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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLcE3dg_5sUKcZ-Hp8J6o6g/live
  2. We are still looking for one team to even us out to 8 for the Capital City Classic held Saturday November 18th at Beech Grove High School. This is a varsity tournament. Please contact myself at janders2@warren.k12.in.us or Matt English at Beech Grove High School.
  3. State finals record attendance

    We also had approximately 800 + streams through Track before the finals! Even with a percentage of those being purchased to see the archive only after the stream, that is incredible. The perfect storm of Hype, weather, and a already great event.
  4. The IHSAA and damage done

    Another big reason the team state series wasn't supported in the end by the IHSAA was the lack of interest at the lower levels. Many host sites not only reported almost zero attendamce, but also the issue with teams bringing JV squads or 1/2 a team of they were going to be beaten. Many host schools were refusing to host again because of the presumed lack of interest. It wasn't all about the money the ADs lost, but also about not wanting to host a on event that has zero interest. I myself never made it to team state. We had good teams but always got knocked out by Beech Grove at sectional or Cathedral at Regional. I never once thought "If our sectional wasn't so good..." or "If the draws were different.....". We got beat. Didnt matter if it was the first round of the tournament series or the finals at Team State. We weren't as good as we needed to be. In Track and Field, we always had BD in our sectional. It was so close every year for the team a score. They usually beat us. Individually I got to move on. But we didn't win because we just weren't good enough. Can't complain. And, Track and Field operates similarly to wrestling. Team champs determined by an individual tournament. Yes we had Dual meets during the year. But in the end, the success of our team in the State Tournament Series depended on our individual performances. Didn't matter what our seed was, what heat we were in, etc. Perform or don't. Lastly, it is rather suspect that when the team scoring ended at Individual State, the association still kept team score "the old fashioned way" even though they now a had a true team format. Now we go back, and the association says we still need a true team format. Pick what you don't like, and stick to it. The IHSAA will not flip flop.
  5. Lawrence Central Sectional

    We are now starting the finals! Team Score so far. 1. LN - 210 2. Cath. - 209 3. NC - 207 Wow! Live now youtube.com/watch?v=R0N0YCzQQAo
  6. Marion County Tournament

    Another aspect that to the high number of forfeits at Marion County is that a number of coaches would rather put their freshman or lower quality varsity wrestlers in a JV tournament the same weekend to get them more matches. The Marion County Tournament is set up by the Marion County ADs to mirror the IHSAA sectional as much as possible. This means the 16 team format calls for wrestlers who lose first round to be eliminated from the tournament. Also, if a freshman wrestles in the Varsity County, they can not participate in the Freshman County later in the year. This turns out to be a catch-22 situation unfortunately. The coaches want the first round losers to advance into the losers bracket and for the first round to be scored. Since the evidence has shown that they will not fill the weight classes, the ADs won't go for scoring the first round. Ironically if some of the wrestlers had come, they would have advanced by forfeit. 106 and 113 only had 6 wrestlers each entered. I can say that if another round of wrestlebacks did get added to compensate for the first round losers, it would add at least an 1.5 hours to the tournament which can be long already. I remember when I wrestled in it, we wrestled on Friday night and then came back Saturday morning. That might be able to accommodate the extra time.
  7. After numerous technical difficulties, the streams for Mats 1 & 2 are now up. We are in semifinals, so login for some good matches.
  8. Warren Central Schedule

    (2014 - 2015) Saturday 11/21/2015 Away Capital City Classic Beech Grove 9:00 AM 12:00 AM Saturday 12/5/2015 Away Super Six Invitational Cathedral 8:30 AM 12:00 AM Saturday 12/19/2015 Away County Lawrence Central 8:30 AM TBA Saturday 1/2/2016 Away IHSWCA Team State Ft. Wayne War Mem. Coliseum 9:00 AM TBA Saturday 1/9/2016 Away New Pal Invite New Palestine 9:00 AM TBA Saturday 1/16/2016 Home Warren Duals WCHS Field House 9:00 AM Saturday 1/23/2016 Away MIC Tournament Lawrence North 9:00 AM 12:00 AM Saturday 1/30/2016 Away Sectionals Shelbyville 9:00 AM TBA Saturday 2/6/2016 Away Individual Regionals Perry Meridian 9:00 AM TBA Saturday 2/13/2016 Away Individual Semi-State New Castle 9:00 AM TBA Friday 2/19/2016 Away 1st Round - Individual State Bankers Life Fieldhouse 6:00 PM TBA Saturday 2/20/2016 Away Quarter Finals - Ind. State Bankers Life Fieldhouse 9:30 AM TBA This was on their Athletic Website where the red letter link says 2015-16 WCHS Athletic Schedules That link is active if your are interested in any of their sports programs.
  9. Printing Brackets

    The mat assignments for this year's tournament will be the same as last year's tournament. The first two rounds will be assigned on a first available system. The Semi-Finals and placement matches will be assigned to specific mats.
  10. first time coaches to state

    Agreed. Lots of waiting. Be prepared to wait in line outside of the Deleware Street entrance to Banker's Life. There will be a long line. Be prepared to take a nap while waiting for weigh in.
  11. New Castle Webcast?

    We are experiencing technical difficulties and have been working feverously to fix the issue. We should be up an running for the Semi-finals and Finals.
  12. Webcasting SemiState

    New Castle will be streaming all 4 mats live through Trackcast.
  13. Indy Star story about Indy area sectionals

    The other time must be Election season right Steve?! But really, the thanks must go to you.
  14. Indy Star story about Indy area sectionals

    Steve B. does such a great job of promoting wrestling in the Indianapolis and Marion County area. Without him for the past decade, no wrestling would be covered let alone to the extent that he covers it.
  15. Sectionals placing the unseeded wrestlers

    Just quoting the manual. The IHSAA makes it very clear though the Bulletin and the Tournament Manual what they want their Tournament Directors to do. They publish this information to be transparent so it will eliminate the possibility of different sites doing different things. With that being said, I wouldn't doubt that some sites choose to disregard this information (they are only human). If a site is going off of the norm that is set, it may not be approved. Or, it may be approved. There is no telling really. My opinion on seeds and criteria: they are important. Criteria was created to show an athletes Proven abilities. In general it is very good at sorting out the best wrestlers. Will there always be teams with inflated records due to their schedules, yes. Nothing can really be done to change that except to have some of those other teams at those Sectionals create some dual meets to get head-to-head competition. Will there be issues where very good wrestlers get placed on the same side of the bracket, absolutely. Sometimes that will happen. Will the IHSAA ever approve a "strength of schedule" quotient, I very much doubt that (leaning more towards never going to happen). In the end, every wrestler does have to step to that line and make their own destiny. If a coach thinks his wrestler should have been seeded 3rd instead of 4th (to put him on the bottom of the bracket), he still will have to win those matches. Technically, he is still on track to go to the same match (3rd/4th). Does that take away the chance of an "upset" over the 2 seed, yes. This is competition, and you have to step up. The State Tournament Series is not the place to be concerned about giving a kid who is 7-25 a second or third match in the day. We are looking for the best. The cream will rise to the top.