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  1. spiralride1

    Ben Askren comments

    AGREE! Great post, thanks for this.
  2. spiralride1

    Disqualification Mystery... state finals

    Thank you, I saw that. I was looking for names.
  3. spiralride1

    Disqualification Mystery... state finals

    I believe I remember sitting around the ol laptop to hear an Ancient Elder story about state finals & DQ's. I think his story told of two wrestlers who were "double-stalled DQ'd" out of their match. I'm not sure if it was a finals match or what have you. TAE, can you clear up the haze I've created?
  4. spiralride1

    Any New SIAC Rankings thoughts?

    No Sims- very interesting, hope he gets healthy soon There should be an allowance (other conferences have 2 lbs)
  5. spiralride1

    toughest conference in the state

    Totally agree!
  6. spiralride1

    toughest conference in the state

    Thank you ruff. I did read the topic and ALL of the replys. I understand CONSECO is a state tournament thats decides the BEST wrestlers and is not a conference tourney. Maybe you could do some quick thinking and realize that the placers at state will tell us what conference is the best. Maybe you could do the math after STATE and calculate which conference has the most placers before you make arrogant and irrelevant posts directed at someone trying to inject a bit of humor on a thread. Thanks.
  7. spiralride1

    Two weeks until Mater Dei Reitz meet

    Sims and Rueger will not be wrestling tonight. They both quit and are going out for basketball. ;D
  8. spiralride1

    toughest conference in the state

    Cupcake Conference Mary of the Woods School for those who can't wrestle Friedmont Forfeits Buickel Byes Two N Out High Get Pinned Academy Just to name a few..... Sorry, I find parody in these "who is the best" threads. How bout we let Conseco decide? Whole lot easier......
  9. spiralride1

    Gateway Duals St Louis MD and Merrillville

    These are NOT JV wrestlers. Those are their varsity kids in at every weight class! They are the same kids who wrestled in and won the MD Holiday Classic. I know MD is notorious for having solid JV guys, but this is not one of those times. Greg Schaefer even commented in the Evansville paper that these are not JV kids. This is their varisty line up. Just a heads up for the rest of our area, these names will not change much. Seng, Riggs, and Bass (abbrv) are TOUGH VARSITY kids who have won wrestle offs and earned their starts.
  10. spiralride1

    toughest semi-state weight classes

    They have shuffled several names from 140-152 Raben, Riggs, Bass, Weinz, just to name a few. They are all SOLID. ANd yes I agree about your JV comment, scary good.
  11. spiralride1

    toughest semi-state weight classes

    Some food for thought.... MD will have a name in this mix. Bassmeier (sp?) beat Bowman and they still have a Weinzapfel lurking in the shadows.
  12. spiralride1

    Rulon Gardner

    Losing your man card for watching Rulon? Losing your man card for supporting one of the greatest faces in US Olympic wrestling? Losing your man card for following a US Olympic gold medalist in his quest to get his life back on track? A cynic?
  13. spiralride1

    Chris Fleeger Technique Vid...Shot by Jon Fitch

    Excellent video. Love the slow mo feature. Really helps you break down the move.
  14. spiralride1

    Harrison 10-Way

    Predictions of Reitz, Memorial, and Union County duals? I see Reitz vs UC as a GREAT matchup! Memorial is not deep enough to hang, but these are your top 3 teams.
  15. spiralride1

    Big 8 Conference Tournament - Dec 11 @ Princeton

    What, no weights, heights, SSN's, or hobbies? Coach Hunter Stevens you are a joke!!!!!!! ;D

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