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  1. Leftenant Luers

    NCAA Nationals

    I guess he wrestles good enough to All American as a freshman. Nice analysis though.
  2. Leftenant Luers

    Best Career

    I concur. It's a push. Both one career loss. Both 3xmers!
  3. Leftenant Luers

    Which state does it best?

    Indiana hands down
  4. Leftenant Luers

    Epic Clash

    Gelen plays football as well at Purdue. He never dedicated his full time into collegiate wrestling. He didn’t wrestle a lot of offseason in high school. He was too busy winning State in track. You could look at it any way you wanted. It’s only opinion. It’s always amazed me when someone says, “ He relies on his athleticism.” Every athlete relies on their athleticism. You don’t win 2 State titles without being a technician. It’s a slap in the face to not only Gelen, but to his opponents to say otherwise. I’ll take G-Rob.
  5. Leftenant Luers

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Deron Phillips 119lb state champ in 1988 was undefeated. He only finished one complete season of wrestling in High School. Side note he was an all conference nose guard in the NiC at 130 lbs. Pinned his opponent in the finals.
  6. Leftenant Luers

    State predictions?

  7. Leftenant Luers

    Prayers Needed for Garrett Wrestling Family

    Prayers sent from The General all the way from Iowa.
  8. Leftenant Luers

    Wrestling Academies

    General Heavy Handz here. Yes it’s a tough nut to crack that Fort Wayne wrestling. You are dead on about the reasons it’s so tough. I’ve been criticized for throwing coaches under the bus before: I stand on my previous critiques of programs and their leadership. Results speak for themselves. Without any infrastructure we trained guys and got them ready for a state run. People didn’t like my shoes. My missing teeth. My brashness. Coaches told their kids not to work with us only to lose to kids we trained. I never liked my coaches. But I listened to them. If you can’t beat’em join them. That’s why I always encouraged my club kids to go to Carroll and Garrett to get better. Shout out to Nick Krause and Y2 and the Super Chargers. We didn’t have middle school wrestling when I was coming up either. But back then my club coaches were guys from the other public schools. Diprimio from Northrop. Ragle from Wayne, Ray from South Side. Concordia had open mats. New Haven and even the now defunct Elmhurst did as well. It was a community of old heads who just wanted everyone to get better. We need to get back to that. Grassroots is the way to go I’ll assert. I did my best but if everyone is against you it’s hard to keep making sacrifices. My shoes sucked because I paid for entry fees, cards, singlets shoes. Meals. It was get a partial denture or take the kids to Grand River Rumble. I chose the later. Yeah some are going to say he loves patting himself on the back. Go talk to the kids and parents that we worked with and see if you feel the same. The General is in Iowa now. I came to see the SAC tournament and Sectional and that was enough for me. It was good to see Homestead win the Sectional. Their kids won’t quit. My alma mater, Snider, has the cupboard stacked with Legacy. South Side is having their best season in recent memory. Luers as well. It’s not too far off it someone will commit to improving the level. The Gen is doing the rounds with my younger boys. I’m back in Iowa but I always keep an eye and ear towards Indiana Wrestling. Good luck to everyone at Semi-State!
  9. Leftenant Luers

    Carroll Regional

  10. Leftenant Luers

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    I know I got out of hand at times; I love this sport. Thanks for the nod.
  11. Leftenant Luers

    Garrett Invite Notables:(1-2-3 and some 4 Seeds)

    Don’t sleep on Lil Beasley..A word from the wise: not to.

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