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Everything posted by SWINfan

  1. SWINfan

    Moves and Transfers

    Actually, I said a divorce was more likely than the explanation that your house was completely destroyed at that point of the storm. It was an example of probabilities, an exaggeration to make the point that neither were likely possible. As it turns out, I was right. The original post insinuated your home had already been destroyed and you were transferring back to HH. I was simply making a point to make a point. Sorry if everyone missed that. Not having a clue who you or your family is personally only should have made it more obvious of the point I was making. Next time I'll use flying monkeys as an example and my point will be the same and just as accurate. So just to be clear and not defensive. My post was never meant to infer anything about your family. I was merely trying to make a point about how ludicrous the original post indicating your home had already been destroyed at the time it was made. Had that post come a week later, I wouldn't have questioned it. It was all about challenging someone that was spreading rumors and the stupidity of the timing of the info in said rumors. Sorry if it struck you the wrong way. Good luck in NC
  2. SWINfan

    Moves and Transfers

    Perhaps, but hypotheticals don't need a response especially when used only to make a point. In no way was I insinuating that was true in any way and anyone with half a brain or that is paying attention could understand that. To address that specifically, just shows the greater point was missed.
  3. SWINfan

    Moves and Transfers

    Obviously my point sailed right over your head.
  4. SWINfan

    Super 32

    Your posts give me a freaking headache! Why not try English and not referring to yourself in 3rd person 6x per paragraph as if you are super important? I'll just ignore them from now on, but just so you know, doing it the way you are is making it harder on yourself. But do it your way. Sorry if I ruffled your panties.
  5. SWINfan

    Super 32

    May I suggest you put any additions in bold or separate them at the bottom each time? The list is long enough at this point that it just looks like you are posting the same list over and over again.
  6. SWINfan

    Moves and Transfers

    I'm still not buying it. It makes more sense, that they chose to come back to Indiana when evacuating. But to insinuate that at the time of his post, they already knew their home was destroyed is a bit presumptuous to me. It could be true, but most of the time, people don't know what has happened until they go back to reassess. There are a lot of possibilities (tornado, water damage, etc) but I'm not buying the house is demolished rumors. Outside of a tornado demolishing the house, I have a hard time believing that mom and the kids were already making arrangements to come back to Indiana to school within 24 hours of the beginning of the storm. Actually, a divorce is a more likely explanation (and I am NOT insinuating anything, just speaking hypothetically). Still think the post was in bad taste and no apology was needed.
  7. SWINfan

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    Would have to be lots of heads on that Mt. Rushmore!
  8. SWINfan

    Past State Brackets

    Enjoying going back down memory lane. I graduated in '86 so some familiar names....
  9. SWINfan

    Past State Brackets

    1986 - 112 needs some love Error code: EX0 Few more in 1987 - 145 & 155, & 185 I think....
  10. SWINfan

    Fargo List

    How does one win via criteria in a 0-0 match in freestyle? Or did Flo just not get the score wrong? I don't think I've ever seen a 0-0 FS match!
  11. SWINfan

    UWW Cadet and U23 This Weekend

    Matt Lee still alive in the consos @65kg. Will face Victor Voinovich in the blood round. Voinovich, from OH is the wrestler that beat Kasper McIntosh (some controversy, I believe) in the final of the Brecksville Invitational. I'm guessing Alex Mosconi was eliminated in the last round? FloArena showed Mosconi winning 7-2 but the brackets have it reversed.
  12. Nick wins 7-4 and Brayton falls to Brady Berge 5-1. Nick will face Andrew Alirez in the Final. Alirez is a Colorado HS Junior who is a 3X 4A State Championship and will wrestle at Northern Colorado. If he wins the Challenge Tournament, he'll face former Ohio State Champ (D-I at 145) and Oklahoma red shirt in a best of 3 for the spot on the Junior World Team.
  13. Lucas Davison falls 5-1 to Danny Salas at 92kg A note from 70kg, Jacori Teemer down 4-0, pulled off a 4 pt move w/ :02 to Brock Mauller to win on criteria.
  14. Nice, Nick makes quick work of Storr, 10-0 in 1st period. Will face Iowa's Max Murin in the semifinals. Murin beat Sammy Sasson 11-7 Berge holds serve 12-1 and will face Brayton. Lee lost to Berge 10-0 at the US Open. Covaciu fell 10-0 to Beau Breske
  15. You beat me to it. Berge hasn't wrestled his quarterfinal yet, but is the likely Brayton foe
  16. Nick Lee handles Filius easily 10-0. He will face Kanen Storr in the Quarterfinals. No Red at 65kg Brayton Lee with a tight 5-3 win.
  17. SWINfan

    Junior WTT

    Junior World Team Trials are set for May 18-20 in Rochester, MN. At this time (still early) only two IN connected wrestlers are registered. Nick Lee and Chad Red at 65 kg. Could we see Lee vs. Red II here? It has to happen at some point! No Joe or Brayton Lee listed yet.
  18. Surprised to not see Nick & Joe Lee registered. Matt Lee is registered for the Western Regional so it would make sense for the whole family to be there as there can't be many opportunities for all three to wrestle in the same city at the same time.
  19. SWINfan

    P4P king of ‘19

    I really like how his Track Wrestling profile is done. It includes results from events not tied to TW so I am guessing someone manually enters those events. I've never seen anyone else's profile with those results. Whoever updates his profile does it well!
  20. SWINfan

    Major Off Season Events Left

    Both eliminated in the consolations. Would have wrestled for 5th/6th if they placed past 4th. Lee won his first two both by TF, lost in the semifinal and in the consis. Pokorney lost his opening round match, won one consolation match before being eliminated (freestyle). Pokorney still has a shot in Greco.
  21. SWINfan

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Parris is a beast, on another level!
  22. SWINfan

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Appreciate the updates Indysportsfan!
  23. SWINfan

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    FloPro video only.... not in FloArena
  24. SWINfan

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    how long til it starts? Will someone be updating here?

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