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  1. Dang, Indiana lost a great one, hope it all works out for him!
  2. Great kid, out of state? He lost one of his coaches mac Taylor on new years I hope he's doing ok Mac was a legend at my alma mater and our NC Wrestling family.
  3. Finally gave out that recipe, I'm about to make sure all the kids Around here about miss Weight gorging on this mystic Meal!
  4. I don't want you to be wrong, I want our sport elevated to the highest level all across the state.
  5. Bummed out, PURDUE lost vs Wisconsin..#2 shroeder getting stuck sums up the dual.
  6. I don't think he was to bash FW like that he's just saying compared to the the other semi States it's very very very significant difference in Talent depth... The fact you had to go back 3 years ago to name a State champ is what he's getting at... There's def quality guys year in year out it's just the depth isn't there like the others...I love that your passionate about your area like I am mine, I just think he's reiterating what comes up often.. regardless, Congrats on that Stud Veazys Title! Looking forward to seeing the young guns making the jump and I'll keep my eye out for the guys you s
  7. Just read your post after I wrote mine and we are thinking exactly the same you just articulated it better Ppl say I have a way with words but I insist I've never fondled a dictionary
  8. I think it's different with each Wrestler..I think their work ethic and attitude are the main thing imho.. All the potential in the world is irrelevant if the mindset isn't there.. It's a collective set of things that go into it and it's impossible to put an exact answer to this very loaded question but I like the conversation and dialogue... I think that the journey getting to being an AA is actually part of the unknown that makes coaching fun, challenging and rewarding because there's so many variables the go into achieving that status.. I've seen so many
  9. He placed 4th at big 10s and ncaa qualifier, very big win
  10. Also it helps when you get late bloomers that turn the corner in College. Willham at IU comes to mind for me.. Not saying he's Elite talent but he's one of those guys I've watched last 5 years make a huge jump in his game..If you would've told me 5 years ago he would beat A.Davison in college I would've been shocked! Not Hating on him but the total opposite, he's the poster child for hard work and great mind goes a long way . Just like Lydy showed as well.. I really hope IU keeps getting better and we some AAs soon..Asa beating down#17 Medley of michigan was fantastic!
  11. FCFIGHTER170


    Parker Smitley
  12. Plus being in a room full of elite talent after being The alpha for so long coming up might also be huge adjustment among with what you listed.
  13. Big wins for our IN boys and it's really awesome to see Indiana boys having other in state talent, this state has really stepped up pumping out Not only D1 studs but through every Level in college. Anybody know how the blubaugh vs Mason match was giving before the pin? I always liked Blubaugh and Mason is a D2 national champ..A pin didn't always mean the guy that came up short wasn't doing well and just fell victim to a big move.
  14. They are supposed to, thanks for the info.
  15. Saldate trains with Khabib in the off season, that young man's a stud.. Great win for Lee.
  16. I hope he wrestles in college, skies the limit for him.
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