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  1. I'll admit I did it that way just because it's easier to program. Of course, the forfeits would be the worst wrestlers in the weight class sine they never win. But you can't just place the forfeits randomly either. Otherwise you could have 2 forfeits in one pool and none in the other. If they both fall in the pool with the top seed, the fifth best wrestler would lose the chance to challenge number 4 to see who goes to the championship bracket. There's no way of guaranteeing the wrestler needing one more pin won't raw the orfeit first anyway. Since its round-robin, you could always wrestle the round where that wrestler has a forfeit last in that weight class. The first three rouds don't have to be wrestled in any particular order like in a regular bracket (other than to avoid confusing fans, coaches, and wrestlers).
  2. Thanks, Joe. I'll do that. Maybe they have a scoring program, too.
  3. Does anyone know if tournaments are restricted to using the brackets in the rule book? I don't like the ones available for an 8-team individual tournament. Your best wrestlers only get three matches on the day and your weakest wrestlers, who may need the experience more, are 2 losses and out. So I designed my own bracket. Basically, I split the two halves of a regular 8 man bracket into two pools. Seeded wrestlers stay in the same palce as the normal bracket so the top 2 seeds are in different pools. The first three rounds are round-robin within your pool. Then, I place the top two in each pool in the championship bracket and the bottom two of each pool in a consolation bracket (#1 in pool A meets #2 in pool B and vice versa) and let them wrestle two more rounds to determine placements. Now, I'm finishing up software to run the bracket. Advantages of this bracket: Everyone gets 5 matches, but its still an individual tournament rather than team duals. This gives schools a alternative to the super dual formats. Disadvantages: I couldn't find this bracket anywhere in existing software, so I had to decide scoring and tie-breaker rules for the pools. I'm building the final brackets manually after the third round because I didn't want to program all of the tie-breaker criteria. I also place any forfeits automatically starting with the lowest seed and progressing upward. This guarantees the brackets will be balanced, but it always places forfeits in the bracket with the #1 seed first. I'd like to try this bracket for our invitational, but one of our assistant coaches asked if it needed to be approved by the IHSAA before we use it. Anyone know if I need to contact Bobby Cox?
  4. Jay County 44 Adams Central 26 171 Sha White, JC won by forfeit 189 Trey Schultz, AC, major decision over Andrew Lancaster, JC 10-2 215 Matt James, JC, decisioned Aden Feasel, AC 7-3 285 Kyler Blowers, JC, pinned Alex Reinhard, AC 3:50 103 Derek Roe, AC, pinned Matt Seagraves, JC :25 112 Michael Hirschy, AC, pinned Christian Fischer, JC 2:37 119 Casey Kenney, JC, technical fall over Zeke Schultz, AC 19-4 125 Blake Thieme, AC, pinned Zac Moser, JC :52 130 Caleb Culy, JC, pinned Jared Schwartz, AC 5:04 135 Cameron Pfeiffer, JC, pinned Taylor Isch, AC 3:59 140 Matt Kaehr, AC, major decision Dylan Derrickson, JC 11-0 145 Ben Theurer, JC, pinned Taylor Free, AC :39 152 Skyler Finnerty, JC, decisioned Kyle McIntyre, AC 8-7 160 Michael Daniels, JC, decisioned Brady Stevens, AC, 11-8 Adams Central 57 FW North Side 16 189 Trey Schultz, AC, pinned Clint Davis, NS 1:34 215 Aris Allen, NS, major decision over Aden Feasel, AC 11-1 285 Alex Reinhard, AC, decisioned David Fett, NS 7-0 103 Derek Roe, AC, won by forfeit 112 Michael Hirschy, AC, major decision over Kaleb Brown, NS 10-2 119 Zeke Schultz, AC, pinned Iziah Valin, NS 1:02 125 Blake Thieme, AC, pinned Tyrone Greer, NS 1:33 130 Jared Schwartz, AC, pinned Oliver Stuart, NS 4:58 135 Wade Theil, NS, pinned Taylor Isch, AC 1:37 140 Matt Kaehr, AC, major decision John Guerrerro, NS 9-1 145 Anthony Gordon, NS, pinned Taylor Free, AC :55 152 Kyle McIntyre, AC, major decision over Cole Anglemeyer, NS 10-1 160 Brady Stevens, AC, pinned Tyler Byall, NS, 1:56 171 Lee Wefel, AC won by forfeit Adams Central 69 Greensburg 4 215 Aden Feasel, AC, pinned Alex Fischer, Gb 1:17 285 Alex Reinhard, AC, pinned Allen Baker, Gb 1:54 103 Derek Roe, AC, won by forfeit 112 Michael Hirschy, AC, decisioned Nigel Baxter, Gb 10-9 119 Zeke Schultz, AC, decisioned Mike Hahn, Gb 13-6 125 Blake Thieme, AC, won by forfeit 130 Jared Schwartz, AC, pinned Evan Solgere, Gb :34 135 Jeremy Dance, Gb, major decision over Taylor Isch, AC 9-1 140 Matt Kaehr, AC, decisioned Curtis Nieman, Gb 3-0 145 Taylor Free, AC, pinned Lance Hunter, Gb 3:00 152 Kyle McIntyre, AC, pinned Kelby Hendrick, Gb 1:03 160 Brady Stevens, AC, pinned Austin Atkison, Gb, :21 171 Lee Wefel, AC pinned Cody Black, Gb 1:24 189 Trey Schultz, AC, pinned Jeff Brogan, Gb 1:45 Adams Central 70 Delta 11 285 Alex Reinhard, AC, pinned Jim Shaffer, Dl 3:32 103 Derek Roe, AC, won by forfeit 112 Steven Gonzales, Dl, technical fall over Michael Hirschy, AC 28-13 119 Zach Sterling, Dl, pinned Zeke Schultz, AC :41 125 Blake Thieme, AC, pinned Jeff Dobbs, Dl 1:34 130 Jared Schwartz, AC, won by forfeit 135 Taylor Isch, AC, won by forfeit 140 Matt Kaehr, AC, won by forfeit 145 Taylor Free, AC, pinned Cody Allen, Dl 2:15 152 Kyle McIntyre, AC, won by forfeit 160 Brady Stevens, AC, pinned Drew Murray, Dl, 3:15 171 Lee Wefel, AC pinned Brandon Lee, Dl :34 189 Trey Schultz, AC, major decision over Evan Dely, Dl 20-11 215 Aden Feasel, AC, pinned Austin Fuatavai, Dl 1:51 Adams Central 41 Greenwood 27 103 Derek Roe, AC, decisioned Anthony Sparks, Gw 112 Michael Hirschy, AC, major decision over Nathan Epler, Gw 12-1 119 Zeke Schultz, AC, pinned Tim Harris, Gw 1:00 125 Blake Thieme, AC, major decision over Cameron Stout, Gw 15-7 130 Jared Schwartz, AC, decisioned aniel Selph, Gw, 7-1 135 Taylor Isch, AC, pinned Jon Stephens, Gw 1:33 140 Matt Kaehr, AC, pinned Zane Ping, Gw 1:28 145 Jake Clawson, Gw, pinned Taylor Free, AC 2:36 152 Danny Waters, Gw, pinned Kyle McIntyre, AC 5:30 160 Brady Stevens, AC, pinned Michael Wassman, Gw, 3:22 171 Alex Ray, Gw, pinned Lee Wefel, AC 1:07 189 DJ Waters, Gw, decisioned Trey Schultz, AC 1-0 215 Aden Feasel, AC, decisioned Tanner Beaton, Gw 7-2 285 Nick Smale, Gw, pinned Alex Reinhard, AC 3:39
  5. 119 Michael Hirschy, AC, Pinned Logan Gengler, Leo 4:58 125 Zeke Schultz, AC, decisioned Isaac Steury, Leo 4-1 130 Garrett Weber, Leo, Decisioned Blake Thieme, AC 13-6 135 Jared Schwartz, AC, deceisioned Greg Botts, Leo 8-7 140 Justin Beck, Leo, pinned Taylor Isch, AC 5:51 145 Matt Kaehr, AC, decisioned Roy Meeks, Leo 8-2 152 Caleb Eicher, Leo, pinned Taylor Free, AC 1:50 160 Cam Friend, Leo, tech fall over Eli Stoller, AC 17-2 171 Austin Bussen, Leo, major decision over Lee Wefel, AC 9-0 189 Trey Schultz, AC, pinned Brayden Waggoner, Leo 1:23 215 Aden Feasel, AC, pinned Ben Meeks, Leo 3:47 285 Nick McAbee, Leo, pinned Alex Reinhard, AC 2:56 103 Nathan Hess, AC, decisioned Matt Craft, Leo 7-3 112 Derek Roe, AC, decisioned Banner Budden, Leo 8-5
  6. Adams Central and Bellmont used to consider 2000 an average crowd. There was one match at Bellmont when they had all four bleachers upstairs open as well as the two sides downstairs. I believe there were 3000+ plus for that dual. Unfortuneately, I don't remember the year. Late 1970's or early 1980's, I think
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