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  1. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Stone and Tipping . scoreless 1st. 1-0 Tipping leads. 3-0 3rd period Mat 2 Pokorney and Comer. Pokorney active, gets the 2, looking to join fellow northerner McWilliams in the finals. 2-0. Pokorney gets the fall, very impressive
  2. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Tech for Cornwell, 15-0 Stone and Tipping up now Mat 2 Pokorney and Comer
  3. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Hare and Cornwell. Cornell up 5-0 in the 2nd. Now 9-0. Cornwell making life tough for Hare on bottom. 12-0 3rd period. Another turk for Cornwell. Still 12-0 Mat 2 Parris and unbeaten Hammond. Hammond trying the physical approach against Parris. Parris dynamic as usual, quickly up 2-1. Back in on a leg, Hammond fights it nicely. Parris whips Hammond over, throws in a turk, leads 7-1. Now 9-2. Esc Parris, 10-2, now 12-2. Hammond injury time. 14-3, Parris just insane at this level. Parris looking for the fall.......GETS IT!
  4. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Goforth and Ford up. TD Goforth, esc Ford, 2-1. Ford TD, 3-2. esc Goforth, 3-3. Fall by Goforth Mat 2 Hansen and Stits. TD Hansen, big lift on the mat return, looking for the fall. Has to settle for 2 backs, leads 4-0. Stits trying some funk on bottom, gets the esc, 4-1 to start the 2nd. Hansen down. Esc Hansen, leads 5-1, TD Hansen, 7-1. Looking dominant thus far. Hansen with another TD and then a PIN!!!!
  5. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 2 Guerrier slips, Graber is right there to scoop up the 2. Graber now leads 7-5. Guerrier might be a little gassed. Graber rides him out, goes to the finals 7-5 Hansen and Stits up now
  6. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Johnson up on Allred 2-0 to start the 2nd. Allred riding in the 2nd. Allred with a big lift and mat return, whereby he traps Johnson's arm and gets the fall. Nice win for the soph Mat 2 Guerrier and Graber should be good. Winner gets Walton. Graber counters a Guerrier shot and gets a TD with seconds left in the 1st. Esc Guerrier to start the 2nd, 2-1. back to neutral. Guerrier with a nice TD on the edge, Graber esc, 3-3. Another TD for Guerrier, leads now 5-3. 19 secs left in the 2nd. Nice esc Graber, 5-4 to start the 3rd. Graber down, Guerrier lets him up, 5-5. Eyepoke pauses the action.
  7. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Lone and Mahan. Mahan TD and rideout. 2-0 to start the 2nd. Mahan down. Esc Mahan, 3-0. 3rd period esc for Lone makes it 5-4. TD for Mahan and esc Lone, now 7-5. Mahan goes for the late fall, will settle for the nice win, 12-5 Mat 2 Warren and Crary with some insane scrambles right out of the gate. Warren eventually wins the battle, gets Crary down for 2. Crary with injury time for his knee. Warren riding physically, slinging Crary around. Now Warren's knee is hurt. Looks to be in considerable pain. Crary does too. Crazy action here. Back on his feet. Back to the action. A lot of painful knees out there on mat 2. Warren continues the physical riding and now Crary is holding his arm. The walking wounded doing battle here. Warren impressively rides Crary the rest of the period. 2-0 to start the 2nd. Warren down. Crary with a nice ride, Warren active on bottom.. Warren comes out the back and reverses Crary, now 4-1 with an escape. Winner gets Peru's Jordan Rader, who clutched out a huge win by fall over previously unbeaten Fattore. Warren starting to take over. Leads 6-1 to start the 3rd after getting 2 backs. Looking very tough. Crary chooses neutral to start the 3rd. He has his work cut out for him. Warren counters a Crary shot and slides around to take a 8-1 lead. Esc Crary makes it 8-2. Warren turning it up, lead 10-2...wins 10-3
  8. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Winner and Kasch. 2-0 Kasch 2nd period. 4-1 Kasch 3rd period, Kasch wins 6-1 Mat 2 south and Coffman. South stuffs the Coffman shot, back to neutral. South aggressive, no score 1st period. South on top. Mustve been a penalty against Coffman . I was just told it was a finger penalty. 1-0 to start the 3rd. South down. Coffman gets a turk, trying to turn the powerful South.. Reversal South, 3-0. Penalty point against Coffman for leaving early in par terre. Big slam for South, looks to be in control 4-0. Esc Coffman , big TD for South, looks for the fall, settles for 5 and the major. An all-Evansville semi state matchup in the finals
  9. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Neutral, Washington on the attack, gets 2 by the edge, leads 6-0. Washington wins 10-2 Mat 2 Rodgers still looking for more. 6-2 to start the 3rd. Rodgers down, Lamore almost gets a tilt, Rodgers recovers and resets.. Claw ride for Lamore, Rodgers fighting. Esc Rodgers, leads 7-2. 40 secs left. Irish eyes appear to be smiling big time today. Near catastrophe for Rodgers as Lamore counters and attempts to roll Rodgers on his back. Rodgers avoids the backs, but the score is 8-4..Rodgers wins 8-4 .
  10. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Washington and Pollitt. Washington 4-0 to start the 2nd. Pollitt on top. Nice ride for Pollitt for the entire 2nd period. Mat 2 Rodgers and Lamore. The Irish looking for another finalist. Scoreless 30 secs in. Rodgers has a leg, Lamore wizzer, Rodgers nabs a far side cradle, looks for the fall...close, very close, but Lamore fighting off his back hard. 5-0 Rodgers to start the 2nd. 2nd period, Rodgers on top, reversal for Lamore, 5-2. Rodgers esc, leads 6-2.
  11. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    I think it's safe to say it's a Cathedral day today. Unreal
  12. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 Esc Conley, 7-6, back to neutral. 30 secs. 10 secs. Graves holds him off, wins 7-6 Mat 2 Hunt never quits his offense, but he's got some nice hips when Schoenegge is able to shoot. 3-1 20 secs left...winner gets Slivka or Sellmer. Hunt solid in the win 5-1
  13. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Wow, that was some kind of match between Mulkey and Melloh Mat 1 Graves and Conley. Conley with a TD, leads 2-0. Graves w a 2nd period reversal and backs, leads 7-4. esc Conley, 7-5 to start the 3rd Mat 2 Schoenegge and Hunt. Tying up. No score early. Hunt finally gets a TD at the end of the first. Hunt is down, escapes. leads 3-0. Hunt pushing the action, Schoenegge showing solid D. 1 minute left in 2nd, 3-0. Still 3-0 3rd period, Schoenegge on bottom, escapes, 3-1
  14. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 2 Shot by Combest, fended off by Rumph. 20 secs left. Rumph snags a single.....fights off Combest...NO, they say Combest got 2, looked tough to tell, but we're on to OT. 9-9. Rumph with a clutch OT to go the finals, either vs Melloh or Mulkey
  15. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Mat 1 2-0, 1 minute left in 2nd. Late 2nd period TD ties it for Lee 2-2. Optional restart gives Gimson a 3-2 lead. Exchange of reversals, Gimson up 5-4, wins 5-4 Mat 2 Esc Rumph to start the 2nd, leads 3-1. Rumph in great pain, holding his knee. Hope he's ok. Gingerly gets to his feet, back at it. He's a wrestler, after all. He explodes off the restart to get another TD, leads 5-1. Just an explosive stud is Rumph. Esc Combest, 5-2. Big single and mat return closes it to 7-5 for Combest. Esc Combest, 7-6. Rumph slowing maybe a tiny bit. 90 secs left, still tying up. Nice snap for Rumph, but no shot b3ehind it. Big double for Rumph, Combest tries to elevator him. No dice. Rumph leads 9-7 1 minute left.