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  1. starsaw


    South Adams Wins.... batt and ehr champions... Ehr most vw!
  2. starsaw

    Thank You

    Thank all of you! For all ur comments.. Ur all too kind. I will enjoy Sandhill and the heat... But not as much as the snow flies at Conseco! Todays the day! E.C.I.C.... Good luck Starfires... Tear it up!
  3. starsaw

    Thank You

    As some of you may know, ?starsaw?, or the original South Adams Wrestling Star, ok maybe not the original there were many, many other great wrestlers that I have had the opportunity to wrestle along side and coach for over the years from South Adams, and where I have had the pleasure to also work with some very amazing and professional coaches as well. I have been on staff at South Adams since 1998, when I got of active duty from the Army. Over the years I have found myself back with the military, mainly because other than Wrestling, it?s the very one thing I Love. I have been recently assigned to Ft. Benning, GA as a Drill Sergeant. I report right after the Christmas break, so sadly I am going to miss out on the second half of the season. My time here at South Adams has been a great one, first rate. Our Varsity went from winning just a few matches a year to winning A.C.A.C. titles. We have gone from not getting a kid out of Sectional some years to walking the Floor at Conseco almost every year. I am very proud of our kids that have busted it and our Coaches that put endless hours to make our Program what it is today. Leaving Starfire Wrestling is probably one of the hardest things I have had to do. I love all of those guys like my own kids, my own brothers, and my family. BUT, they are in the greatest hands and that makes me feel good. I will follow them as much as I can, and do what I can from down south to assist each and every one of them. I want to thank all of you, in the Wrestling community for all your efforts to make our sport what it is today. Indiana Mat is without question one of the best Wrestling Websites out there, besides www.starfirewrestling.com of course. Who would have thought I?d go from some young snot nosed, mouthy coach that argued with Y2 any chance I could? to doing what ever I could to help him create this amazing site. It?s been a huge asset to every wrestling program across the entire State of Indiana. Thanks Joe! It makes me feel good that I was able to help in what ever way I could. Thank You Indiana Mat, Indiana Wrestling, for everything? it?s been Awesome! The E.C.I.C. at Jay County will be my last event before I go but like I told the guys here? if I have any opportunity to come back? I will do just that. If I can?t, well I will continue to follow our great sport using Indiana Mat. GOOD LUCK to all of you for the remainder of the season! GO Starfires! F.I.R.E! -Coach Sparks Special Thanks to all of the Starfire Wrestling Coaching Staff, over the years: Jeff Miller, Ron Crider, Steve Tatman, Danny Brotherton, Ryan McCroskey, Eric Hirschy, Craig Hammitt, Jay Stahly, Denny Schwartz, Brian Fox, Herb Bergman, Bob Vickery, Ryan Moore, Jeff Sprunger, Ben Wanner, Josh Kimberlin, Josh Mann, Dustin Ehr, Jackson Werst, Landon Genth, Andy Myers, and of course my close personal friend Coach Eric Myers, who allowed me to come into my own. Thanks Brother. And Last but not Least a Very Special Thank you to all of you Past, Present, and Future members of Starfire Wrestling!
  4. starsaw


    I say we wait to see who comes ready to wrestle..... anyone can be beaten on any day.... So shake your wangs, this pee pee contest is over.
  5. starsaw

    RANKINGS UPDATED 12/12 at 7:20PM

    Batt was up, 4-0
  6. starsaw


    I AGREE! This is what I am tired of?.. I am tired of people bashing all these schools, wrestler?s abilities and their schedules?. Competition is Competition? Some is Better than others yes I know?. But what Many people fail to understand? is that when you have a sport as competitive as wrestling?. Success just doesn?t happen over night?. It takes years! Decades! To build a Program! Small schools have to suffer crappy comments about their schedule, because they can afford to travel or their location?. It takes several years just to change a schedule anyways?. Unless something just opens up?. Union City Coaches I am sure are doing all they can to find more ways to better their kids? as we do here at South Adams? So quit bashing? let them do work, let them take Pride in this sport we all Love. And Indiana Wrestling will all be better in the end.
  7. starsaw

    South Adams at New Castle

    SA won last dual... Went 5-0 on the day... Got 2nd as a team to Mason Ohio... Who also went 5-0 but scored 5 more team points to win the team title..... I dont have many other ind. Results yet...
  8. starsaw

    South Adams at New Castle

    just got word that SA beat Alexandria.... 40 to 27 and SA beat Southwestern 63 to 9.... 4-0 so far....
  9. starsaw

    South Adams at New Castle

    I was unable to attend, do to Army weekend, I have been getting some updates... SA 39, Fishers 37... SA 40, New Castle 27 (Batt pinned Catron, Ehr over Mullins 3-1 and Sprunger over Decker) more to come I am sure....
  10. The Berne Tri Weekly is broadcasting a few of our matches this year. I'm hoping for a solid audience for these broadcast so that wrestling continues to get air time. They will be broadcasting these 2 events SA vs Jay County this Saturday beginning at 11 am SA vs AC next Thursday beginning at 7pm Possibly the ACAC at Woodlan High School Pass this along to anyone who is out of town or would not be able to attend. Thanks! http://www.bernetriweekly.com/webcast
  11. starsaw


    thats a huge 6 points! Wrestling is not just about yourself anymore..... Our sport has grown way past that, when you can do your part... for your team... then it was not for Nothing. It was for Pride, your school, your community, and Indiana Wrestling!
  12. South Adams 42, Garrett 24 At South Adams High School Thursday Dec. 2nd, 2010 285: Travis Carunchia (G) d. Mavrick Moringstar (SA) 3-1 103: Hayden Lee (G) p. Keegan Putterbaugh (SA) 1:10 112: LJ Moser (SA) p. Zach Helton (G) 1:12 119: Eric Pimental (SA) p. August Novy (G) 3:35 125: Todd Batt (SA) p. Conner Foster (G) 3:15 130: Austun McCray (G) d. Shea Pyle (SA) 9-6 135: Brayden Moreau (G) d. Gabe Sprunger (SA) 3-1 140: Charlie Hirschy (SA) d. Logan Lee (G) 6-1 145: Josh E hr (SA) p. Kyle Lanning (G) 3:59 152: Jordan Lanners (SA) p. Gabe Gumion (G) :45 160: Adam Hofstetter (SA) p. Nathan Duesler (G) 2:22 171: Bret Shendel (G) d. Isaac Werst (SA) 3-2 189: Cody Conner (SA) d. Eric McCrumb (G) 10-4 215: Austin Gibson (G) p. Drew Taylor (SA) 1:33
  13. South Adams 61, Heritage 9 At Homestead Super Duals Saturday, November 27, 2010 130: Nick Getz (H) d. Austin Grabau (SA) 12-6 135: Gabe Sprunger (SA) p. Jacob Sitko (H) 1:17 140: Charlie Hirschy (SA) p. Kyle Friemuth (H) 2:16 145: TJ Burnfield (SA) p. Chandler Scott (H) 1:51 152: Josh E hr (SA) p. Owen Strahm (H) 3:23 160: Jordan Landers (SA) p. Sam Reyna (H) 1:31 171: Isaac Werst (SA) p. Nick Schwartz (H) 5:29 189: Cody Conner (SA) md. Joel Saxton (H) 10-1 215: Drew Taylor (SA) p. Ethan McCullough (H) 3:40 285: Josh Mitchell (H) d. Mavrick Morningstar (SA) 6-0 103: Eli Rothenbush (H) d. Simon Sprunger (SA) 5-2 112: LJ Moser (SA) d. Brandon Bennett (H) 6-1 119: Clayton Rhoades (SA) wbf. 125: Todd Batt (SA) wbf. South Adams 48, Fort Wayne Snider 21 At Homestead Super Duals Saturday, November 27, 2010 135: Gabe Sprunger (SA) d. Tony Elkins (S) 11-6 140: Jared Wilson (S) d. Charlie Hirschy (SA) 6-4 145: TJ Burnfield (SA) p. Aaron Bender (S) 1:56 152: Josh E hr (SA) p. KC Corey (S) 2:21 160: Jordan Landers (SA) d. James Sparks (S) 10-9 171: Isaac Werst (SA) p. Brione Morgan (S) 3:43 189: Cody Conner (SA) p. Logan Dan (S) 5:52 215: Zanalynn Booker (S) inj. def. Drew Taylor (SA) 285: Mavrick Morningstar (SA) p. Jeremiah Kelsaw (S) 1:49 103: Luis Marquis (S) p. Simon Sprunger (SA) :15 112: Erique Early (S) d. LJ Moser (SA) 8-6 OT 119: Bobby Humphrey (S) d. Clayton Rhoades (SA) 12-6 125: Todd Batt (SA) p. Mason Melina (S) 5:29 130: Austin Grabau (SA) p. Bryant Harrington (S) 3:44 South Adams 38, Homestead 30 At Homestead Super Duals Saturday, November 27, 2010 140: Josh Kryder (H) d. Charlie Hirschy (SA) 6-5 145: TJ Burnfield (SA) tf. Justin Norris (H) 21-5 152: Josh E hr (SA) p. Branden Baker (H) 3:59 160: Jordan Landers (SA) d. Dale Stroud (H) 11-6 171: Isaac Werst (SA) d. Landen Hughes (H) 1-0 189: Cody Conner (SA) p. Dan Hinen (H) 3:51 215: Aaron Didion (H) p. Nathan Wynn (SA) 1:13 285: Brad Mills (H) p. Mavrick Morningstar (SA) 1:30 103: Andrew Bowman (H) p. Simon Sprunger (SA) :07 112: LJ Moser (SA) p. Brett Luithly (H):57 119: Kody George (H) p. Clayton Rhoades (SA) :55 125: Todd Batt (SA) d. Keelan Rushing (H) 2-0 130: Nolan Appel (H) d. Shea Pyle (SA) 6-0 135: Gabe Sprunger (SA) p. Bailey Miller (H) 1:14 South Adams 66, Marion 12 At Homestead Super Duals Saturday, November 27, 2010 145: TJ Burnfield (SA) p. Anthony Wilhite (M) :15 152: Josh E hr (SA) p. Zach Roper (M) 1:39 160: Jordan Landers (SA) p. Noble Hernandez (M) 1:21 171: Adam Hofstetter (SA) p. Arturo Marin (M) 3:04 189: Isaac Werst (SA) d. Jack Poe (M) 9-3 215: Cody Conner (SA) p. David Harvey (M) 4:23 285: Mavrick Morningstar (SA) p. Deshawn Cox (M) :34 103: Seth Lloyd (M) p. Simon Sprunger (SA) :31 112: LJ Moser (SA) p. Hunter Williams (M) 3:20 119: Kyle Arenas (M) p. Clayton Rhoades (M) 1:41 125: Todd Batt (SA) d. Gabe Flores (M) 10-8 OT 130: Austin Grabau (SA) p. Charlie Koontz (M) 1:27 135: Gabe Sprunger (SA) p. Nick Hernandez (M) :19 140: Charlie Hirschy (SA) p. Xavier Washington (M) 3:44 South Adams 47, Churubusco 23 At Homestead Super Duals Saturday, November 27, 2010 152: Josh E hr (SA) p. Eric Harmon © 3:12 160: Sam Siddons (C ) d. Jordan Landers (SA) 5-3 OT 171: Isaac Werst (SA) d. Brian Richardson (C ) 8-2 189: Braxton Siddons (C ) tf. Cody Conner (SA) 16-0 215: Eric Kuznar (C ) p. Sam Dellinger (SA) 3:00 285: Mavrick Morningstar (SA) p. Gunnar Barahart (C ) 3:32 103: Simon Sprunger (SA) wbf. 112: Shane Shroyer (C ) p. Clayton Rhoades (SA) 1:57 119: LJ Moser (SA) d. Clint Bechtold (C ) 3-2 125: Todd Batt (SA) p. Austin Boggess (C ) 1:39 130: Shea Pyle (SA) p. Brayden Shively (C ) :15 135: Gabe Sprunger (SA) tf. Adam Boggess (C ) 20-4 140: Zack Armstrong (C ) d. Charlie Hirschy (SA) 3-2 145: TJ Burnfield (SA) p. Brandon Wormcastle (C ) 1:04
  14. starsaw

    Homestead Super Duals

    sa 47, busco 23
  15. starsaw

    Homestead Super Duals

    after 4 rounds.... South Adams 61, Heritage 9..... South Adams 48, Snider 21.... South Adams 38, Homestead 30....... South Adams 66, Marion 12....... South Adams wrestles Busco for championship... For best record....

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