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  1. Thoughts: Chad Red doesn't appear to be improving at all and has lost to every significant opponent this year. It appears to be only a matter of time until IU passes Purdue up. Angel has brought a totally different vibe. There's still a lot of straight on offense and guys struggling to create action, but I can see a definite change in the program. Micic looks like a champion to me. Poised and calm, he's straight up wrecking guys. He's on a Hodge type trajectory. He's 9-0 with 2 Falls, 2 TF, 3 Majors. The way he broke Pletcher was impressive.
  2. Why isn't Rypel on the IU roster? https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/33/indiana/profile
  3. How great would it be if Zadick landed at IU? The dude is an absolute wizard at teaching the sport. https://iawrestle.com/2018/08/09/mike-zadick-no-longer-on-isu-staff/
  4. What can we expect? How much has the time off affected his progress? Will he ever be the same wrestler? Do you think he projects as an AA?
  5. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6070282-133-lbs-round-of-16-nathan-boston-campbell-vs-cole-manley-virginia-tech
  6. straight up strangling dudes at the Scuffle. He tortured Cole Manley and broke him.
  7. I thought Jeremiah Reitz would perform better than that at the Scuffle. He ended up getting wrecked 19-3 by the App State kid.
  8. Nate Jackson gassed and quit as usual
  9. https://spark.adobe.com/page/AoNjdMKT1QHWc/ Ranked #13 by Flo
  10. Alex Tirapele was fired from Penn after 3 years... because they want to win. Goldman is a travesty and has never done anything for wrestling at IU or for the state of Indiana.
  11. Micic is a seriously dangerous bracket killer this year. Mark it down. Clark loses to Hall. Micic runs through Alber and Hall and drags Tomasello in to a grinder and wins to make the finals.
  12. The thing that stands out to me when watching this team is how loose and creative they are. You can see the wear and tear on a lot of teams, even early on. They all seem to be wrestling with a sense of joy. Nobody is matching this team offensively right now. Most of these guys do not struggle getting to their opponents... at all. Yes they're getting one blue chip after another, but even middling guys like Gulibon seem like they can get to their offense at will. Gulibon was getting owned in this match before the 3rd period then this happened
  13. Both of these guys have been wrestling above 184 for years. Woods hasn't wrestled that low since before high school.
  14. What is Ersland going to do with Brunner/Woods log jam?
  15. 149 is gonna be crazy this year http://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/weight/149 Rank Wrestler School Conference Year Record Win % Bonus % Points #1 Retherford, Zain #3 Penn State Big Ten JR Jul-00 100% 100% 2117.78 #2 Sorensen, Brandon #4 Iowa Big Ten JR Sep-00 100% 88.89% 2008.48 #3 Mayes, Lavion #5 Missouri MAC SR Feb-00 100% 0% 1814.64 #4 Chishko, Solomon #6 Virginia Tech ACC SO 1-Apr 80% 40% 1748.87 #5 Jordan, Micah #2 Ohio State Big Ten SO Nov-00 100% 81.82% 1729.99 #6 Collica, Anthony #1 Oklahoma State Big 12 SR Feb-00 100% 0% 1726.32 #7 Oliver, Justin #18 Central Michigan MAC SO 1-Aug 88.89% 55.56% 1714.18 #8 Pantaleo, Alec RS #19 Michigan Big Ten JR 0 - 0 0% 0% 1702.24 #9 Martinez, Geordan RS #1 Oklahoma State Big 12 JR 1-Oct 90.91% 63.64% 1701.22 #10 Tsirtsis, Jason #28 Arizona State PAC 12 SR 0 - 0 0% 0% 1677.84 #11 Theobold, Ken #11 Rutgers Big Ten RSSR Jul-00 100% 57.14% 1633.56 #12 Cimato, Matthew #25 Drexel EIWA SR 3-Jul 70% 30% 1617.06 #13 Pagdilao, Christian #28 Arizona State PAC 12 JR 0 - 0 0% 0% 1609.19 #14 Lugo, Patricio #32 Edinboro EWL SO 2-Jun 75% 50% 1603.14 #15 Jeffries, Davion #17 Oklahoma Big 12 SO 4-Feb 33.33% 0% 1592.1 #16 Gardner, Laike #10 Lehigh EIWA SR 2-Apr 66.67% 50% 1591.9 #17 Brown, Shyheim #46 Maryland Big Ten SR 0 - 0 0% 0% 1570.78 #18 Thomsen, Max #15 Northern Iowa MAC FR 1-Jul 87.50% 62.50% 1559.3 #19 Crone, Andrew #7 Wisconsin Big Ten JR Oct-00 100% 40% 1554.15 #20 Blaylock, Jonce #1 Oklahoma State Big 12 SO 1-Nov 91.67% 50% 1554.01 #21 Barber, Nicholas #40 Eastern Michigan MAC SR 2-Jul 77.78% 11.11% 1548.16 #22 Galiardo, Steven #67 Brown EIWA SR 0 - 0 0% 0% 1546.3 #23 Poso, Nosomi #17 Oklahoma Big 12 SO 0 - 0 0% 0% 1543.97 #24 Galasso, Joseph #16 Cornell EIWA JR 1-Jul 87.50% 50% 1541.88 #25 Kocer, Alex #24 South Dakota State Big 12 SR 2-Jun 75% 75% 1540.15
  16. It got ugly but the future is looking pretty good. A lot of guys melted, which I always hate to see, but it's early. I'll remain optimistic for now. Streck is a savage and he's ranked higher as a RS frosh than Kral has ever been. Hope he hangs around as a workout partner.
  17. This recruiting class for Iowa is incredibly impressive. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/48211-no-1-jacob-warner-commits Multiple P4P #1's
  18. http://www.purduesports.com/sports/m-wrestl/recaps/103016aag.html WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Tightly contested matches were the storyline of Purdue's Wrestle-Offs on Sunday inside Holloway Gymnasium with five of the nine bouts decided by one point or were pushed into sudden victory. On the other end, there was one pin and a major decision issued by a true freshman. "You expect tight matches with teammates that know each other so well," Purdue head wrestling coach Tony Ersland said. "However, I'm not happy with tight matches when we have the guys that can score points and I want to see them open up to their wrestling potential." Cody Pae and Nate Limmex each registered 7-6 decisions at 133 and 149 pounds, respectively. Pae's four-point third period lifted him past Luke Welch. Limmex built a 6-3 lead through 5:00 of action on his way to the win over redshirt senior Jeremy Golding. At 165 pounds, 1:11 worth of riding time against Peter Andreotti gave redshirt freshman Dylan Lydy a 3-2 decision. Sudden victory was needed between NCAA qualifier Alex Griffin and Griffin Parriott at 157 pounds. Both wrestlers had an escape to their credit, but it was a takedown by Griffin with six seconds left in sudden victory that secured a 3-1 decision. The scenario was the same at 285 between Tyler Kraland Jacob Aven. Kral got the match-winning takedown with 16 ticks left on the clock. Wrestle-Offs also marked the return to competition redshirt junior Jacob Morrissey. Morrissey, who had a season-ending injury in early February, needed just 59 seconds to pin freshman Mark Gentileat 174 pounds. "We are super excited to have Jacob [Morrissey] back and training hard with no signs from the injury that kept him out at the end of last season," Ersland said. "He was a bright spot for us today; he dominated. He, along with Nate Limmex, who was also setback with an injury last season, are responding well to the training and are making good progress." Another strong performance at Wrestle-Offs came at 197 pounds. True freshman Christian Brunnerposted an 8-0 major decision against sophomore Jon Morales. "Christian has a ton of potential," Ersland said. "As he continues to grow and develop like we know he will, he's a kid that can do well for us right away." Redshirt seniors Kyle Ayersman (141) and Tanner Lynde (184) also controlled their matches, winning 6-0 and 7-1, respectively. The season opener is just six days away for the Boilermakers. They'll head to Ypsilanti, Michigan, for the Eastern Michigan Open on Saturday.
  19. What are the odds that Purdue lands Jacob Warner? http://iowawrestlingblog.com/2016/07/jacob-warner-interview-2/
  20. https://purduesports.exposure.co/purduewrestling-practice-on-the-patio
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