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  1. Indiana D1 commits

    Jack Williams of Carmel to Uindy, not D1, my bad
  2. Awesome job

    It looked to me like Brayton thought he hadn't been hit with a stall warning as the seconds elapsed. It looked stally to me. Yeah, i said stally
  3. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    That was a helluva event. Very proud of our guys
  4. FLO v. Track

    Flo is the king of content. Their contributors are passionate, well-informed and prolific, across multiple mediums. They've also cracked the code of monetizing wrestling, to which i say congrats. They are #1 and there's not a close 2nd That said, FloArena is horrid, and i love Track. No comparison
  5. Scholastic Duals

    For the record, JParker had a heckuva tourney. Looked like Lowery and Black went undefeated as well
  6. USA Folkstyle Nationals-University of Northern Iowa

    Yeah, that kid received Outstanding Wrestler and I'm sure almost teching Mendez had something to do with it
  7. USA Folkstyle Nationals-University of Northern Iowa

    Great job, fellas. Racking up the national titles and AA finishes early in the season
  8. USA Folkstyle Nationals-University of Northern Iowa

    Robert Deters from Castle also in the semis Kyle Cornwell is also an AA Congrats to all and good luck in the semis
  9. Nick Lee vs Chad Red 2018- College

    I wouldn't say it's not close. 5th and 7th are pretty close. Both had some nice wins, Red had a few more 'bad' losses. Both were AAs as freshmen, which is remarkable
  10. Kasper McIntosh: 6th in Indiana

    Super impressive, clutch tournament Congrats also to national champ Graham Calhoun and to all the other placers
  11. Best Collegiate Career

    Plus Kelvin Jackson of Madison Heights (mich st)
  12. Best Collegiate Career

    Think it has to be Howe at this point, followed by Angel and Jason T
  13. NCAA Nationals

    Love that Ben Askren created multiple tweets pointing out DiSanto's baby fits. Tough freshman, but that act is weak. Micic is such a grown man he shook his hand, despite the cheap shots. Micic can win the whole thing, but Pletcher is elite, too, and they know each other's stuff intimately. Can't wait
  14. NCAA Nationals

    Nice research and summaries
  15. NCAA Nationals

    To become an AA: Welch has to beat Bresser Lee must beat Smith of Bucknell Red needs to beat Heil Tsirtsis has to overcome Degen of ISU Lydy must get by Kutler Harvey has to knock off Bo Jordan I'd say Indiana boys are favored in 2 of these matches, but we'll see