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  1. Too Early to talk Al Smith?

    This meet should be off the hook. 152 with the most ranked wrestlers. Several weight classes could see wrestlers meeting again in the state championship match. This year's Al Smith should be a great one.
  2. ISWA Coaching requirements

    Mauneja, I would let the ISWA know you went through a background check and see what they say.
  3. ISWA Coaching requirements

    As for the background check, the ISWA wants the people coaching the wrestlers are not people who would harm them. IHSAA officials are required to go through a background check every year when they renew their licenses. As for the USA membership & copper card, someone in the ISWA can answer that.
  4. No tv info as of yet. Keep checking Rutgers' athletic page ScarletKnights.com for any updates, including tv broadcast possibilities.
  5. Last season, Iowa & Oklahoma State opened the wrestling season outdoors at Iowa. This November, Rutgers & Princeton are going to start their respective wrestling seasons outdoors. Below is a link to an article that talks about this upcoming outdoor meet: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2016/May/09/Rutgers-Wrestling-Princeton-to-wrestle-in-High-Point-Solutions-Stadium
  6. thoughts on site venue for ISWA Folkstyle State?

    Maybe more custodians. When I am not officiating, I work as a custodian. Most of the time, custodians who work on weekends during sports events volunteer to do it. Sometimes, it is mandatory. The schools decide how many are needed per event. At any meet I go to, I always try to thank the custodians, not because they do a job hardly anyone would do, but because I am one of them, too.
  7. Please Help Me

    Rex, You & Bonnie are in our prayers. Matt & Eileen Worthington
  8. 4 year old wrestler

    i have said this before. Let the kid have fun as he begins wrestling and learning the sport. When the time comes for him to be serious and go for state titles, the enjoyment of the sport and the knowledge of the sport will be a part of the kid. I believe this is happening here. Good luck to you and your grandson Collyn. Enjoy the wonderful journey called wrestling.
  9. Homemade mat cleaner????

    Bleach water will be your best option for homemade mat cleaner. Let the mat dry first before letting wrestlers get on the mat to try to prevent dry skin problems.
  10. The following link is from InterMat. It is an article about the World Team Trials. The World Team roster is in this article. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/7041 Two former Big Ten wrestlers Jake Herbert (former NCAA champ at Northwestern) and Brent Metcalf (former NCAA champ at Iowa) made the world team. Good luck to Team USA at the World Championships from Sept. 6-12, 2010 in Moscow, Russia.
  11. UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin

    I admit I'll root for Lesnar in this fight. I do believe someone will get knocked out in the Lesnar/Carwin fight. It will be a total shock if ends in a submission.
  12. UFC 119 is coming to Indy Homies!!!!

    It would be cool if UFC 119 in Indy had a title bout as the main event.
  13. Is Cooper Samuels pretty much on the bench at IU or will he consider going somewhere else to have a chance to wrestle?
  14. 2010 Bellator Fighting Championships

    I have seen some of the Bellator fights. I have been impressed by some of the fighters. Keep an eye on Ben Askren, former NCAA champ and 2008 Olympian. When I watched a pre-fight interview of Askren, he said he is going to try for the 2012 Olympic team. I think he can win a medal in 2012 in London. Also, I think Askren will be in the UFC within two or three years.
  15. I'd like to see a GSP vs. Silva match up at 185 lbs. Though I do not think GSP could beat Silva, however I do think GSP would give Silva all he wants before Silva's size and strength advantage would overtake GSP. If Silva moved to 205 pounds to challenge for that crown, Lyota Machada, who is the current champ, would be Silva. Machada looks like he will take control of the 205 pound division in the UFC.