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  1. Dtaylor

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    And also if you have a very unsuccessful school do they in fact get to move down to try to build?
  2. Dtaylor

    “Automatic” State Champs

    Don't think Davison is as much a lock as any?
  3. Dtaylor

    Girls state

    Is there a stream anywhere for girls state tonight?
  4. Dtaylor


    I guess this last one confused me? When wrestling out of state tournaments in season that doesn't count towards your record? Just the weigh in counts?
  5. Dtaylor

    Rumble in The Region II

    I have a question you have the dates listed as Saturday October 21st, 630-730 am and Saturday October 22nd 830-930 is that a typo or are high schoolers wrestling Sunday?
  6. Dtaylor

    Pre-season Mag...

    Well David Taylor from Michigan City's dad but yeah
  7. Dtaylor

    Pre-season Mag...

    How does one receive this magazine?

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