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  2. Outlaws are taking a K-12th grade girls team to Charlestown WV on November 9th. We are looking for the following weights: 43,47,65,70,75,80,85,90,100,130&145 If you are interested please shoot Bryan Bailey a text. 2693524526
  3. Filled a few...still need the following for 12u: 50,86,96,112,125&150
  4. 130 is filled. Still need 167, 220, & 285. Great warm up to the season and not too far away!
  5. A very nice turnout for the rules interpretation meeting this afternoon. Thanks to all that attended, and as stated by Robert Faulkens, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jim Russell, Frankie Medvescek or myself throughout the season in regards to rules interpretations/questions. Thanks, Chuck B
  6. A true champ, and I wish him nothing but the best. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Blackford High School currently has a opening for a paid assistant coach position. Blackford HS is located between the cities of Fort Wayne, Marion, and Muncie in east central Indiana . Please contact our athletic director Mr. Tony Uggen if you’re interested. Phone: (765) 348-7560 Email: tuggen@blackfordschools.org
  9. Not saying he would have, but one could make an credible argument that he was a potential four timer (yes, I know Asa stood in his way). I know it's not any consolation, but folks know just how good he is.
  10. We are trying to have the largest NWCA Leadership academy ever!!! If you werent at the IHSWCA clinic today, come Friday!!!!! Walk ins welcome!
  11. Rank/ Name/ Grade/ Projected High School/ Current Weight/ Projected HS Weight 1. Hunter May--8th grade--Floyd Central--125–(120-145)(1st and 3rd place at Middle School State, Super32 7th place, 14-3 at SB duals, USA National Champ, 7-0 at Heartland Duals EM, Runner up at NUWAY Nationals, Runner up and Champ at Indy Nationals, multi time ISWA state champ) 2. Brady Ison--8th grade--Brownsburg--102–(106) (1st and 2nd at Middle School state, 6-2 at GRR duals, 6-1 at Heartland Duals, multi time ISWA triple crown winner, 2nd at Liberty Nationals, 2X Runner up at NUWAY Nat, 5th at Tulsa, 2X Runner up at Indy Nationals) 3. Drew Mills--8th grade--Center Grove--140-(145-182) (Middle School State Champ, 7-0 at Heartland Duals EM, 3-2 at Tulsa 2018, Tulsa Runner Up 2016, Tulsa Kickoff Classic Runner Up 2016, Tulsa Champ 2014, multiple ISWA state Champ) 4. Parker Reynolds--6th grade--Brownsburg--95--(106-113) (2X USA National Champ and 2X Runner Up, 1st and 2nd at Tulsa, Reno World Champ(MOW), Flo Kickoff Champ, Tour of America MOW, Super32 Runner Up, VAC gold bracket 9-2, GRR duals 6-1, NHSCA duals 10-1, Tyrant Duals 7-1, multi time ISWA champ, 4 time triple crown winner, ,Trinity Award Winner, WOW Wrestler of the year, GFC Runner Up) 5. Revin Dickman--6th grade--Brownsburg--75--(106) (Tulsa Champ, Reno Worlds Champ, Tuls Kickoff Champ, Tyrant duals 7-1 and 8-0, VAC gold 10-1, Wildwood duals 8-0, AAU duals 8-0, NHSCA duals 11-0, SB duals GR 8-0 and FS 7-2, GRR duals 7-1, multi time ISWA state champ and triple crown winner) 6. Isaiah Schaefer--7th grade--Mater Dei--80--(106) (Middle School State Champ, 6-3 at SB duals FS, 4-1 Dixie Nat Duals, 2X ISWA State Champ) 7. Kaden Lone--8th grade--Northwood--132(145-160) (1st at Middle School State, 4-1 at NUWAY duals, 1st, 3rd, and 4th at NUWAY Nat, 3X ISWA state champ) 8. Kyle Harden--6th grade--Cathedral--116--(138-152) (USAW FS and GR runner up, Tulsa 5th place, VAC gold 7-2, AAU duals 8-0, Wildwood duals 8-0, NHCSA duals 10-1, USA Nationals Champ, NUWAY Nationals champ, Indy Nationals Champ, Winter nationals Champ, multi time ISWA state champ and triple crown winner) 9. Rianne Murphy--8th grade--Lake Central--87--(106) (2nd at Middle School State, Pan AM team member, 2X ISWA state champ) 10. Nate Rioux--6th grade--Avon--70--(106) (2X Tulsa champ, Tulsa Kickoff Champ-MOW, Reno Worlds Champ, Trinity Award Winner, USAW Nationals 1st & 3rd, Wildwood Duals 6-2, Central Regional Champ, Preseason nationals Runner Up, GRR duals 9-0, Indy Nationals Champ, multi time ISWA and triple crown winner) 11. Jake Hockaday--7th grade--Tri West--86--(106-113) (3rd at Middle School State, Heartland Duals 6-0, GRR duals 7-1, GRR 3rd place, Indy Nationals 3rd & 7th, multi time ISWA state champ) 12. Landon Hawkins--6th grade--Crown Point--85--(106) (multiple time ISWA state champ, Super32 Runner Up, GRR duals 6-2, USA Nationals 6th place) 13. Preston Haines--8th grade--Lebanon--95--(106) (1st and 5th at Middle School State, Super32 8th place, 6-2 at GRR duals, 4th at GFC, 5-1 at GRR duals, 3rd twice at NUWAY Nat, 7th at Preseason Nat, multi time ISWA state champ) 14. Landon Haines--7th grade--Brownsburg--75--(106) (Middle School State Champ, runner up at central regionals, Wildwood Duals 6-2, 5-0 at NUWAY duals, 4th at NUWAY Nationals, 1st and 6th at Indy Nationals, 2X ISWA state champ) 15. De'Alcapon Veazy--7th grade--Fort Wayne--140--(160-220) (2nd at Middle School State, 6-3 at SB duals FS, GRR FS 1st place, Indy Nationals Champ, NUWAY National Champ, ISWA Triple Crown Winner) 16. Jeb Prechtel--8th grade--Jasper--117--(126-145) (2nd at Middle School State, 7-1 in Greco at Schoolboy Duals, Indy Nationals runner up) 17.Dillon Graham--8th grade--Cathedral--95--(106-113) (3rd and 7th at Middle School State, GFC 1st and 2nd place, 6-1 at National Middle School Duals, GRR duals 6-2, USA Nationals 6th place, 2nd & 3rd at Indy Nationals, 5-1 at Christmas Duals, ISWA State champ) 18. Evan Stanley--6th grade--Lowell--95--(120-132) (USA Nationals 1st & 3rd, Dominate the Dells Champ, NUWAY Nationals 1st & 3rd, GFC Champ, Winter Nationals, 1st, 3rd, & 4th, Indy Nat 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, & 6th, Joel Tholl Elite Champ, Christmas Duals 5-0, GRR duals 5-1, multi time ISWA state champ and triple crown winner) 19. Kaden McConnell--8th grade--Center Grove--120--(126-145) (6th at Middle School State, 6-2 at West Penn duals, 5-1 at GRR duals, 6th at USA Nationals, multiple ISWA triple crown winner, 4th at Flo Reno) 20. Kyrel Leavell--8th grade--Warren Central/Cathedral--90--(106-126) (3rd and 6th at Middle School State, 5-3 at SB duals GR, 3X ISWA Greco State Champ 21. Reese Courtney--8th grade--Center Grove--95--(106-113) (3rd and 5th at Middle School State, 7-1 at GRR duals, 5-3 at Nat MS duals, 7-3 at VAC Holiday Duals, 5-2 at GRR duals, 6-0 at Border Wars XMAS duals, 7th at NUWAY Nationals, Greco State Champ) 22. Tony Wood--8th grade--Jay County--85--(106-113) (Super32 went 3-2, 6th at Middle School State, Runner Up at NUWAY Nat, 4-2 Schoolboy Duals FS) 23. Hayden Demarco--8th grade--Chesterton--80--(106-120)(4th and 6th at Middle School State, 7-3 at VAC 2018, 7-0 NUWAY Summer duals, 3rd and 5th at Indy Nationals, 3rd at NUWAY Nationals) 24. Seth Syra--8th grade--Plainfield--80–(106) (2nd and 6th at Middle School State, 5-3 at GRR duals, 2X Indy National Champ, 7-3 at VAC Holiday Duals, 4th at Tulsa Nationals, Runner Up at Tulsa Kickoff, Show Me Nationals Runner Up, Preseason Nationals Runner Up, Celtic Elite Champ, 3rd and 5th at NUWAY Nationals) 25. Bray Emerine--8th grade--Center Grove--132--(145-182) (3rd at Middle School State, 5-3 at SB duals GR, 2nd at Dixie Nat, ,2nd at Winter Nat, 9-1 at VAC, multi time ISWA champ) Updated on 10/18/2019 I am still updating...
  12. I updated rankings after Super32. This is last update. The freshman will be removed and the talented class of 2026 will be added.
  13. hirsej

    Ethan Hirschy

    Ethan Hirschy
  14. Lol that's why he says it's the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he's being silly
  15. This is my favorite Mattyb post in the history of Mattyb posts. LOL
  16. Two weeks away. Contact Coach Cochran at matthew.cochran@fwcs.k12.in.us or 812-560-3945 if you have questions.
  17. Culver Community is looking to add 3 mid-week duals for the 19/20 season. Hoping to host, willing to travel, would love to set up long-term commitment. Looks like we will fill about 10-12 weight classes (once football players arrive; probably fill about 7-8 until then) this year. We are a young, inexperienced team open to duals with teams of all sizes - we've been the team with 5 guys. November, December, January will all work, pending current schedule. Contact: Head Coach: mbuschman@culver.k12.in.us Athletic Director: mzehner@culver.k12.in.us
  18. We are still looking to fill these weight classes as well as 182. All weights will be +3 lbs for weigh ins. If there is anyone you know that might be interested please send them our way. Thanks!
  19. Extremely sorry to hear this. He was a very fun kid to watch. I remember at folkstyle state was my first mat side experience of watching Brayden. One of the kids who attended our club, somewhat frequently, was wrestling Brayden(this kid was a future SQ). Anyhow, Brayden beat him badly, but was nice about it and even made some good fun during the match. I always thought he was a great kid after that! He showed a lot of class through his actions on the mat.
  20. Chad... Sorry to hear about the injury. I did talk to him at length last Thursday (days after he hurt it). He was and great spirits, but told me that it could be bad. He was still drilling and showing stuff. He was helping others prepare for Super 32. Because... that is what leaders do! He has made an excellent choice to go to Ohio. Those boys will have a bed for him this summer when he is ready! Sorry that it had to end like this, but there’s sooo many good times ahead! Keep your heads up! O-U-Oh-Yeah
  21. UGH. Can't wait to see that kid on the next level. At least these days an ACL isn't an injury you can't come back from. Best of luck.
  22. Last week
  23. Brayden has such a positive way that I know he will come back from this like he has done in the past. Thank you for all the positives you have brought to wrestling. It was a pleasure to root for you.
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