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  1. Congratulations to Tyce and his wonderful family.
  2. Great Family, have known for may may years. Will out-work you and a certain Whitaker (inside reference) won't be messing with him now. Good Luck in the future Tyce. Jon Hammond
  3. Thanks Josh. Jon Hammond, IHSAA Official
  4. Our hearts go out to the Pingletons. Charlie was a great wrestler, coach, and person. He is missed (dearly) by the wrestling community.
  5. It is funny except I have seen many of those tactics use dWhere is No-Neck Nick
  6. A sad day and thanks for the article. He was a tough old cob. RIP BF
  7. Thanks Maligned and please keep info coming.
  8. Congrats to Blake and his wrestling family.
  9. Coach Skinner, would you more clearly explain the suggestion about the sectional entry?
  10. Tom: You also could add that he is a class act from a class family.
  11. Great accomplishment Doug. A fine family and dedicated group of young, middle and older men
  12. An honorable and obvious choice. Congrats Coach Harper.
  13. Karl: Nice article, I didn't hear about his track accomplishments until now. Gelen is a class Stud.
  14. Tom: It wasn't the "please read" that was your downfall but your failure to add "Do not reply!" along with it.
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