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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Not that I know of.. He's just gotta wrestle 1 match at a time.. you had to make it to SS to be in database.. just saying a freshman with 35 wins is darn good and I'm proud of him! He's 120 the weight loaded more there than 113.. He's a 2x MS placer and iswa runner up and getting better... he is just another Horse in that NCSS that is gonna bring it every time!
  2. Brevan Thrine 35-1 with 7 SSQ and 1 SQ Ws and only loss to #7 Stud White!
  3. Thanks l to all of indiana mats guys for all you do for the greatest sport on the planet! Also for the FREE experience that goes with it!
  4. WOWWWWWW BREYER HALL DOWN 8-3 early after getting head locked comes bk gets a td then a scramble leads to Hall Sticking 0hio stud Lambers with EC down 30-28 and gets the fallEC wins 34-30 and remains Undefeated 34-0! Unreal dual.. Really impressed with EC they are def a top 10 dual team if not top 8ish.
  5. Great atmosphere and meet so far..24-22 ELDER with 4 left
  6. At 113 Blake Wolf looked unreal destroying #5 ranked returning SQ from Elder.. Tech Pinned him with ease.. that kids a STUD!
  7. Erb is my sleeper at HW! He can wrestle with anybody when he's focused and healthy.
  8. Logan Boe has always been in the mix but he's having a dominant year at 152 and that weight class is the most up in the air imho..Boe gets his 4th state MEDAL this time he's under the lights and wins it all!
  9. This will be streaming on youtube correct? I seen the video EC did as a preview on youtube.. looking 4ward to seeing it
  10. You got the Parents basement part wrong... You also forgot to list your former stand up comic accolades tisk tisk.
  11. Forgot about the See a boat buy a boat Championship as well.
  12. As long as they leave the light on for me.
  13. I fought for money not honor... and I will leave it be because arguing on a thread about 1 of Indianas finest has made us both look like jackasses imho..
  14. Absolutely love the vibe there! Great food too .. that chicken tender basket is unreal lol
  15. Yes with a stud I train that wrestles in college and my other guys... Just spit it out.. let me guess you wanna have 1 of your sons defend your honor after you insist on facetime and ppl don't have same energy?
  16. Now tell me again who brought up meeting in person and same energy? YOU said that.. Then tried acting like i'm the 1 acting tough..I rest my case.
  17. 210.. I'm 34..hazel eyes..5'9 and love long walks on the wrestling mat..
  18. Go back and read every thing you said .. you're the one that brought up how when you met Littlevito this and that and ppl gave diff strategy. . not me...YOU brought up me being quasi ufc fighter.. so I told you my mma background I then elaborated on it... Like I said wifi Tuff Guy...I didn't hop on your comments.. YOU started calling with the insults calling nostardomas.. All I said was Mendez wouldn't be challenged and YOU started running your fingers.. You brought up your whack Wing Chun BS.. I'm not all over the place I'm just not a negative person and ws trying to be cordial but once again you wanna act tough..idc how old you are and if you didn't care you'd left it alone..but no once again you gotta start... Should've known not to try be the bigger man and let it be because you'd have to keep up the tough guy act..Keep doing your tai chi or whatever bogus "gentle" arts you practice..I don't what you to hit me with the touch of death... keep playing Victim.. and like you're gonna do something implying you're "not gonna let this slide"..Its hilarious you run your mouth about me and my career then wanna turn it into a pity party about how you were so attacked.. We don't have to be cool and you can keep thinking you're tough with that bogus art you practiced 23 years.. Next time there's a Wing Chun world champion in anything other than fairytales lmk.. Anybody that knows me knows I'm a good person and that read this bs bickering between us can see you started it and we are arguing like OC house wives...
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