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Everything posted by quinnsDAD

  1. Good Luck Stevan!! will this be streamed anywhere, themat?
  2. Avon 50 Plainfield 24
  3. First practice with them today,Quinn said same thing. ;D thanks to Jim's Wrestling Supply for the quick delivery, ordered Thursday afternoon got them Friday.and cheaper than any other place I have seen.
  4. Silga takes 5th and Molloy comes a couple matches short of placing in the Open brackets. Nice job.
  5. I was referring to Nick Etienne, not Nick Lee as soon as posted I knew that would happen.
  6. Bulldog the "Gus?" Was for Y2. Nick was mentioned at 126 in the unofficial rankings,the debate on him would be what weight will he go. Don't think it's going to be 126.
  7. I don't know your mom but I'm sure she has more wrestling experience than I do!
  8. Ferguson looked Super!! Congrats again to a class act.
  9. You said Sat. Nite it would be over by 7,without the delay getting started you were right on. Great job by all.Was ready to leave at end of day but with all the great matches in the last two hours it was hard get out the door. Again nice job by all of the Carroll family that made this happen.
  10. My wife reminded me not to take 70 thru Indy to get to 69, the 65/70 south spilt is closed so if your coming from down south take 465 around town. 8) [glow=red,2,300] [/glow]
  11. Yeah the weight classes definitely show the changes they made two years ago didn't help the kids who only wrestle. Only 5 big guys last I looked.
  12. Y2 you were with 3 of them the other day, couldn't convince them Fort Wayne was the place to be?
  13. No apology needed those who know the story,know BD wrestling family was there stepping up for one of their own. Any of us would have done the same.
  14. Cam is still at Purdue studying to be a dentist, shoulder issues have kept him off the mat don't know if he will try it again or not. I work with his dad.
  15. Drooke check out Fargo results for cadet 126 not bad for an in coming freshmen. Make state this year yes,win anythings possible
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