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    2023 State Finals #WAYL2

    The phrase you hear 100's of times during a seeding meeting is always "who are your losses to?" This year 17 wrestlers will enter the state finals without a blemish on their record. On top of that there are about five wrestlers entering the tournament without a loss to an Indiana opponent. This year we have three weights without an undefeated wrestler, 160, 182, and 220lbs. In total the state qualifiers have 1047 losses of which 657 are to Indiana state qualifiers. Many of the wrestlers with out of state losses will be to eventual state qualifier also.


    As always if you can help with the missing data it is greatly appreciated.


    Random Stats
    Most losses to state qualifiers

    Gavin Bragg- 10

    Jason Rooney and Logan Haney- 9

    Max McGinley, mason Day, Isaiah Wilson, and Sonny Sessa- 8


    Most wins over state qualifiers

    Ashton Jackson- 11

    Eddie Goss, Aidan Torres, and Revin Dickman- 9

    Beau Brabender, Devin Kendrex, Charlie LaRocca, Luke Penola, Christian Chavez, Sam Goin, Jake Hockaday, and Leighton Jones- 8


    Non-State Qualifiers with the most wins over state qualifiers
    Trevor Gallagher- 7
    Evan Roudebush- 6
    Hosia Smith, Anthony Rinehart, and Luke Rioux- 5


    Undefeated Wrestlers106 Ayden Bollinger- Delta
    113 Jalen May- Kokomo
    120 Ashton Jackson- LaPorte
    126 Tylin Thrine- New Castle
    132 Joey Buttler- Whiteland
    132 Easton Doster- New Haven
    138 Tony Wood- Jay County
    138 Michael Major- Carmel
    138 Cheaney Schoeff- Avon
    145 Aidan Torres- Chesterton
    145 Wyatt Krejsa- Center Grove
    152 Bryce Lowery- Roncalli
    170 Delaney Ruhlman- Bloomington South
    195 Christian Chavez- Mishawaka
    195 Alex Deming- Rochester
    195 Luke Hansen- Roncalli
    285 Titus Waters- Muncie Central


    Who are your losses to?


    *- State Qualifier
    (Losses/ State Qualifier Losses/ State Qualifier Wins)


    Ayden Bollinger- Delta(0/0/2): 
    Mason Jones- Lake Central(1/1/7): Julianna O'Campo*
    Layne Horn- Rochester(1/1/4): Ayden Bollinger*
    Matthew Baylor- Milan(1/1/1): Hruai Lian*
    Julianna O'campo- Fort Wayne Snider(2/1/5): Ayden Bollinger*, Baker(MI)
    Hruai Lian- Perry Meridian(4/2/5): Jeff McGuise, John Bissmeyer, Nathan Rioux*, Revin Dickman*
    Cameron Meier- Bloomington South(4/4/4): Isaac Campbell*, Mason Jones*, Nathan Rioux(2)*
    Isaac Campbell- Floyd Central(4/4/1): Cameron Meier(2)*, Nathan Rioux*, Revin Dickman*
    Revin Dickman- Brownsburg(5/0/9): Harrison(OH), Seacrist(OH), Smith(PA), Timar(OH), Yarbrough(OH)
    Nathan Rioux- Avon(5/5/4): Revin Dickman(5)*
    Kaleb Salazar- Wawasee(5/3/3): Cameron Meier*, Hunter Douglas, Julianna O'Campo*, Kealen Fuller, Mason Jones*
    Rex Moore- Manchester(6/6/0): Julianna O'Campo*, Layne Horn(4)*, Levi Johns*
    Xavier Chavez- Mishawaka(8/4/1):  ???(2), Benton Kanable, John Bissmeyer, Julianna O'Campo(2)*, Kaleb Salazar*, Mason Jones*
    Gunner Butt- New Palestine(8/3/1): Gavin Ash, Heather Crull, Hruai Lian(3)*, Jett McGuire(2), Joey Cline
    Connor Bayliss- Mount Vernon (Fortville)(8/5/0): Cameron Meier*, Cole Vandygriff, E'Shawn Tolbert, Gunner Butt*, Jackson Elliott*, Jett McGuire, Joey Cline, Kaleb Salazar*, Matthew Baylor*
    Logan Haney- Crown Point(14/9/0): Benton Kanable, Cameron Woods, Garcia(OH), Hruai Lian*, Kaleb Salazar*, Marinopoulos(IL), Mason Jones(4)*, Revin Dickman(2)*, Talon Jessup, Xavier Chavez*


    Jalen May- Kokomo(0/0/5): 
    Charlie LaRocca- Center Grove(2/1/8): Cichocki(MI), Gavin Jendreas*
    Gavin Jendreas- Crown Point(2/1/5): Mendoza(IL), Preston Haines*
    Drew Waldon- DeKalb(2/1/1): Blake Byerley, Jalen May*
    Ryan Taylor- Perry Meridian(3/2/4): Gavin Jendreas*, Preston Haines*, Quinten Schoeff
    Levi Johns- Bluffton(3/1/2): Daniel Moore, Isaiah Fye, Jalen May*
    Aiden Dallinger- McCutcheon(4/3/3): ???, Gavin Jendreas*, Isaac Ash*, Jalen May*
    Jackson Heaston- Indian Creek(4/2/1): Charlie Larocca*, Eddie Goss*, Luke Rioux, Toby Billerman
    Isaac Ash- Monrovia(6/4/2): Charlie Larocca(2)*, Luke Rioux(2), Preston Haines(2)*
    Seth Aubin- Hobart(6/3/1): Aiden Dallinger*, Charlie Larocca*, E'Shawn Tolbert(2), Gavin Jendreas*, Ryann Schmidtendorff
    Jackson Elliott- Carmel(6/6/5): Aiden Dallinger*, Charlie Larocca*, Isaac Ash*, Ryan Taylor(2)*, Tommy Frazier*
    Preston Haines- Brownsburg(9/3/4): Brown(OH), Charlie Larocca(2)*, Cichocki(MI), Dyler(OK), Jackson Heaston*, Johnson(IL), Lambers(OH), Rossell(OH)
    Tommy Frazier- Zionsville(9/5/3): Eddie Goss*, Gavin Bragg*, Gavin Jendreas*, Isaiah Schaefer*, Luke Rioux, Quinten Schoeff, Raney(KY), Ryan Taylor*, Terry Easley
    Brayden Raber- Maconaquah(9/3/0):  ???(2), Braylon McIntire(3), Drew Waldon*, Isaiah Fye, Jalen May*, Levi Johns*
    Cameron Sentner- Wawasee(10/2/0): ???, Aiden Dallinger*, Blake Byerley, Braylon McIntire, E'Shawn Tolbert, Josh Kite(2), Kamaron Straw, Matthew Senn, Seth Aubin*
    Porter Temples- Westfield(14/7/0): ???, Charlie Larocca*, Demario Ezelle, Jackson Elliott(4)*, Luke Rioux, Revin Dickman, Ryan Taylor, Ryann Schmidtendorff(2), Tommy Frazier(2)*


    Ashton Jackson- LaPorte(0/0/11): 
    Neal Mosier- Delta(1/1/5): Tanner Tishner*
    Tanner Tishner- Western(1/1/4): Ashton Jackson*
    Bryce Doss- New Palestine(2/2/3): Elijah Broady*, Neal Mosier*
    Isaiah Schaefer- Evansville Mater Dei(3/1/4): Jake Hockaday*, Raney(KY)(2)
    Jake Hockaday- Brownsburg(4/0/8): Butler(OH), DeLuca(NJ), Raney(KY), Stewart(IL)
    Dominic Brown- Lowell(4/4/5): Ashton Jackson(2)*, Eddie Goss*, Sonny Sessa*
    Peter Nguyen- Guerin Catholic(4/4/1): Elijah Broady*, Gavin Bragg(2)*, Neal Mosier*
    Eddie Goss- Center Grove(5/5/9): Isaiah Schaefer(2)*, Jake Hockaday(2)*, Tanner Tishner*
    Elijah Broady- Mount Vernon (Fortville)(6/4/3): ???, Bryce Doss(2)*, Dominic Brown*, Dylan Bennett, Neal Mosier*
    Carter Fielden- Garrett(8/7/2): Eddie Goss*, Isaiah McCue, Linkin Carter(3)*, Neal Mosier(2)*, Sonny Sessa*
    Linkin Carter- Eastside(9/4/4): ???, Ashton Jackson*, Bohls(OH), Carter Fielden(2)*, Estep(OH), Isaiah McCue, Nemitz(OH), Tanner Tishner*
    Logan Bickel- Cascade(9/6/0): Eddie Goss(2)*, Ethan Holloway, Jake Hockaday(2)*, Jalen May*, Jayden Owsley, Peter Nguyen*, Quinten Schoeff
    Gavin Bragg- Indianapolis Cathedral(13/10/3): Ashton Jackson*, Bryce Doss*, Dominic Brown*, Eddie Goss(2)*, Elijah Broady*, Isaiah Schaefer*, Jake Hockaday*, Moreland(OH), Quinten Schoeff, Rahul(OH), Ryan Taylor*, Sonny Sessa*
    Isaiah Wilson- Chesterton(14/8/1): Ashton Jackson(3)*, Dominic Brown(2)*, Hank Phenicie, Isaiah McCue, Linkin Carter*, Matthew Maldonado(2), Owen Bunton(2), Sonny Sessa(2)*
    Sonny Sessa- Crown Point(16/8/5): Ashton Jackson(3)*, Butler(OH), Dominic Brown*, Dylan Bennett, Eddie Goss*, Gibson(OH), Isaiah Wilson*, Jake Hockaday*, Matthew Maldonado(2), Nasdeo(PA), Rsendez(IL), Ryan(WI), Tanner Tishner*


    Tylin Thrine- New Castle(0/0/5): 
    Keegan Schlabach- Lakeland(1/0/4): Braylon Meyer
    Logan Frazier- Crown Point(2/0/6): Campbell(OH), Davino(IL)
    Aden Reyes- Indianapolis Cathedral(2/1/5): Sears(OH), Tylin Thrine*
    Jackson Bradley- Cowan(2/1/2): Cole Stuffel, Keegan Schlabach*
    Evan Seng- Evansville Mater Dei(3/1/3): Aden Reyes*, Raney(KY)(2)
    Cody Rowles- Jay County(3/3/1): Hayden Brady*, Jackson Bradley(2)*
    Griffin Ingalls- Fishers(4/4/2): Aden Reyes*, Jake Hockaday*, Tylin Thrine(2)*
    Hayden Brady- Garrett(4/4/1): Cody Rowles*, Keegan Schlabach(3)*
    Alejandro Ramirez- River Forest(5/6/2): Griffin Ingalls*, Guillermo Rivera(3)*, Jesus Aquino-Morales(2)*
    Chase Stephens- Tell City(5/2/1): Evan Seng(2)*, Liam Krueger, Toby Billerman, Zane Schreck
    Guillermo Rivera- Lake Central(7/5/6): ???, Ayden Campbell, Hyatt Yeager*, Logan Frazier(4)*
    Jesus Aquino-Morales- Union County(7/4/2): ???, Aden Reyes*, Blake Wolf, Griffin Ingalls*, Jack Davis, Tylin Thrine(2)*
    Hyatt Yeager- Center Grove(8/4/2): ???, Aden Reyes*, Blum(MI), Caleb Mattingly, Evan Seng*, Landen Haines(2)*, Liam Krueger
    Landen Haines- Brownsburg(10/3/2): Aden Reyes*, Chase Stephens*, Davis(MI), Garcia(IL), Hyatt Yeager*, Jett(OH), Keith Parker, Liam Krueger, McBurney(OH), Sanderfer(OH)
    Nasir Christion- Merrillville(13/7/0): Alejandro Ramirez(2)*, Ayden Campbell(2), Dalton Robson, Guillermo Rivera(3)*, Liam Bumgardner(2), Logan Frazier(2)*, Quinton Buckmaster


    Joey Buttler- Whiteland(0/0/4): 
    Easton Doster- New Haven(0/0/2): 
    Kyrel Leavell- Warren Central(1/0/5): ???
    Zar Walker- Mishawaka(1/0/3): Hayden Demarco
    David Maldonado- Merrillville(2/1/5): Hayden Demarco, Zar Walker*
    Odin Fortune- Evansville Reitz(2/1/1): Joey Buttler*, Landen Horning
    Mikey Kallimani- Jimtown(3/2/5): David Maldonado*, Easton Doster*, Hayden Demarco
    Justice Thornton- Columbus North(3/2/0): Brady Ison*, Odin Fortune*, Seth Syra
    Hayden Fritz- West Central(4/2/0): ???, Caleb Oliver, David Maldonado*, Griffin Van Tichelt*
    Jacob Weaver- Rossville(4/2/0): ???, Josh Johnson*, Kyrel Leavell*, Quenton Riley
    Brady Ison- Brownsburg(5/2/4): Brown(OH), Joey Buttler(2)*, King(OH), Robinson(IL)
    Keaton Morton- Perry Meridian(6/6/3): Brady Ison*, Griffin Van Tichelt*, Joey Buttler*, Kyrel Leavell(3)*
    Brody Hagewood- Prairie Heights(6/5/3): Dallas Davidson, David Maldonado*, Easton Doster*, Essiah Kamer*, Mikey Kallimani(2)*
    Griffin Van Tichelt- Crown Point(7/5/3): Brady Ison*, Brody Hagewood*, David Maldonado(2)*, Tye Linser(2), Zar Walker*
    Essiah Kamer- Fremont(8/5/1):  ???(2), Brody Hagewood(2)*, Gabe Miller, Mikey Kallimani(3)*
    Josh Johnson- Indianapolis Cathedral(9/6/1): Griffin Van Tichelt*, Keaton Morton(3)*, Kyrel Leavell*, Markour(OH), Tommy Gibbs, Trumble(KY), Wesley Harper*


    Tony Wood- Jay County(0/0/7): 
    Michael Major- Carmel(0/0/5): 
    Cheaney Schoeff- Avon(0/0/5): 
    Jeffrey Huyvaert- New Prairie(1/1/5): Cole Solomey*
    Cole Solomey- Kankakee Valley(1/1/4): Jeffrey Huyvaert*
    Kelby Glenn- Tell City(3/3/3): Branson Weaver*, Cheaney Schoeff*, Reese Courtney*
    Gavyn Whitehead- New Castle(3/2/1): Michael Major*, Silas Foster, Tony Wood*
    Cooper Baldwin- Peru(4/3/2): Jordan Lear, Lucas Clement*, Reese Courtney*, Tony Wood*
    Christian Arberry- Warren Central(4/2/2): Cooper Baldwin*, Gavyn Whitehead*, Michael Ortega, Romeo White
    Wesley Harper- Penn(5/5/2): Cole Solomey*, Jeffrey Huyvaert*, Lucas Clement*, Michael Major*, Zar Walker*
    Brock Hagewood- Prairie Heights(5/4/0): Cooper Baldwin*, Evan Cruz, Logan Uhlman*, Lucas Clement*, Max McGinley*
    Lucas Clement- Merrillville(6/5/3): Aidan Torres*, Cole Solomey(2)*, Evan Cruz, Jeffrey Huyvaert*, Max McGinley*
    Branson Weaver- Owen Valley(6/5/1): ???, Cheaney Schoeff*, Jeffrey Huyvaert*, Kelby Glenn(2)*, Michael Major*
    Reese Courtney- Center Grove(8/4/6): Cheaney Schoeff(2)*, Chinavare(MI), Gates(MI), Michael Major*, Parker Reynolds, Tyler Vanover, Wesley Harper*
    Max McGinley- Indianapolis Cathedral(9/8/2): Ayoub(OH), Brady Ison*, Cheaney Schoeff*, Christian Arberry(2)*, Michael Major*, Reese Courtney(3)*
    Logan Uhlman- Adams Central(9/7/1): Aidan Carter, Jeffrey Huyvaert*, Kelby Glenn*, Tony Wood(5)*, Wyatt Price


    Aidan Torres- Chesterton(0/0/9): 
    Wyatt Krejsa- Center Grove(0/0/4): 
    Wesley Smith- Plymouth(2/2/3): Aidan Torres*, Anthony Bahl*
    Cameron Clark- Jay County(2/2/3): Braxton Miller*, Brevan Thrine*
    Braxton Miller- DeKalb(2/1/2): ???, Luke Teusch*
    Luke Teusch- Huntington North(2/2/1): Cameron Clark*, Kolten Rhonemus*
    Brevan Thrine- New Castle(3/1/3):  ???(2), Dillon Graham*
    Luke Robards- Evansville Central(3/1/2): Cash Turner, Nayl Sbay, Wyatt Krejsa*
    Jack Todd- Pendleton Heights(3/3/0): Brevan Thrine*, Dillon Graham*, Ike O'Neill*
    Dillon Graham- Indianapolis Cathedral(4/2/4): Aiden Kiner, Wesley Smith*, Woodcock(OH), Wyatt Krejsa*
    Ike O'Neill- Westfield(4/3/2): Aidan Torres*, Dillon Graham*, Jessie Franklin, Mason Day*
    Anthony Bahl- Crown Point(6/2/4): Aidan Torres(2)*, Dominique(OH), Herriman(MI), Robinson(IL), Schneider(OK)
    Kolten Rhonemus- Delta(6/5/1): Braxton Miller*, Brevan Thrine*, Cameron Clark(2)*, Cash Turner, Luke Robards*
    Jayden Lewis- New Prairie(7/5/0): Aidan Torres(3)*, Alex Smith, Anthony Bahl*, Caleb Solomey, Wesley Smith*
    Bradley Owen- Jeffersonville(9/1/1): Alex Smith, Asher Ratliff, Braedon Spears, Brown(KY), Jase Robinson, Keegan Williams, Lee Spencer, Montoya(KY), Wyatt Krejsa*
    Mason Day- Brownsburg(11/8/1): Anthony Bahl(2)*, Bradley Owen*, Chase(OH), DiFazio(OH), Dillon Graham*, Guerra(OH), Ike O'Neill*, Luke Robards*, Silas Stits*, Wyatt Krejsa*


    Bryce Lowery- Roncalli(0/0/5): 
    Hunter May- Evansville Mater Dei(1/1/5): Bryce Lowery*
    Mitchell Betz- Western(1/0/5): Anthony Rinehart
    Beau Brabender- Mishawaka(4/3/8): ???, Bryce Denton*, Gavin Davis*, Silas Stits*
    Bryce Denton- Penn(4/4/2): Adrian Pellot*, Beau Brabender*, Hunter Miller*, Reese Courtney*
    Tyce DuPont- Tell City(4/3/1): Evan Roudebush, Hunter May(3)*
    Adrian Pellot- Merrillville(5/2/2):  Anthony Rinehart(2), Beau Brabender*, Evan Roudebush, Hunter Miller*
    Gavin Davis- Bellmont(6/5/7): Aidan Torres*, Beau Brabender*, Evan Roudebush, Mitchell Betz(3)*
    Hunter Miller- Wawasee(6/5/3): Anthony Rinehart, Beau Brabender(3)*, Bryce Denton*, Evan Roudebush, Gavin Davis*
    Jackson Todd- Carroll (Fort Wayne)(6/6/2): Beau Brabender*, Gavin Davis(3)*, Hunter Miller*, Wesley Smith*
    Zach Lang- Hamilton Southeastern(7/2/6): Bryce Lowery*, Mitchell Betz*, Trevor Gallagher(5)
    Christian Wittkamp- Jay County(8/5/0):  Caden Funk(2), Deaglan Pleak, Gavin Davis(2)*, Jackson Todd(2)*, Mitchell Betz*
    Silas Stits- Center Grove(9/3/3): Anthony Rinehart, Evan Roudebush(2), Gage Eckels*, Hunter May(2)*, Katschor(MI), Long(MI), Simcoe(MI)
    Gage Eckels- Ben Davis(9/6/1): Bryce Lowery*, Chase Carrington(3), Jason Rooney*, Silas Stits*, Tyce DuPont*, Zach Lang(2)*
    Jason Rooney- Westfield(11/9/2): Adrian Pellot*, AJ Steenbeke*, Beau Brabender*, Brenton Russell*, Carter Richardson*, Ethan Smith, Nathan Powell*, Trevor Gallagher, Zach Lang(3)*
    Carter Richardson- Noblesville(14/3/1): Xavier Smith, Blake Wahl(3), Bryce Lowery(2)*, Chase Carrington, Gabe Bragg, Greyson Gard, Jaylen Covington, Jesse Derringer, Larz Hughes, Trevor Gallagher, Zach Lang*


    Logan Farnell- Maconaquah(1/1/4): Brant Beck*
    Sam Goin- Crown Point(2/0/8): Garcia(PA), Lamer(OR)
    Nathan Powell- Carmel(2/2/4): AJ Steenbeke*, Brenton Russell*
    Luke Kemper- Evansville Central(2/0/3):  Jeb Prechtel(2)
    AJ Steenbeke- Penn(3/3/7): Conner Watts*, Sam Goin(2)*
    Brenton Russell- Warren Central(3/3/5): Andre Merritt*, Chase Wagner*, Sam Goin*
    Levi Abbott- Cowan(4/2/1): Brant Beck*, Jordan Ayres, Logan Farnell*, Silas Loshe
    Andre Merritt- Center Grove(5/3/7): AJ Steenbeke*, Davis(MI), Luke Kemper*, Marines(MI), Sam Goin*
    Brant Beck- Rochester(5/5/4): AJ Steenbeke*, Conner Watts*, Levi Abbott*, Logan Farnell(2)*
    Chase Wagner- Zionsville(5/5/4): Andre Merritt(2)*, Brenton Russell(2)*, Nathan Powell*
    Conner Watts- Jimtown(5/4/2): AJ Steenbeke*, Ben Shaffer*, Brant Beck*, Deaglan Pleak, Logan Farnell*
    Michael Hutchison- Cascade(5/5/1): Andre Merritt(2)*, Brant Beck*, Luke Kemper(2)*
    Cameron Crisp- Merrillville(8/7/0): Aidan Costello*, Ben Shaffer(2)*, Carlos Perez-Xochipa*, Chase Wagner*, Manolo Hood, Sam Goin(2)*
    Zach Huckaby- Perry Meridian(9/6/0): ???, AJ Steenbeke*, Brenton Russell*, Chase Wagner*, David Oyebode, Jason Rooney*, Nathan Powell(2)*, Sam Goin
    Braden Moore- Charlestown(9/2/0):  ???(2), Andre Merritt*, Corbin Scott, Hayden Newell, Jack Rose, John Rushenberg, Michael Hutchison*, Wojcicki(KY)
    Ben Shaffer- Chesterton(11/6/3): AJ Steenbeke*, Andre Merritt*, Chase Wagner*, Duke Myers*, Isaiah Rivas, Kenneth Bisping(3), Manolo Hood, Sam Goin(2)*


    Delaney Ruhlman- Bloomington South(0/0/6): 
    Noah Weaver- Rossville(2/2/3): Anthony Cashman*, Jaquan East*
    Jaquan East- Kokomo(2/2/2): Braxton Russell*, Evan Tilton*
    Duke Myers- Bellmont(3/2/7): Gavin Malone, Kyle Harden*, Noah Clouser*
    Aidan Costello- Hobart(3/3/5): Cody Goodwin*, Kyle Harden*, Noah Clouser*
    Kyle Harden- Indianapolis Cathedral(4/3/6): Aidan Costello*, Clay Guenin, Noah Clouser(2)*
    Noah Terry- Tell City(4/3/3): ???, Delaney Ruhlman(2)*, Jett Goldsberry*
    Cody Goodwin- Crown Point(4/0/2): Cramblett(OH), Flip(PA), Kelly(IL), Snyder(NJ)
    Tanner Reed- Columbia City(4/4/1): Duke Myers(3)*, Jaquan East*
    Noah Clouser- Center Grove(5/3/6): Boone(MI), Delaney Ruhlman(3)*, Vincent Tinoco
    Anthony Cashman- Warren Central(5/4/3): Aidan Costello*, Clay Guenin, Delaney Ruhlman*, Kyle Harden(2)*
    Carlos Perez-Xochipa- Harrison (WL)(5/4/2): Aidan Costello*, Cody Goodwin*, Daeveon Cheeks, Noah Clouser*, Tanner Reed*
    Jett Goldsberry- Heritage Hills(5/4/1): Gavin Malone, Noah Clouser*, Noah Terry(3)*
    Braxton Russell- Delta(5/3/1):  Clay Guenin(2), Duke Myers(2)*, Zach Wagner*
    Zach Wagner- Hamilton Southeastern(6/6/1): Ethan Popp*, Kyle Harden*, Luke Penola*, Noah Weaver(3)*
    Isaac Valdez- Mishawaka(10/7/0): ???, Aidan Costello*, Anthony Cashman(2)*, Carlos Perez-Xochipa*, Duke Myers*, Kaden Lone*, Kyle Harden*, Zymarion Hollyfield(2)


    De'Alcapon Veazy- Fort Wayne Snider(1/1/5): Orlando Cruz*
    Hunter Page- Monroe Central(1/1/3): Kaden Lone*
    Evan Tilton- Hamilton Heights(1/1/3): Mike Durham*
    Connor Cervantes- Griffith(1/1/2): Orlando Cruz*
    Luke Penola- Zionsville(2/1/8): Ricketts(KY), Orlando Cruz*
    Orlando Cruz- Crown Point(2/0/6): Heeg(OK), McDaniel(OH)
    Bray Emerine- Floyd Central(3/2/1): Caden Brewer*, Luke Penola*, Ricketts(KY)
    Mike Durham- Warren Central(4/3/3): ???, De'Alcapon Veazy*, Luke Penola(2)*
    Laish Detwiler- Goshen(4/4/1): De'Alcapon Veazy*, Hunter Page*, Kaden Lone(2)*
    Ethan Popp- Harrison (WL)(4/2/1): ???, Andy Warren, Connor Cervantes*, Vinny Freeman*
    Kaden Lone- NorthWood(5/5/4): De'Alcapon Veazy(2)*, Laish Detwiler*, Luke Penola*, Mike Durham*
    Brayden Tincher- Eastern Hancock(6/6/0): Evan Tilton(2)*, Hunter Page(2)*, Luke Penola*, Mike Durham*
    Jackson Fox- Columbus East(7/3/2): Bray Emerine*, Christian Chavez*, Jonathan Tanner, Julian Weems*, Shaun Glass, Spencer Fain, Trent Kersey
    Julian Weems- Center Grove(8/5/2): Adams(MI), Caden Brewer(4)*, Ethan Risner, Jaxson Walters, Luke Penola*
    Vinny Freeman- Penn(8/5/1):  ???(2), Connor Cervantes*, De'Alcapon Veazy*, Jaylen Young, Julian Weems*, Orlando Cruz(2)*
    Caden Brewer- Brownsburg(9/3/5): Barr(MI), Havill(OH), Jackson Fox*, Luke Penola*, Miller(OH), Neitenbach(OH), Orlando Cruz*, Shulaw(OH), Westpfahl(OH)


    Christian Chavez- Mishawaka(0/0/8): 
    Alex Deming- Rochester(0/0/4): 
    Luke Hansen- Roncalli(0/0/2): 
    Wyatt Woodall- Southmont(1/1/3): Luke Hansen*
    John Purdy- Castle(1/1/2): Reid Schroeder*
    Reid Schroeder- Southridge(1/1/2): John Purdy*
    Neil Johnson- New Prairie(3/2/4): Anthony White, Christian Chavez*, Nash Shupert*
    Kaden McConnell- Center Grove(3/3/1): Christian Chavez*, Gunner Henry*, John Purdy*
    Orlan Foster- Connersville(3/1/1): ???, Jaxon Copas, Luke Hansen*
    Chad Washburn- Kokomo(5/4/1): Alex Deming*, Armen Koltookian*, Nash Shupert*, Neil Johnson*, Peyton Cross
    Nash Shupert- Elkhart(6/5/3): ???, Alex Deming*, Armen Koltookian*, Donovan Blair*, Jackson Fox*, Neil Johnson*
    Armen Koltookian- Concord(7/5/5): ???, Alex Deming(2)*, Chance Harris, Christian Chavez*, Nash Shupert*, Wyatt Woodall*
    Gunner Henry- Brownsburg(8/3/1): Bennie(UT), Kaden McConnell*, Menifee(VA), quillin(OH), Ray(OH), Reid Schroeder*, Sell(OH), Will Clark*
    Bazle Owens- Tippecanoe Valley(10/5/0):  ???(2), Armen Koltookian*, Austin Farris, Christian Chavez*, Donovan Blair(2)*, Mickey Daring, Neil Johnson*, Preston Duffy
    Cael Albaugh- Clinton Central(10/5/0): Chad Washburn*, Elijah Cox, Jacob Jones, Neil Johnson*, Orlan Foster*, Ray Townsend, Seth Richardson, Trevor Currie, Wyatt Woodall(2)*
    Donovan Blair- Wawasee(13/5/3): Anthony White, Armen Koltookian(2)*, Austin Smith, Christian Chavez(3)*, Henry Kukelhan, Josiah Williams, Nathaniel Rosas, Parker Hart(2), Paul Dewitt


    Tommy Morrill- Columbus East(1/1/4): Will Clark(2)*
    Brady Beck- Rochester(1/1/3): Julante Hinton*
    Julante Hinton- Fort Wayne Northrop(1/0/2): Chance Harris
    Keagan Martin- Bellmont(2/2/3): Brady Beck*, Devin Kendrex*
    Will Clark- Crown Point(3/0/7): Gallo(PA, Shulaw(OH), Snider(OH)
    Cole Chicoine- McCutcheon(3/3/2): Alex Rose*, Jackson New*, Will Clark*
    Nate Johnson- Center Grove(3/4/1): Devin Kendrex*, Jackson Weingart, Keagan Martin*, Tommy Morrill*
    Devin Kendrex- Mount Vernon (Fortville)(4/2/8): Brandon Johnson*, Jackson Weingart(2), Tommy Morrill*
    Austin Hastings- Noblesville(4/4/4): Brady Beck(2)*, Brandon Johnson*, Devin Kendrex*
    Brandon Johnson- Lawrence North(4/4/3): Austin Hastings(2)*, Devin Kendrex(2)*
    Alex Rose- Terre Haute South(4/2/2):  Eli Hinshaw(2), Tommy Morrill(2)*
    Hadyn Ball- Triton Central(6/2/0):  , ???(3), Jackson Goodyear, Austin Hastings*
    Jayden Bartoszek- Hanover Central(7/6/1): ???, Austin Hastings*, Clayton Deutscher*, Cole Chicoine(2)*, Will Clark(2)*
    Spencer Watson- Tri-West(7/2/0):  , ???(3), Alex Rose*, Jakarrey Oliver, Josh Brown, Nate Johnson*
    Clayton Deutscher- New Prairie(8/2/1): Eli Hinshaw, Jack Aranowski(2), Jayden Bartoszek*, Jonathan Neese, Kaleb Abad, Travis Henke, Will Clark*
    Jackson New- Yorktown(10/7/1): Brandon Johnson*, Devin Kendrex(2)*, Eli Hinshaw, Hudson Kahn, Jonathan Tanner, Julante Hinton*, Keagan Martin(2)*, Titus Waters*


    Titus Waters- Muncie Central(0/0/5): 
    Kelton Farmer- Evansville Memorial(1/1/3): Leighton Jones*
    Dom Burgett- Hamilton Southeastern(2/1/4): Jack Milligan, Leighton Jones*
    Aramis McNutt- Highland(2/2/1): Anthony Popi*, Paul Clark*
    Jordan Cree- Rensselaer Central(2/2/1): Aramis McNutt*, Titus Waters*
    Andrew Just- Franklin Central(3/3/4): Dom Burgett(2)*, John Broadwell*
    Paul Clark- Crown Point(3/2/3): Leighton Jones(2)*, Moore(CO)
    Anthony Popi- Plymouth(4/3/3): ???, Jordan Cree*, Paul Clark(2)*
    Tyler Wright- Eastern (Greentown)(4/2/0): Brandt Thornburg, Brayden Jellison*, Mason Moran, Zac Wurm*
    Leighton Jones- Brownsburg(5/0/8): Fockler(OH), Hosia Smith, Neves(NJ), Thomas(OK)(2)
    Brayden Jellison- Elkhart(5/2/2): ???, Anthony Popi*, Christian Carroll, Peyton Kendall, Titus Waters*
    John Broadwell- Beech Grove(5/3/1):  ???(2), Andrew Just(2)*, Eli Smith*
    Zac Wurm- Adams Central(7/2/1): Joseph Orisadare, Juan Cruz(4), Titus Waters(2)*
    Eli Smith- Zionsville(8/7/1): Andrew Just*, Brayden Jellison*, Dom Burgett(2)*, Hosia Smith, Leighton Jones*, Tyler Schott(2)*
    Austin Vanover- Evansville Mater Dei(9/4/1):  , ???(3), Guillaume(KY), Jack Milligan, Kelton Farmer(2)*, Leighton Jones*, Tyler Schott*
    Tyler Schott- Center Grove(11/6/3): ???, Acosta(MI), Andrew Just*, Anthony Popi*, Austin Vanover*, Hosia Smith(3), Kelton Farmer*, Leighton Jones(2)*


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