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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows who all made the teams this year? Thanks
  2. Sutton doesn't have a real easy match first round.
  3. When is the tournament if you make the team? Thanks
  4. Will this be updated on track? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Blake Maurer had a lot of takedowns!
  6. My son just realized he didn't bring home his medal Saturday from ISWA state. Its a first place medal. Thanks for any help
  7. Just curious who made the teams for this year?
  8. Any idea when brackets will be released?
  9. Seems like there was a pretty big episode after a loss at the Cental Sectional last year too!
  10. pupp44


    Can someone tell me how to look up wrestler list and brackets for Tulsa? Since it's not on Track I'm not sure how to follow it. Thanks for any help
  11. I seen this on track. I was wondering if anyone had any info on it. Is it hosted by Mater Dei? Thanks for any info
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