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  1. Garrett 42 Adams Central 27 125 Zeke Schults, AC, pinned Dan Fogt, Gar 3:54 130 Shea Novy, Gar, decisioned Blake Thieme, AC 6-2 135 Jace German, Gar, decisioned Jared Schwartz, AC 1-0 140 Bryce Schendel, Gar, pinned Tayler Isch, AC 1:37 145 Matt Kaehr, AC, decisioned Nik Isham, Gar 3-1 152 Zak McCray, Gar, pinned Taylor Free, AC 3:57 160 Scott Nofzinger, Gar, pinned Eli Stoller, AC 4:35 171 Logan DeMarco, Gar, pinned Brady Stevens, AC 3:24 189 Luke Rieke, Gar, pinned Lee Wefel, AC :36 215 Aden Feasel, AC, pinned Austin Gibson, Gar 2:35 285 Geoff Getts, Gar, decisioned
  2. I'm pretty sure everyone does. Looking at the page source, I think it's supposed to be next to the board logo (or above the navigation line) and also show you if you have messages. May be a stye-sheet conflict. I'm sure Joe can fix it, but for now it's a minor bug on a great site.
  3. Joey Surack, 119 from Kokomo was the outstanding wrestler. IT could have to do with the competition within the weight class. 119 had three good wrestlers in it. This was our first time there and thought it ran fairly smoothly. I would have liked to see some of the matches in the other gym, but few schools have facilities for 4 mats plus fans for 8 teams, so the two gyms was unavoidable. Center Grove was far above everyone else in team strength. They'll be a definite challenger at team state.
  4. Adams Central 53 Wawasee 9 103 Derek Roe, AC, pinned Dylan DeSomer, Wawa :45 112 Michael Hirschy, AC, Tech fall over Josh Gohlke, Wawa 15-0 119 Zeke Schultz, AC, pinned Brandon Bartman, Wawa 2:17 125 Blake Thieme, AC, decisioned Kyle Clevenger, Wawa 6-1 130 Jared Schwartz, AC, pinned Casey Chessor, Wawa :32 135 Taylor Isch, AC won by forfeit 140 Matt Kaehr, AC, pinned Ryan Lindsey, Wawa 3:38 145 Taylor Free, AC, decisioned Raul Rodriguez, Wawa 5-4 152 Kyle McIntyre, AC, decisioned Ethan Eastway, Wawa 8-7 160 Kyle DeHart, Wawa, decisioned Brady Stevens, AC 9-4 171 Doubl
  5. Tony Currie, AC assistant coach, had two good series. He and Pete Knecht met 4 times Tony's Junior year in a dual, Regional championship, Semi-state championship, an State championship. Pete won all 4 matches, but never by more than a regular decision, I think. But the best matches were with TJ Hays. Tony won the first few, but their Senior year TJ came out on fire in the dual and won by pin. TJ won again in the Sectional final. I'm not sure about regional, but Currie got his cradle going abd won by pin at Semi-state and state. Of course this series was made better by the rabid fans
  6. Everyone (not just EMD) wore tights under their singlets.
  7. Actually, you did the predicatable (you said yourself she's too pretty for you) and she did the unbelievable. She said yes. Congratulations. Will we get to meet her at SW on the 30th or at conference?
  8. Is this the new math I've heard about? ;D To be honest, I don't know if there are 8 really good teams in the semi-state.
  9. Travel costs are hurting that. I don't think AC wrestles any conference school twice brefore sectional, but they go to Indy and Kokomo and have traveled to Columbus and Calumet in the past just to see other schools and styles of wrestling. I know Rick is trying to keep travel costs down, which is one reason we dropped out of Columbus East's tourney this year.
  10. Razo - the conference used to have a rule stating that if two conference schools wrestled more than once the first match was the one that counted. That may have only applied to individuals for seeding purposes since record in the conference is a tie-breaker and it may have changed, too. The last match seems the most significant since wrestlers may not be down to weight in early matches. Just wondering if that rule still exists or applies.
  11. I'll admit I did it that way just because it's easier to program. Of course, the forfeits would be the worst wrestlers in the weight class sine they never win. But you can't just place the forfeits randomly either. Otherwise you could have 2 forfeits in one pool and none in the other. If they both fall in the pool with the top seed, the fifth best wrestler would lose the chance to challenge number 4 to see who goes to the championship bracket. There's no way of guaranteeing the wrestler needing one more pin won't raw the orfeit first anyway. Since its round-robin, you could always wrestl
  12. Thanks, Joe. I'll do that. Maybe they have a scoring program, too.
  13. Does anyone know if tournaments are restricted to using the brackets in the rule book? I don't like the ones available for an 8-team individual tournament. Your best wrestlers only get three matches on the day and your weakest wrestlers, who may need the experience more, are 2 losses and out. So I designed my own bracket. Basically, I split the two halves of a regular 8 man bracket into two pools. Seeded wrestlers stay in the same palce as the normal bracket so the top 2 seeds are in different pools. The first three rounds are round-robin within your pool. Then, I place the top two in e
  14. Jay County 44 Adams Central 26 171 Sha White, JC won by forfeit 189 Trey Schultz, AC, major decision over Andrew Lancaster, JC 10-2 215 Matt James, JC, decisioned Aden Feasel, AC 7-3 285 Kyler Blowers, JC, pinned Alex Reinhard, AC 3:50 103 Derek Roe, AC, pinned Matt Seagraves, JC :25 112 Michael Hirschy, AC, pinned Christian Fischer, JC 2:37 119 Casey Kenney, JC, technical fall over Zeke Schultz, AC 19-4 125 Blake Thieme, AC, pinned Zac Moser, JC :52 130 Caleb Culy, JC, pinned Jared Schwartz, AC 5:04 135 Cameron Pfeiffer, JC, pinned Taylor Isch, AC 3:59 140 Matt Kaehr
  15. 119 Michael Hirschy, AC, Pinned Logan Gengler, Leo 4:58 125 Zeke Schultz, AC, decisioned Isaac Steury, Leo 4-1 130 Garrett Weber, Leo, Decisioned Blake Thieme, AC 13-6 135 Jared Schwartz, AC, deceisioned Greg Botts, Leo 8-7 140 Justin Beck, Leo, pinned Taylor Isch, AC 5:51 145 Matt Kaehr, AC, decisioned Roy Meeks, Leo 8-2 152 Caleb Eicher, Leo, pinned Taylor Free, AC 1:50 160 Cam Friend, Leo, tech fall over Eli Stoller, AC 17-2 171 Austin Bussen, Leo, major decision over Lee Wefel, AC 9-0 189 Trey Schultz, AC, pinned Brayden Waggoner, Leo 1:23 215 Aden Feasel, AC, pinned Be
  16. Adams Central and Bellmont used to consider 2000 an average crowd. There was one match at Bellmont when they had all four bleachers upstairs open as well as the two sides downstairs. I believe there were 3000+ plus for that dual. Unfortuneately, I don't remember the year. Late 1970's or early 1980's, I think
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