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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. He's beaten some hammers this summer too and freshman/sophmore state champ!
  2. If Hockaday wrestles like he did vs Seth Mendoza at defense Soap Duals, he'll be tough for anybody to beat!
  3. I think everybody's happy for y'all, I want everybody to be good!
  4. Waiting on you to post it! Happy for em and y'alls area!
  5. Great question...He def killed it at Fargo and placed 4th at the usa showcase vs high level comp as well.. I'm happy for him and Southports program.. Skinner is doing great things there.. He was a stud himself... Always loved the skinner vs Garrard wars.. Smith length at 100-106 gives ppl problems especially when he's clicking!
  6. You're exactly right about Everything, I meant breaking habit of reaching lead arm and Initiating tie with rear arm... I try breaking them of reaching with lead arm like you said...proof reading isn't my strong suit along or articlating my points correctly lol.. Me talking about wrestling and MMA wrestling and the whole lead right leg in wrestling = south paw in a traditional boxing stance changes things but im regards to straight wrestling you're exactly right.. I got too much I'm trying to say without slowing down and just taking my time...soon as I read your post I was realized what you was saying and that I mixed up what I was trying to say... Making contact with your head and matching your opps level is crucial that's only if they're in a good low stance... Also sugar foot or square stances dictate distance between you and your opponent when in space.. Harder to cover as much ground as quickly in space with a square stance than it is to a shot in a staggered stance with your lead leg closer to the target than a square stance. Like you do everybody is different and different things work for ppl in different ways.. That first contact with their head ensures your first line of D, then you can simultaneously hit a your collar ties, hook and posts etc.. We was always taught to have heavy hands upon tying up and to make sure we move out opponent any time we touch them . Then that ensures we can get into our attacks and stay in good position.. Sorry for the confusion, I didn't elaborate or correctly type what I meant... Thanks for the kind words and asking me about My rookie typo.
  7. You're exactly right about more common seeing wrestlers Creating offense in space big time Like JB is so great at... he'll get you reacting and reaching with his shot fakes and runs through ppl when he does actually run through guys.. Using their attempt to tie up against them, when they tap he goes.. He knows they don't reach if they aren't certain he'll be there to take part in the tie.. Level changes and bypasses their head/hands D they were fooled into abandoning.. Too many ppl reach with lead back hand instead of their bk hand*.. I try breaking that habit with my guys when i see them checking their stance with the wrong hand.. The more FS gains traction here in the states, the more our athletes will also get better at attacking and defending in space... Bo Bassett is a kid I've seen that is just as good in space as he is from the tie, and he's so technical being so young.. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of guys that are technically sound, but that kid seems to be even more advanced in every aspect than almost anybody I've seen.. Him being the youngest American ever medalist at cadet world's speaks to that with him only being 14... His gas tank and relentless pressure reminds me of a prime Lincoln McIlravey, he weaponizes his cardio and breaks world class kids.. It's not like it's never been done boy to see it at that level so young, is incredible.. Evenwhen he does get scored on, it seems to make him even better immediately, that's a good problem to have...most of us wish our guys attacked more, so him actually having to learn situational awareness in real time is very telling.. He wrestles to win every second mitigating the All too often "wrestle not lose" mode we all have at one point out another been in.. He's so use to attacking and never letting up that when he ends up in a bad position, it doesn't bother him too dramatically.. He's use to those scenarios because he's constantly creating them.. His demeanor never changes, doesn't let his emotions dictate his wrestling, he thinks his way through the adversity and imposes his will.. Everything that's legit comes from always moving your feet, feinting and creating angles with your constant movent.. too often we see kids slow themselves down by tying up and not properly setting shots up from the tie because they're not moving their opponent or their own feet enough... That's why many times when a wrestler makes a jump to MMA, his style of Wrestling doesn't coorelate well, if all their offense comes from the tie.. You will get your face crushed trying to hook and post anybody with skill and if you can't set up takedowns in space you'll get hurt badly...But the same time guys like RBY and yianni who's scrambling abilities coorelate so beautifully to MMA and they both are elite when it comes to getting takedowns in space.. Being able to disguise entries on TDs becomes even more crucial but you have even more ways to set takedowns up with the threat of punches,kicks and subs and not just grappling.. Add in head movement and proper footwork and when done right, can create even better MMA wrestlers than they were in straight wrestling..I out wrestled much more credentialed wrestlers in MMA than I ever did in straight wrestling..I was a solid wrestler nothing great, but I usually always got the better of the wrestling exchanges when that was my career... That doesn't mean Greco guys don't translate well to MMA because The clinch aspect favors them in a huge way..Mark O Madsen aka 6x world and Olympic medalist is 2-0 in the UFC and 11-0 total... His Body locks and throws equate to brutal slams... He's about to fight the Legend Clay guida who is a stud wrestler in his own right.. I'll quit blabbering but your post got me thinking about the whole footwork aapect and different subtle nuances that play a huge part in not only wrestling but combat Sports in general... sorry for the soapbox speech y'all.
  8. This is the best USA has looked on all levels as collective whole that I've ever seen...Our depth is coming along as well..
  9. Congrats the other day big dog! Looked good
  10. We only 3 pts behind 3rd actually in 4th.
  11. Carroll techs Pettigrew 10-0 in the first! Indiana with 3 in the finals!
  12. That's a major win, kid was national champ in FS and greco 2019!
  13. Case Bell def a stud... Flowers and Thrine both give him big props... Anybody that beats Jensen Boyd is a certified hammer!
  14. Lol that's my buddy bryant aka basketball state champ and just cheering me on lol Appreciate it buddy... Should've not braded the mullet up and sunmoned that Indiana neck bandana power to not blow it
  15. Lol you're rotten ol fkr! Thanks for the compliment.
  16. Lol I def gassed in the 3rd, plus it was 80+ and 90% humidity in that God foresaken girls gym, I was sweating like R.kelly at a girl scout meeting! It was cool getting to actually meet @GenHeavyHandz and his fellas...Morris looked like a hammer today and had some the most exciting matches on the day... .. I'll post link to my buddy Facebook with video.. Guy placed 4th in April at USA nationals 220 Masters Division.. Forgive the sloppy TD at the End, should've got off my knees and circled out of bounds in front head instead of chest wrapping him and allowing him to get a body lock on a reattack.. first match in 18 years https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=150835420476618&id=750378283
  17. Thanks buddy, Appreciate that! Wanted to at least have a solid showing, been 17 years since I had a match.. Glad you liked em, didn't get to me nasty HI-Cs or Fairfax tilts, guys wrists were stupid slippery.. Old ass gotta ice this shoulder up.. I'll be in better shape never time I decide to jump into something like that.. Again thank you for the kind words, it really makes me feel good.
  18. No, I wrestled 208-215 though got 6th lol Was up whole match after 2 arm drag TDs and like a scrub got stuck with 3 seconds to go.. Strained my shoulder and couldn't fend off the throw.. Just old fat fk that just did it to have fun.. Dude was big af too I met the General, I would've been too big anyways, even had he wrestled me they wouldn't allow us to do it with 30 pounds difference..l will post the match if y'all want.. Sorry didn't get it done fellas.
  19. I've reached out to coach Black and now trying to get it organized with the AD Aka Ben Wissel, I told him I'm willing to pay in order to have it done, told him we trying get a exhibition done on Sunday 1-1-1.. I'll update you when I hear back from him.
  20. Trying to see we can get in on a mat that's already set up, I'll pay to have the tourney let us.. I'm down for the cause.
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