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Everything posted by md85

  1. Any idea when the brackets come out?
  2. Who here remembers Ryan Pribble of Turkey Run and Gabe Cook of West Vigo?
  3. Just like old times. I stirred up a load of crap. lol. Got some conversation going though, didn't I.
  4. Mater Dei has 5. They are in a lower class in football than several of these. They can't be counted out just because they choose to compete with the big boys.
  5. As far as moving the regional from Castle to North, I'm agin it. But, no one asked me and if they had they wouldn't have cared what I thought. As far as the Semistate, I remember driving to Seymour. It doesn't matter where you put the Semistate, SOMEONE is going to have to drive further than they want to. Back when it was at Seymour, there were only 3 wrestlers per weight class from each regional. Less wrestlers, less fans. Still we were packed in shoulder to shoulder. I also remember only being able to see about half of the 2 mats closest to where you were seated. If the action moved
  6. I am confused. Did Mcintosh give Joe Lee his closest match, or Brayton Lee? That comment was made in the 145 preview. How did we get to Bethel?
  7. Ok. 5 pages. I can remember having 13 to 14 pages of discussions in years past. Me starting new discussions is not the point. Interest in the sport is dropping off. There was a summer thread about class wrestling a few years back where Y2 and I debated pros and cons. That summer thread was longer than these two combined.
  8. There was a thread earlier about trying to get team state back from the IHSAA. This thread proves why this will not happen any time soon. Two pages of discussion about the Eville semi state. Apparently there is not enough interest in the sport to warrant the IHSAA acting on a proposal.
  9. Not just that event. SIAC tournament was WAYYY down on attendance. Normally the lower level on the score table side is packed. Could have sat there or laid out and taken a nap.
  10. As you may have guessed, I am a fan of MD wrestling. I have been to several wrestling tournaments and dual meets this year. Attendance at these events has been dropping steadily over the past 10 years. At the MD vs Reitz meet, the gym was at best half full. The reserve match had 3 matches actually wrestled. between the forfeits from both teams, only 3 matches. Unless more people start attending wrestling competitions, we will never get IHSAA team state back.
  11. I'm kinda partial to the 1-2-3-4 punch a few weight classes later.
  12. What time does wrestling begin?
  13. Is there somewhere on line I can go to find wrestling schedules?
  14. You forgot Pat Day. He could be on your list.
  15. Yeah. But you're a punk. Haven't given you sh1t in a while. Seemed like it was time again.
  16. Blake, great response. But I don't know how much weight it carries coming from the "worst coach ever". (that is a quote from one of the parents of a kid he coaches) :
  17. We MD fans can sometimes be like 2 year old children. We want what we want, and we want it now. We have gotten spoiled. Just like football where we had some really down years, and the the Schiff brothers came along. That and a ton of size and speed. Don't worry MD fans. Once the young and new talent develops we will start hearing about our ability to recruit agian. LOL.
  18. What time does this start?
  19. Any results from that tournament?
  20. Did they go this year? Any results?
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