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  1. See Attached 2020-2021 Spring Clinic Meeting Minutes.docx
  2. The East Noble Invite will have an opening for the 2022 school year. The event will be January 8th, 2022. This invite is a great competitive day of wrestling. We would love to have a full competiive team to add to the event. Our goal is to have a tournament with comepetitive teams from 1-8. If interested contact head coach Sam Riesen (260)273-0043 sriesen@eastnoble.net Current teams East Noble Elkhart Manchester Fort Wayne Northrop Fort Wayne SouthSide Lakeland Westview
  3. It's a fairly standard event that happens every two years. This will be the third i've been involved with, and the other two haven't brought huge changes. I cannot say that this one won't will be different, but if its anything like the others the changes are mainly between neighboring sectionals. There has never been a real push to reroute any whole regionals or sectionals to differnet semi-states. More a team or two moves between sectionals or regionals. The commitee this year is the officers, then other coaches who give us a total of 8 (two per semi-state). If you want to make
  4. That brings up another great question about the role that youth success plays in later success. Is there a correlation?
  5. Our football coach makes the same argument. I thought it was crazy when he first said it, but I now dont know that there isn't some validity. We want football to push kids into wrestling, but as of right now there are only two varsity options for alot of linemen (220 and 285). I have had a lot of kids who are in that 230-245 range that wrestling becomes pretty tough for. Unless you are a pretty solid athelete wrestling 285 when you weigh 245 is a pretty big challenge. I think we would see more football kids coming out if that extra option was added for them.
  6. Anyone have any clue about who has the most ISWA state titles of all time/ a lot of ISWA state titles? Always a cool stat to hear during the High School finals.
  7. Women's options 12 Weight Classes – 100, 107, 114, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 165, 185, 235. 13 Weight Classes – 100, 106, 112, 118, 124, 130, 136, 142, 148, 155, 170, 190, 235. 14 Weight Classes – 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 155, 170, 190, 235.
  8. Congrats to Greg Schaeffer (Evansville Mater Dei) on being named the Don Patton Coach of Year. Congrats to Daric Fuller (Peru) on being named the Randy Helfrich Assistant Coach of the Year. They will also be our NWCA nominees for national coach of the year. Congrats to the Regional Coaches of the Year Hobart Regional/Mark Hidalgo- River Forest Crown Point Regional/Louis Kuzdas- LaPorte Penn Regional/ Frank Baumgardner- Wawasee Logansport Regiona/Justin Kuhn- Faith Christian Goshen Regional/ Eric Highley- Northridge Carrol Regional/ Nick Kraus
  9. I was curious as to what the FF numbers looked like for Ohio in their smallest class. They average 8.5 kids per team. Joe said that our average 1A team has 5.07 forfeits. So 8.93 per team. Anyhow I thought it was intersting to compare the two. Ohio DII FF Data Teams Wrestlers Ridgedale 21 168 Barnesville 11 89
  10. https://www.hybridcombatclub.com/ 21 minute drive from Culver.
  11. "Rural" Chhurubusco... 10 minutes from the second biggest city in the state. Andy Oberlan is opening a wrestlting training facility that sounds really cool. It will be near the zoo. About 20 minutes from Busco.
  12. Curious to see if it was just us, but did anyone else have substantially less skin funk this season?
  13. Thanks a lot Coach Seltzer. They looked sharp in the finals for sure.
  14. You know I was commenting on this the other day. It really seems like there are about 8-10 schools that dominate... most of the rest of the teams are fairly similar in numbers.
  15. Fudge the numbers as I please. Haha this is exactally what i've said since my original post which was- So I dont really want to get dragged into this argument again. I am against classing the individual tournament. Every year the numbers statically show that there is no advantage to an individual in terms of making semi-state or state. When it comes to placers/ champs there will be an advantage to bigger schools, I think there are arguments for the stats on that. I do apologize for not memorizing what % of the population the groups made up.
  16. Again I am not sure on the exact numbers/percents. Anytime the information has been posted in the past it has been divided up into three classes (with around 103 schools per class). The classes have tended to look similar to the overall population. Again I haven't seen this years numbers and it may look different this year.
  17. I do not think that I ever claimed to know the exact numbers. I tried to go out of my way to point that out every time I posted. I've been really careful to point out that I haven't seen this years data as well. I've been through these discussions a million times. Historically the numbers have always mirrored the general population. For me at the state and semi-state level those numbers show that there isn't a disadvantage. Others are free to feel how they want and to interpret the data how they want. Again I am not trying to change anyone's feelings on the topic. I posted a cha
  18. I'm not sure on the exact numbers... I just made that up for the example. I can tell you historically the qualification numbers have mirrored the population numbers.
  19. In terms of placer/ qualifiers I said in the OP that the stats say there is a disadvantage. I like to think there are other explanations for that. I'm trying to stay out of this whole debate though lol. I just wanted to show everyone I could make a chart. I have thought of these same questions. I think that the numbers may go down if that was the situation, but its hard to say what would happen for certain. It really depends on who you move to replace them. Does some other small school in those semi-states gain success? In the end I feel like I've been through this debate a million
  20. "Every year the numbers statically show that there is no advantage to an individual in terms of making semi-state or state. When it comes to placers/ champs there will be an advantage to bigger schools" Above is the orginal statement. How does 12% of the population making up 12% of the qualifiers show a disadvantage to that 12%? Unless you use the thought process that they should make up 33% of the qualfiers then statistically there is not a disavantage to an indvidual at a small school. I am not saying there are not other arguments that can be made that an indvidual small s
  21. Generally speaking the % of qualifiers will mirror the percent of the general population. That is all I am saying. So if... (I don't recal the acctual numbers) 65% of all students go to 3A schools 65 % of Qualifiers will be from 3A 25% of all students go to 2A schools 25% of qualifiers will be from 2A 10% of all students go to 1A schools 10 % of qualifers will be from 1A The argument the class wrestling crowd would use is that if things were fair then- 65% of all students go to 3A schools 33% of Qualifiers will be from 3A 25% of all studetns fo to
  22. Our 170 was a tennis kid. Went to state, and is without question one of the hardest workers on our team.
  23. I think that each of these indivduals would have had a simlar oppurtunity to make it to and place if they were at Busco, or East Noble.
  24. If it is not a good argument then why do the numbers in terms of qualifiers mirror the numbers of the general population pretty much every year? Is it just coicidental? Id like to think we can have a fair conversation. The % of qualifiers in each group almost always mirrors the % of the total population each group makes up. I feel that is what you would expect. Some people believe that fairness would be shown if 12% (Small school population) of the population made up 33% of the qualifiers. I personally do not think that makes any sense, but to each their own i guess.
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