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Everything posted by rexsbane

  1. Reversal from a standing position.

    Thanks Josh. Jon Hammond, IHSAA Official
  2. Charlie Pingleton

    Our hearts go out to the Pingletons. Charlie was a great wrestler, coach, and person. He is missed (dearly) by the wrestling community.
  3. Zach: Congrats on achieving this award. I haven't seen you officiate, but know that you put your all into everything you do. You've made your Mother and Father proud once again. Good Luck with your Pioneers next season. Jon Hammond
  4. Champion of Glory Preview

    The only thing scary in this video is the referee. Look closely and you may recognize him
  5. 2010 Coaching Changes

    Chris, Mike and J.D.: Our sport is losing classy coaches like you. I will miss seeing the three of you around. P.S. Can you talk Peckinpaugh into going too. Jon
  6. Need help contacting the ref in this photo...

    Thanks, Peck and I named myself in your honor and now you don't have any friends. The way Sammy is shining, i am surprised anyone can be seen. Jon
  7. Need help contacting the ref in this photo...

    My, my, that is the best looking ref in the state of Indiana. Well, at least the best looking in Hendricks County. Clark, no height jokes, Huelsman will get offended.
  8. Ref Jon Hammond... I'm trying to contact you.

    Clark: For your information we have wireless at "the Home". I just haven't figured yet, as how to use it. Jon
  9. Ref Jon Hammond... I'm trying to contact you.

    I may be older than Clark, but at least I know better than to go to Baku, Moscow or China. Gee Clark, they treat you well. Next year, where are they sending you? Anarctica, so you you can officiate Penguin wrestling? Heck, there you might find a mate.