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  1. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Can't wait to get a load of this kid
  2. Let the good times roll

    Did Manzona Bryant move to Ohio?
  3. U23 Trials

    He got 3rd, lost to HWT AA Ty Walz of vatech
  4. U23 Trials

    Miracle eases into the finals in dominant fashion
  5. Announcement Wednesday at 8:30pm

    I have a strong feeling it's going to be pretty amazing news
  6. Army Wrestlers

    Not sure about Cummings, but I'm pretty sure Laughlin is attending the prep academy
  7. Jason Tsirtsis

    Personal opinion. He's been scouted to death. His short levers for the weight class affect him negatively offensively and defensively. His quickness, great positioning and excellent technique will always make him a tough out for all but the true elite at 149 or 157. He's already had an incredible career, but it's hard to see him reinventing himself as a senior. That said, I'll be rooting for him to do just that
  8. NC SS Sneak Peek

    That's Lawrence central
  9. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Floyd has been nearly impossible to hit squarely for most of his career. Boxers with much better hand speed than mcG have failed to touch mayweather. Conor has a powerful left and is the bigger man, but he may have few opportunities to put his hands on the slippery mayweather
  10. Mayweather vs McGregor

    No way in hell a MMA match between the two would be close. Mayweather's never been leg kicked nor fought from his back. Pretty much the same in reverse for a boxing match. Mayweather should stop him. If Nate Diaz could stun McGregor, mayweather should tko or ko him. Love them or hate them, these guys can generate an amazing amount of interest
  11. Hellen Maroulis World Champ

    I was thinking the same thing about Kayla. Helen's dominance in France puts Miracle's runner-up performance in an even better light. It's hard to envision someone being more dominant against the rest of the world than maroulis yesterday. Also impressive is Japan's okono, at 55 kg. 18 yrs old, cadet world champ in 2016, senior world champ in 2017. Ragan will have to really bring it to beat Kawai. Would love to see it
  12. Hellen Maroulis World Champ

    Maroulis dominated her opponents with suffocating offense and airtight defense on her feet, as well as a nasty series of back exposures on the mat. Well-rounded dominance by the Olympic champ, somewhat breaking up the Japanese gold party, at least temporarily. That's a bad, bad woman
  13. Darren Elkins this weekend

    don't forget Aaron Riley, Tell City wrestler. One of my all time favorites
  14. Fargo Greco

    Cadet AAs: Pokorney, Atkins and Allred, who lit up Fargo with some huge throws. Congratulations, gents