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  1. So to your point an extra 10 minutes is too far to travel? On a school night too?
  2. Tell City to North Posey 76.4 miles Tell City to Mt. Vernon 70.9 miles
  3. Picks 106- UPSET ALERT: McKinnley PR over Gorman MV, Wilson WAS, Hild JA 113- Dunn PR, Byrd JA, Crissup MV, Graber WA 120- Konrath MV, Hurst JA, Rojas WA 126- Brock JA, Keller MV, Wood MC, Miller VL 132- Bethel MV, WIlson PR, Johnson MC, Terwiske JA (this bracket goes to seed) 138- Koerner WA, Sanders JA, Keller MV, Tromley VL 145- Whoberry, Eckert JA, Smith WA, Fark BO (Eckert could pull the upset here) 152- This one goes to seed too. PR BO JA MV 160- Flip a coin here...VL, BO, MV, PR 170- JA VL MC BO 182- This one goes to seed as well...BO, JA, MV, MC 195- Dellion VL, Songer J
  4. 106- Anakin CA dominates here 113- Luigs MD, Willis CE could see a challenge for 2nd 120- Egli MD Matherly NO...if Ferg is really done. Ferg pins out if he is here 126- Johnson MD Burke NO 132- Lee...................................................then the field. Brown CA or Elpers NO 138- Lee MD Dixon RE Ramsey CA Wargel ME (2-4...roll the dice on these guys...could end up any which way) 145- Jourdan MD Schnell CA .... McCormick CE (top two are head & shoulders above the rest) 152- Kemper CE Williams ME (I like Williams as a dark horse) Lehman MD (odd man out in MD line up...kind o
  5. I saw Memorial's results on the dual results page...anybody else?? Individual results?? Heard Dixon (RE) beat Wargel (ME) in a slugfest... Any other notables?
  6. Stalling technique? Like when he scored 11 points in his Ticket round match vs a previous year's state qualifier? What techniques are these??
  7. In the last seven years(same years Hinkle was at Purdue, Indiana has had seven All-Americans. That is one per year. While this isn't great, it is better than Purdue has done. But Hinkle did have a 4-2 DUAL record vs. IU. He made decent dual meet teams...just not top end individuals.
  8. False. Kids still quit over that. There names just don't end up on a list. Interesting to see Nick Lee's name so far down on the list when he is light years ahead of the competition now. Makes a great case (for coaches) that you never know who will make it and who it will "click" with.
  9. Just would like to give kudos to this guy doing the rankings. To only have 8 guys eliminated in all of the weight class come semi state time means he has his rankings pretty dead on. Thanks for all of your hard work. I for one think you did a helluva job!
  10. Just looking for clarification here. NOT complaining...trying to learn the system... How can a team win all heir first round matches and gain no points? Also, Princeton for example will LOSE points if their wrestler wins round one. How do you LOSE points for winning? Why is there such a huge difference in the amount if possible points for the top 3 teams? Memorial 40, Mt. Vernon 12, Yorktown 131. What gives?
  11. Don't you think it was the coach's decision to bump him to 113? Also, Central had the opportunity to bump Kemper to face Rickenbaugh (HH) at Turkey Classic...does that mean you have no cajones Coach Williams? I don't hear anyone bashing Central for not moving him up.
  12. I advocate win like you've been there before. But heck..it's state...I wanna see a back flip. *Before they dropped wrestling* Are we telling Americans not to run around with the American flag drapped over their shoulders? They've worked hard, they've earned it, let'em celebrate!!
  13. When will we know if a school moves up or down? Fall/August? Thanks for all the hard work.
  14. Good call on the Jumbo Tron! Add that to the list. Great addition!
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