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  1. Chuck26287

    Ref Jon Hammond... I'm trying to contact you.

    Thanks everyone... I got in touch with Brad Pitt... uhh , I mean Jon. I appreciate the help very much. Chuck Bennett
  2. Chuck26287

    Need help contacting the ref in this photo...

    Thanks everyone... I got in touch with Jon. I appreciate the help very much. Chuck Bennett
  3. Ref Jon Hammon... if you could email me at chuck26287@att.net I would appreciate it. I'm trying to get in touch with you about getting a photo release from you for a photo you are in from the State Finals at Conseco. Thanks, Chuck Bennett
  4. I need some help identifying and contacting the ref in this picture: www.scotswrestling.org/Sam_Championship_Win_800x533.JPG I have spoke with him on a few occassions at various meets, but don't know his name or how to reach him. If anyone could identify him for me, or better yet, provide me with contact info, I would greatly appreciate it. You could even forward to him my email address and ask him to contact me vs. posting his personal contact info if you know how to reach him. I need to speak with him about a photo release. Thanks so much. Chuck Bennett chuck26287@att.net
  5. Emails sent to both of you. Thanks, Courtney.
  6. Hi Coach, I can't find any past emails and I'm trying to send you a link to download some of the pics I told you about. Please email me so I can reply. Thanks, Chuck Bennett chuck26287@att.net
  7. Chuck26287

    More Fargo Photos Online

    For those who are interested, I just finished posting the Junior Freestyle photos. Some real nice action from several of the Juniors. I want to apologize to those wrestlers I missed, or only got a few shots of. Some wrestlers, like Jacob Tonte and Cameron Vlahos had the bad luck of being close to my son in weight, and it seemed every time I was shooting my son on one mat, I was missing them on another mat at the other end of the stadium. I wish I could have gotten an equal number of shots of every single wrestler... each and every one of you deserved it. Unfortunately, the magnitude of this event is just a little bit much for me to really be able to do that. It never ceases to amaze me how I can be standing there waiting for an Indiana wrestler to come up one minute, and the next minute there are six of them all on the mats, in the center and at all four corners at once. I hope the photos are enjoyable for all. Chuck Bennett
  8. Chuck26287

    More Fargo Photos Online

    For those interested in the old news... I now have all the Cadet Freestyle shots posted that I'll be posting. I'm working on Junior Freestyle now, then I want to post some shots of the coaches in the corners and with wrestlers, and that will finish things up for the photos I'll post. I'll leave these up for awhile, then later clear the server. Chuck Bennett
  9. Chuck26287

    More Fargo Photos Online

    I have finally gotten all the Greco-Roman photos I'm posting processed and online, as well as all the Women's from Freestyle Chapionships and National Duals. They are at: http://www.scotswrestling.org/Fargo/Photos.html I'll update this thread again when I get the Junior and Cadet Men's Freestyle images online. Many of these are new, as I had to stop trying to post these while onsite in Fargo shooting, as I couldn't keep up with shooting and posting. Chuck Bennett
  10. Chuck26287

    Fargo Photographs

    Some photos of the four Team Indiana Women have been posted.
  11. Chuck26287

    I need a few Fargo Rosters

    I need a list of the Fargo Rosters for Cadet Greco-Roman, Cadet Freestyle & Jr Women's Freestyle. I'm going to be trying to photograph as many Team Indiana wrestlers as possible. Knowing who we have at what weight classes is a must. I have the Juniors (Greco and FS), but that's it. I'm looking for the official roster from a team leader responsible for the respective team. I'll also be attempting to post a few shots of each wrestler I get photographed on a web server so folks following the actio back home can see a little of what's going on. Once the first shots are online, I'll post the link. Thanks for any help on the rosters. They can be emailed to me at chuck26287@att.net. Chuck Bennett

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