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  1. Miracle takes the gold at 58KG. Hildebrandt takes silver at 53KG
  2. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2016/January/30/World-champs-Chun-and-Smith-reach-Schultz-finals
  3. Yes....they wrestled in a great battle about a month ago. Sarah won 4-3.
  4. www.themat.com is having a poll to ask Which wrestler performed the best at the Bill Farrell International? Kayla Miracle is one of the wrestlers you can select. After a 12-2 tech over #2 ranked wrestler in the world and former World bronze medalist Jillian Gallays of Canada in the semifinals and a 10-4 victory in the finals over super star Jaccarra Winchester (who beat the extremely talented and accomplished Hildebrandt in semi-finals to get there) she was selected as Most Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament. She was also selected as the USA Athlete of the Week. If you think she deserves the vote go to www.themat.com and give it to her. The poll is located on the home page below the breaking news on the bottom right.
  5. Kayla Miracle concluded her folkstyle career by running the table at USA Women's Folkstyle Nationals in Oklahoma City, OK. As a freshman Kayla became the first to win both Cadet and Junior's (wrestled both tournaments simultaneously) running back and forth between and at times wrestling matches almost back to back. As a sophomore she again won Cadet and Juniors. As a junior she won Junior's. Tonight as a senior she won Juniors by pinning everyone on her way to a 17-2 tech in the finals. We are incredibly blessed to have had the support of the Indiana wrestling family. A special thank you goes out to Matt Behling and Headmaster John Buxton of Culver Academies for supporting her throughout her high school career. She will now continue her quest to be an Olympic gold medalist and World Champion.
  6. Kayla was bummed for sure but, understands the big picture. High School wrestling for her has always been the equivalent of BUD'S training. It was brutally difficult, she had to push herself at times beyond what seemed rational but, in the end it prepared her for her real battles that actually mean something to HER. The reason she will be successful in her future is because she was tested by fire against the boys. She is ready to go to that next level after 150-14 career record in high school against boys, she has been forged by that fire. Those tested by fire, come forth like tempered steel. unbeatable, unbreakable, unstoppable.
  7. Kayla Won In The Finals Over VEN With A :10 SecondFall. She Wrestled About :30 Seconds Total For The Tourney. Team USA Wins Gold! This Is Kayla's Second Pan Am Title This Summer. She won FILA Junior Pan Am's Last Month. Good Summer Of Wrestling.
  8. Kayla Wins FILA Junior Pan Am's Last Night. Now flying To Fargo To Compete At Junior National's. http://themat.com/section.php?section_id=3&page=showarticle&ArticleID=26728
  9. All, Hoosier Elite WRestling Academy is hosting a "Sunday Live" this Sunday 3 March from 2-4pm. This will allow most families to go to church Sunday morning and then be home in tome for Sunday family dinner. We will do live situations, group neutral, group top bottom out, and live matches. We are asking kids to wear a singlet and bring a water bottle. This is free to all USA members. We are located at 5526 Boruff Rd Bloomington, IN 47403. Coach Miracle (812)929-2784
  10. Kayla's draw is what it is. Last year as a fourth place finisher out of the Regional she received a great draw. This year she gets a not so great draw. It could have been worse. She could have drawn into Hughes who has given Garcia his only lose. Kayla will go out and give her very best. If her best is good enough then so be it. If it is not good enough then she will shake hands and walk off of the mat with her head held high. Her identity goes much deeper than just that of being a high school wrestler. She works extremely hard. She balances wrestling (and all the pressures that come with it for her), making weight, a tough academic curriculum at one of the toughest academic institutions in the state, and is the President of Culver's Youth Group. She does all of this on her own at boarding school without her family at her side to support her. She has chosen this path because of the academics and leadership curriculum that Culver provides. She does not attend Culver for the wrestling. I am extremely proud of Kayla and the young lady that she is turning into. At the end of the day.....we have to remember that she wrestles during the winter to prepare for the summer. Kayla and the rest of the Miracle family are extremely grateful for all of the support that is given to her. Her freshman year she went to Semistate, lost to Micic who eventually placed 3rd at State losing only to the eventual state champion Boston in a great 5-3 semifinals match. Her sophomore year she went to State and lost to Hayden Lee who eventually placed third losing only to eventual state champion Micic in the semifinals. If history repeats itself, when or if Kayla gets eliminated from the post season that person that eliminated her will go on to do very well. The system is far from perfect in Indiana. People can say that you can put your fate in your own hands and let that be their argument for keeping things the way they are but, at the end of the day that person would be ignorant of the system and it's nuances. There are so many variables that come into play that cannot be controlled by a wrestler. Where does your family live? What school do you go to? What Sectional/Regional/Semistate do you go through? How many ranked wrestlers are in your Sectional/Regional/Semistate? What draw do you get? The styles of wrestlers that you will face and how they match up with yours. Snow days that give extra weight for a Sectional/Regional/Semistate may help or hurt you depending on your unique situation. Etc, Etc, Etc. The only real way that you can come close to fully controlling your fate is if you are the very best in your weight class by a long shot. Even then......control is an illusion. So how do we improve the system? There are two ways that I can think of without totally overhauling the current system. 1. Wrestlebacks The main reason I am a fan of wrestlebacks is simply because the kids have earned them. We are talking about the hardest sport that requires the most dedication and sacrifice. We as the adults should provide the most thorough way possible to ensure that the kids that deserve to go on to the next level do. Yes it may take a little more time. Yes it may cost a little more money. At the end of the day it is our responsibility. If you don't agree with that then perhaps you would like to change positions with the wrestler and be the one working your tail off day in and day out in the wrestling room, cutting weight, doing the extra runs, etc. Expecting that the adults have your back and are going to do what is right for you. That they care more about you than they do their own agendas. Our job as the adults in the wrestling community is to make sure that the kids, the sanctity/wholesomeness of the sport, and competition series is held in the highest regard. The kids job is to train and compete. When either side is not doing its job we are degrading the greatest sport on earth. 2. Improve the draw system When we have the random draw to decide which Regional you will be bracketed with at Semistate there are controls that we could put into place that would improve the current system greatly. A computer program could easily make the random draw happen with implemented controls that have been built into the software that would greatly maximize the odds that the best wrestlers are going to move on to State. One tweak that would improve the whole current draw system would be to implement a control that considers the ranking of the individuals and places them accordingly after the random draw criteria. In simple terms you would have another level of criteria after the random draw. You would need multiple levels or tie breaker controls built into the software to handle the "what ifs". This would improve the system but, would create some other problems that would need resolving. The rankings would now be important. They would no longer be just for fun. Criteria for rankings would have to be implemented and the rankings would have to be governed. On a positive note schools that wrestle weak schedules would have to attempt to strengthen their schedule so that their deserving kids could face ranked kids and become ranked themselves. I know that this idea would be tough to swallow for many because it involves computers, software, and possibly algorithms that most people (including me) don't fully understand. If you want to make things better though you have to start thinking outside the box and not be buried in the past. The mantra of “This is how we have always done it” is the worst mantra in history. It breeds complacency, encourages laziness, and leads greatness to mediocrity. We have the technology.....we just have not chosen to use it yet.
  11. Hoosier Elite is looking for a 43lb wrestler to fill a last minute open spot at the west Virginia Duals this Sunday. If you are interested please contact me (Coach Miracle) at (812)929-2784. There is a .9 allowance as they are covering up the tenths on the scales. So we need someone that can make 43.9lbs. We have a great team and stand a good chance to do very well out there. Here is our current roster: WV DUALS HOOSIER ELITE TEAM ROSTER WT NAME 40 Joshua Oliver 43 TBD 47 Kaden Schaefer 50 Cael Miracle 53 Nicolas Castelluccio 56 Jansen Thrasher 59 Tucker Kirkoff 62 Hope Miracle 65 Caleb Oliver 68 Owen Sego 71 Lukasz Walendzak 75 Alex Mosconi 80 Jordan Slivka 85 Geno Mosconi 90 Derek Blubaugh 95 Anthony Mosconi 105 Dylan Stewart 120 Bailey Thrasher 135 Keaton Deckard Hwt Dennis Garvin Alt Trystin Kirkoff Alt Eli Duke Alt Ethan Duke Alt Ethan Bohnenkamp Alt Griffin Stine Team: HOOSIER ELITE Email: LMIRACLE20@MSN.COM Coach: LEE MIRACLE Phone: (812)929-2784
  12. Survey results are in and were used in discussions with Ashland University leadership. It looks very promising that Ashland University will entertain the idea of starting a women's wrestling program in the fall of 2013. I will update everyone as new informatiin is released. Coach Miracle
  13. Attention friends of female wrestling. We are currently gathering information to present to Ashland University leaders in hopes of starting a women's wrestling program in Ashland, Ohio. If you are a high school female wrestler please take a moment to fill out this quick survey and re-post on your Facebook site. If you know of any high school female wrestlers, coaches, or parents involved with high school women's wrestling please get this survey to them for mass distribution. Thank you very much for your support! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W8T8BTG
  14. Attention friends of female wrestling. We are currently gathering information to present to Ashland University leaders in hopes of starting a women's wrestling program in Ashland, Ohio. If you are a high school female wrestler please take a moment to fill out this quick survey and re-post on your Facebook site. If you know of any high school female wrestlers, coaches, or parents involved with high school women's wrestling please get this survey to them for mass distribution. Thank you very much for your support! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W8T8BTG
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