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  1. Mat Medic

    Boonville needs a Team for Pioneer Duals

    Filled. Thank you Evansville Harrison.
  2. Mat Medic

    Boonville needs a dual

    Boonville still needs two duals.
  3. If you don’t have teams you could come to Boonville for our Pioneer Duals. Contact Dusty Marchand at 812-455-6176, Orr e-mail me, wems179@aol.com, we would love to have you.
  4. Mat Medic

    Boonville needs a Team for Pioneer Duals

    Opening weekend November 17th. Are you interested?
  5. Mat Medic

    Boonville needs a Team for Pioneer Duals

    Opening weekend, November 17th. Are you interested in coming.
  6. Boonville is looking for a Team for opening weekend to fill out a Dual Team Tournament. Teams include: Mitchell, New Washington, Owen Valley, Crawford County, Boonville. Wrestle 5 times, Individual medals for each weight class, Team trophy Outstanding wrestler award. Plus Great Hospitality Room. Contact Dusty Marchand at wems179@aol.com, or call Dusty at 812-455-6176.
  7. Mat Medic

    Boonville needs a dual

    Boonville High School is in need of a dual, please contact, Dusty Marchand at 812-455-6176, or e-mail Dusty at wems179@aol.com. Thank you.
  8. Mat Medic

    Paoli looking for 3 duals

    Boonville needs a dual.
  9. Mat Medic

    Cascade HS Open Dates

    We have a Tournament opening weekend, we need a team, the other teams are Crawford County, Mitchell, Boonville, Owen Valley, New Washing ton, this is at Boonville, great hospitality room, good opening tournament. E mail me wems179@aol.com Dusty Marchand or call 812-455-6176 also outstanding wrestler plaque, individual medals, and team trophy.
  10. Mat Medic


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  12. Mat Medic


    Madison Central(KY)
  13. Mat Medic


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  15. Mat Medic



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