You can also go to www.ohiotofc.com for more information. You must enter the individual tournament to be eligible to compete on a team in the team tournament. Go to www.ohiotofc.com and follow the step by step instructions to do this. They must receive your entry by April 14th. I recommend completing your application this week. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. The individual weight classes may differ slightly from the team weight classes. When you weigh in on Friday the 23rd it will count for both weigh-ins as long as you have your individual weigh in card with you. You obviously must make the lower of the weights. They are ranking each team according to the individual results. They will then put us into pools of similarly ranked teams for the team competition. The cost for the team package is $150. This includes your custom sublimated Hoosier Elite singlet, t-shirt, shorts, Academy training sessions for the month of April, and entry fee into the team event. Please feel free to send this email to your personal wrestling contacts so we can ensure that it reaches as many Indiana wrestlers as possible. If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. Here are the current rosters: ELEMENTARY TEAM WEIGHT NAME 45 50 CALEB OLIVER 55 LUKASZ WALENDZAK 60 ALEX MOSCONI 65 ANTHONY MOSCONI 70 ETHAN DUKE 75 ETHAN SEGO 80 85 90 KEATON DECKARD 95 ANDREW DAVISON 100 105 110 120 140 GREG BROWN 160 COACH DEAN WALENDZAK COACH BRETT MOSCONI MIDDLE SCHOOL TEAM WEIGHT NAME 75 80 GRIFFIN SCHERMER 85 DEVIN HUPP 90 KAYLA MIRACLE 95 100 105 110 DEVIN BROUKAL 115 TRIMBLE OR BARLOW 120 SHANE ICE 126 133 140 AUSTIN MCCLOSKY 150 160 180 230 COACH GEORGE SCHERMER COACH BRAD TRIMBLE HIGH SCHOOL TEAM WEIGHT NAME 100 105 ETHAN WAMPLER 110 CEASAR DUKE 115 KEVIN DUKE 120 125 TYLER HUPP 130 135 SHAWN MIRACLE 142 BRANNIGAN BARLOW 150 160 TERRY TERREL 171 189 GARRET GOLDMAN 220 285 COACH LEE MIRACLE COACH
  13. Coach Miracle

    Columbus North

    Nice to hear that Edgewood will be there. I hope we get to wrestle them. They have some great kids.
  14. Coach Miracle


    I don't have that information in front of me. I would have thought he would have wrestled for 3rd and 4th. He wrestled Miracle in the Semis and lost 12-4 I believe. Thomas is a scrapper! He is a very strong and aggressive wrester. I think he can surprise some kids.
  15. Coach Miracle


    Miracle over Roberts 6-1 in the finals.

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