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Garry Burkhart Invite

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Also no reitz at 120

106- Perez Morton is tough it's good to see him back a 106 could make a run to bankers life

113- Cummings vs triana should be good

120- Miranda Morton is tough could be a nice match with county and conference runner up Gomez from Hobart

126-retuning SQ hardesty vs tough freshman Reese Rodriguez will be a good one both have 19-4 records

132- black is the favorite but a semi of risner Mishawaka and skylar Collins will be good. Collins has 3 losses 2 to hudkins and 1 to welliver

138- Jacy Leon Hobart will be the favorite

145- Dante colza Hobart will be the favorite

152- nugent is the 1 seed but burns and Scott are opposite side of the bracket could be burns vs Scott 3

160- the gio Galloway vs Luke sinkovics semi final should be good

170- drew Hughes will try to keep his pin streak alive. The semi of Alex ragins and Ben stassin should be a good match both are semi state ranked and have been in the state rankings

182- Ike James and Faulkner 3 should be exciting both have won 1 against each other

195 Morton is the 1 seed and is 14-2 should see schoenborn from Hobart in the finals

220- 3 SSQ going for the title it could be a good day for szmach Aguirre or rincon

285 looks like a toss up

always a great day of wrestling.

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182- Isaac James (Lowell) 22-3, Sr. over Austin Faulkner (Mishawaka) 22-8, Jr. (Fall 6:48).

195- Kyle Schoenborn (Hobart) 17-5, . over Jordan Mielenz (Hammond Morton) 16-3, So. (Dec 12-6).

220- Corbin Mata (Frankfort) 25-11, Jr. over Matt Szarmack (Hobart) 15-10, . (Fall 1:26).

HWT- Steve Ragin (Hobart) 15-8, . over Alex Faulkner (Mishawaka) 13-16, So. (Fall 1:59).


Team Scores-

1. Hobart 223.0 2. Lowell 206.5 3. Portage 201.0 4. Hammond Morton 173.0 5. Mishawaka 168.0 6. Frankfort 101.0 7. North Newton 60.0 8. Griffith 51.0

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