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  1. Junior director Coach Tonte will be running team Indiana practices on Tuesday nights. Technique, strategy, rules and live. All Iswa members are welcome even if you just want to bang but are not wrestling at nationals. See you Tuesday night(tonight) at 6 pm. At Warren Central.
  2. Very proud of this young man. Congrats.
  3. So sad. Great coach and person. Prayers from the Tonte family and Warren wrestling
  4. Big Dan. That's not the issue. That issue has been discussed and gone. Nobody seems unclear about the moratorium/ coaching rules. The issue seems to be timing and kids being able to make it there. And I think what's more important is hearing from those families not people who don't have a dog in the fight. As I am told nobody complained when they got their paper work. The issues are these particular people.
  5. A few things here. 1. As I write the Iswa is attempting to find dates for the camp that will work but here are issues that have to be resolved, have been considered, and are attempted to be changed: •Finding a venue with dates to be used. •Finding coaches who can take off work and commitments. •Adjusting schedules due to a calendar change this year and Fargo dates adjusted. •Having camp at a time that is beneficial to the athlete. I mean hell we could have it today but that doesn't help a kid preparing for a tournament July 17 or July 20. 2. Maybe You can do some stats on how many kids will be involved in playing their sport over moratorium. Just Indiana kids. I can tell you there will be many. There are numerous travel teams, camps and events those days. Regardless that's not the issue although it could be if things are not worked out. 3. Again I agree, not the best time but July 4th weekend is the weekend prior. This is the following weekend so not the worst time either. Not poor planning poor timing in a stressed calendar.
  6. I really hesitate from getting on here due to the true lack of knowledge by people and the perceptions that become realities because certain posters say it to be true. Bottom line. No rules are broken if team Indiana has it's camp over moratorium. Not even SKIRTED which has become the big word on here when people can't find a rule to be broken and they have to have some ammunition. There will be kids from Indiana playing travel baseball, going to All Star basketball camps, going to football camps and playing every sport including Lacrosse. No rules broken. The only issue would be if a high school coach actually coaches his kid at camp. So before this becomes 16 pages of blasting everyone who cheats to win, or is inconsiderate of the athletes, or skirts(I love that word) the rules, those are the facts straight from Robert this AM. Now will kids miss due to it being moratorium. Sure. If my kid decides to go he will miss it due to vacation. But I also understand that due to a strange calendar year and Fargo being moved up the camp dates are conflicting no matter how you set it up.
  7. Word on the street is you might make a guest appearance at dub c this weekend. Tom, I'm not giving you mouth to mouth if you fall out but Morgan has you so you will be fine. Seriously. Glad to hear you are ok.
  8. Opportunity to workout over break for upcoming tourneys. University of Indianapolis Wrestling staff will be running tomorrow night RTC. RTC is Wednesday at 6 PM. The bio for the coaches is below. This is a great recruiting opportunity for our kids. Even the younger kids can get to know the UIndy staff. Hope to see everyone there. Bio Jason Warthan to me 48 minutes agoDetails Jason Warthan, the 2014 NCAA Super Region #2 Coach of the Year, just concluded his seventh season at the head of the UIndy wrestling program. Warthan, a Greyhound wrestling alum, mentored the program's first National Champion in 2011 and also coached the team to the program's first Super Regional Championship in 2014. Warthan has coached thirteen All-Americans and 26 total national qualifiers during his UIndy tenure. Under Warthan, the Greyhounds have also finished as NWCA Academic National Champions twice in 2015 and 2011. Four Greyhounds qualifed for the National tournament this past season, with two more All-American finishes. Josh Kieffer capped off a historic career with his third All-American honors in four trips to the national tournament. Nick Crume became the second greyhound to reach the finals under Warthan, claiming national runner-up in his sophomore season. The team finished 13th in the team standings. At UIndy, Warthan was a three-time qualifier for nationals, earning All-America status in 2000. The two-time Midwest Classic and 2000 Midwest Regional champion racked-up an impressive 88-28 (.759) career record as a wrestler. He was also a three-time Little State champion as a Greyhound, a two-time team captain, two-time team MVP and was named the 2000 Midwest Regional's Most Outstanding Wrestler. Warthan also ran cross country and was a decathlete in the spring for the Greyhound track and field team. In addition, Warthan was named a Verizon Academic All-American wrestler in his senior season, the only greyhound wrestler to achieve this distinction. Alex Johns 2 x All American at UIndy Current Graduate Assistant Brandon Nelsen 2 x National Qualifier at Purdue Current Graduate Assistant Warthan will show set-ups from a 2 on 1 Johns will show defense to leg attaches Nelsen will show turns from top Live wrestling See you there Coach T
  9. Congrats to Matt, Shaun the boys and the rest of the staff. On the day that I met with Parents to tell them I was making a family decision which involved a career type move, I told the community that my goal was to make Perry Meridian Wrestling such the program that if one person left(no matter who) the program would not miss a beat. And with the help from Matt, Shaun, Phil, and all the parents , coaches and athletes over the years I believe it is in outstanding shape. These guys know what they are doing and always have. I have not posted on here about this as it was a family decision that was almost as difficult as burying my parents. Regardless this post is about the program at Perry and the people there. I am great friends with the coaching staff and still hold many of the kids and families dear to my heart. They are not only hall of fame caliber coaches but hall of fame people. Congrats and as always win'em all unless you are standing opposite side of the mat than yours truly. Love many of those southsiders.
  10. Rex. The Tonte family and Warren Wrestling are praying for her well being and for yours as well. Love ya man. You are a mentor to me and praying you get the miracle you deserve. Jimmy, Tina, Jacob, Tristen, Corinthian and Micah Tonte
  11. Get live then go watch Frazier win All Star MVP and Chapman close out the AL for an NL victory. 6-7:15 tonight. Warm up and bang
  12. If anyone can give Eric Owens from Warren Central a ride to camp this weekend please call Coach Tonte at 317-371-2654 Thanks
  13. Any kids going to Fargo camp this weekend this will be a good practice for you tonight
  14. Over the years of coaching in the Indy area I had the opportunity to see Steven Bradley grow up. What an awesome guy, a great coach and one hell of a wrestler. Cant wait to see Coach Bradley, a three time state champ, (who has been asst wrestling coach at Uindy as well at Head wrestling coach at Lincoln college in Illinois) show his stuff tonight. Hope to see a big room as we head into the last few weeks of club season.
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