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  1. Have you actually heard her say it once? if so, you are way ahead of the rest of us..... ;D
  2. That would be one tough kid, giving upthat much weight. There ought to be a lower weight class for someone so small.
  3. Congrats to coach Ester. Indiana Tech has landed a great guy and an outstanding coach to start things off. He will build a winner in no time up there.
  4. Our best thoughts and wishes to Brock on a speedy recovery. What a tough kid. We are glad to hear that things look like they are going to be fine for this young man. David and Nick Odom.
  5. I am sure the name of the coach will be released soon, but he wont have far to drive. It should be a very good fit.
  6. Mish, CP, Perry, Cathederal, yorktown or Belmont, Roncalli, or New Castle, Castle, or EMD. Those would be a few that I would guess.
  7. I could coach that kid.......lol
  8. Coach Hobart, what a great tribute to a fine young man. I am sure that you are equally as important to Nick as he is to you. All to often in this or any other sport, we get tied up in wins and loses, and championships. We forget about the friendships that are formed, and the bonds that tie us together. Nick is a lucky man to have people like you in his life. It was not the end to his carrer that he envisioned I am sure. I did not get to know Nick like you have, however I did come to respect his work ethic, and desire to better himself not only on the mat, but in life as a whole. That comes fro
  9. From the Trine web site. 2.20 - Kraus Heading to National Championship Doylesville, Pa. - Nick Kraus (Rolling Prairie, Ind./New Prairie) wrote a new page in Thunder wrestling history Saturday. Kraus earned a wild-entry in the Division III National Championship March 5 and 6 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Trine Head Coach Dan Callahan is hoping for another page in early March. ?It means everything? he said. ?It shows we are taking the next step. Now the next step is to get an All-American. Nick could do that. I think once we get that it will open the flood gates. We are
  10. You can find Head Coach Danny Williams email on the Warren Central web site. I believe it has a school phone number there as well.
  11. Nick deserves a "Thunder" ous applause Way to go young man. Congrats on a great accomplishment, and good luck in Cedar Falls.
  12. No, I am trying to get to be an olympic athlete so I can meet Linsey Vonn. ;D
  13. 1) Curling 2) Devon Jackson, what a great wrestler this kid is 3) Sean Mac, and MJJ, 4) Mitch Sliga
  14. Were you one of the people booing him? These people did not boo the coaches, they boo'd him, If they had wanted to boo the coaches, they could have done that when they were being named during the finals introductions, instead they chose to boo every time the boy was announced. These people are the worst kind of fans that any sport can have, they need to all write a letter to this boy and his family for what they did to him last night.
  15. Practice starts soon, Tom we need you to get up to date on the rules, here is a start. http://www.ehow.com/how_2077429_play-curling.html Rex, Dave we start next week.
  16. Yes they both are. It was great to see Brandon wrestling in the singlet that he should have been in his whole career, and I wish him luck next year at IU, and MJJ is just a great kid, that anyone that could spend more then a minute with him, would just love his character. I got a text shortly after his match, and was asked how long before he would quit smiling, I have known him for 4 years, and have never seen him without a smile on his face, and never not recieved a genuine hand shake, or hug from him. MJJ is one of, if not the best kid I have ever met in all the years I have been around the
  17. They bood at the time of the incident, they bood when he was introduced for the finals, they bood when he went out to the mat for the finals, they bood when he was getting an award for placing higher then over 300 other kids in his weight class. They were booing the kid, if they just wanted to boo cathederal once would have been more then enough, it was a pathetic display and the wrestling community was done a great diservice tonight by such a horrible display of sportsmanship. And no, I do not have any ties to Cathederal, I have ties to Warren Central, and have as much a reason to not like th
  18. I feel sorry for both wrestlers, yes it is horrible for Vlahos to lose a match this way, And I know that Willis would not want to win a match that way. None of us know what kind of pain he was in. One thing we should all know is that any kid that reaches that level of the state tourney is a capable wrestler that has serious skills, dedication, and most of all desire. That desire is excactly why the choice to continue or not, cannot, and should not be left up to the kid. I am sure he wanted to continue. Like the choice or not, agree with the call on the mat or not, but to actually bo
  19. Way to go Nick, now come back as Trines 1st AA.
  20. Warren central will have 2, Wright, and Johnson Jones.
  21. You will never find a kid with a better heart the Mike. He spent a large part of last year at our house, and he was always kind and respectful. My 12 year old daughter hates going to watch her brother wrestle (to many years in the stands), but she loves to watch Mike. He is a joy to be around, and is a fine young man. I wish him all the best this year at Conseco, and I will be there to cheer him on.
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