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Everything posted by SWINfan

  1. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Walton with the fall to finish it.... 34-22
  2. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Davis, PM dec Cookerly (sp?) - BB 28-18 Noah Warren maj dec Thierry BB 28-22
  3. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    28-15 BB 3 matches left..... Mulkey w/ a major, Brayton a TF, Mills a fall.... off the top of my head
  4. Nick Lee question

    Nick is actually ranked 8 on Flo
  5. Nick Lee question

    Nick Lee enters the WIN Magazine rankings at #6. Chad Red dropped from 10 to 13.
  6. SIAC

    I would say if Lichlyter of Memorial is wrestling 285 then I'd pick him to win it. If he goes 220, how does Castle's 220 measure up?
  7. Nick Lee question

    Here are my thoughts on Red vs Lee II, if it happens.... I'm from Southern IN so I am a huge Nick Lee fan. Pros for Lee 1. I don't know who is in Nebraska's room or RTC, but I know Lee has some of the best competition in the country he sees daily. Don't know how much he works with Retherford, but there can't be anyone better right now to drill with and learn from. There has to be an infectious confidence when you can perform with that talent and have it all, including world class coaching in your corner. 2. Lee has done well at avenging losses. In fact, I'm not sure I can think of any loss of his that came against someone he already wrestled. He avenged freestyle losses to both Carter Happel and Mitchell McKee on his way to his Junior Fargo Title. Both had teched him in their first match. Other recent losses off the top of my head have been to Jaydin Eierman, Seth Gross, Yianni D, Kaden Gfeller and Brock Zacherl. The only one of those not ranked in the top 10 currently is Gfeller and that was a wild match that Nick seemed to be taking control of before losing position in a scramble and taking the fall. I'm not saying Nick would win a rematch against all of those, but I'd put my money on him beating Gfeller and Zacherl. The only wrestler I can find that Nick lost twice to is Zahid Valencia, which was more than a few years ago. Nick lost to him twice in the same tournament. Based on all of that, I think Nick would be ready to go against Chad and there would be no doubts or mind monsters. 3. Nick is hot right now and technically better than he was two years ago. 4. Schedule - this could go both ways... With 7 duals remaining, Nick will likely face two ranked opponents, both likely Top 10 ranked in Tommy Thorn and Joey McKenna (not to mention wrestling under the pressure of a possible swing match in a 1 vs 2 dual meet. He'll also face Purdue's Limmex this Friday who just beat Chad. Lastly, he could face Carter Happel of Iowa (see #2). Fortunately for him, both the Ohio State and Iowa matches will be at home with PSU's loud fan base behind him. This schedule could knock him back to reality a bit or propel him to a path for All-American. Pros for Chad 1. Chad won match 1 in a huge match that had his 4 year, undefeated record on the line. That's performing under pressure! 2. Chad has more college level matches under his belt and has faced better competition - Meredith twice, Alber, Jack, Thorn, Headlee this year, not to mention the experience he got last year wrestling unattached, including the 4th place Midlands finish. 3. Schedule - this could go both ways.... But Chad has struggled with losses in 2 of his last 3. With 7 duals remaining for Nebraska, Chad would face only one ranked opponent at this time, #19 Cole Weaver. I didn't count MSU's Gasca because he'll certainly drop from 20 after the thrashing he took yesterday. That could give him the opportunity to build his confidence back and get into a groove before the B1G Championships. It could also hurt him a bit without having top competition going in All of that said, I hope like hell Nick wins and think it is very possible he will. But Chad pulled off a major win the first time under a ton of pressure, so if I have to pick, I'd take Chad unless I see something between now and then that changes my mind. Like the first time, it could truly be a flip of the coin type match up. Both wrestlers are great representatives of IN wrestling and I hope both do well in the bigger picture.
  8. Nick Lee question

    I saw the matched he lost to Carr of Illinois and after the first takedown, Red seemed defensive and on his heels. Carr was the aggressor and ultimately controlled the match. My guess is Red beats him if they face each other again, but I'm not sure where he is at. Losing to Meredith and Jack is understandable, but Carr and Limmex was surprising. Penn St. doesn't wrestle Nebraska so Lee - Red II will have to wait until the conference tournament, perhaps.
  9. Nick Lee question

    Thanks. I saw he wrestled in the Michigan State Open early, but not in a recent event, so wasn't sure if it was an injury, short or long term, or just letting someone else step in for a match.
  10. Nick Lee question

    For those of us not familiar with his situation, mind sharing a bit more?
  11. Nick Lee question

    TF 16-1 for Nick Lee. Dominant!
  12. Nick Lee question

    Michigan State dual just started. Beginning 3rd period of 125 now. Lee up against Gasca at 141. Available on Flo or BTN2Go+, both need subscription. Audio available at http://www.gopsusports.com/collegesportslive/?media=565453 GoPSUsports Anyone know if Drew Hughes is going today?
  13. Reitz vs Mater Dei, Thursday Night at 6pm

    Hook, why doesn't MD provide individual results when reporting duals on here? Or report any results when they leave the state? As a fan no longer in Evansville, it's frustrating not being able to find out who wrestled who and who won/lost. MD isn't the only school like this, but outside Team State and the MD Classic, it's damned near impossible to follow MD wrestling from afar. If I am wrong and there is another way, please let me know. All that said, I know it's not your responsibility to do so.... Thanks for your $.02
  14. Solid 9-5 debut by Nick. Not technically his debut as his record is 15-3, but tonight he officially became a frosh wrestling varsity and no redshirt this year. Very aggressive. Scored 3 TD's, a reversal and an escape. Gave up a TD on a scramble and 3 escapes.
  15. It's on now.. Micic dominating w/ Lee up next... Micic wins by major 10-1, in dominating fashion at 133. 8-0 Michigan after 2 matches
  16. Man, you about gave me a heart attack! I'm getting ready to watch and was even checking out a Penn St board and I read your post and thought I missed a thread and the TV was delayed. Feel better now. Hoping to see Nick tonight, but no one seems to know for sure whether he'll go. We'll know within the hour.
  17. Depth of 126

    Like 2016 at 106? Garcia finishes 2nd to Mills in the regional and draws Cayden Rooks in the Ticket Round. Garcia wins in TB and goes on to win state. Rooks stays home and then bumps to 120 last year and wins state. Likely going to happen again this year.
  18. Finishes

    Yep, MFF in the semis against Elliot Molloy and for 3rd/4th against David Lewis of TH South. Landing in 4th earned him a Friday night match against Chad Red after the infamous "oops, those weren't the right brackets" snafu
  19. Evansville Semi State Rankings

    if you were told that, then I'd go with that. I knew they had 2 kids that had wrestled at 285 and Lichlyter has been wrestling 220, so I assumed
  20. Finishes

    He finished 6th.... No MFF showing on TW
  21. Evansville Semi State Rankings

    Thank you for the work you do on the rankings. Hope you are feeling better. One note, I believe Alex Lichlyter of Evansville Memorial has been at 220 pretty much all year. Last year he bounced between 220 & 285 if I recall correctly.
  22. Finishes

    In my head his lead was pretty wide. You may be right. I don't recall the specific details.
  23. Finishes

    How about MD's Alex Johnson with a late headlock to beat Jake Sinkovics on Friday night in the 2014 Finals? If I recall correctly, Johnson was down before catching Jake in a headlock and getting the fall with about :10 left in the match for a #4 over #1 upset.