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  1. LOL, call me slimy. I'm betting for him.
  2. I'd be happy to take odds. I'll give you the Indiana field and three years (well 2 and half) to come up with a one point loss or a win.
  3. While that might be true, there are problems and then there are PROBLEMS.
  4. gsmith58


    Luke Goodwin
  5. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Providence

  6. Southport
  7. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Scottsburg

  8. Southport
  9. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Milan

  10. Southport
  11. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Columbus East

  12. Southport
  13. He definitely has a few tosses in his bag of tricks.
  14. Thanks for the update. I saw the scoring and figured as much. As I recall from a couple of years back, Egli was lighting quick and a pretty talented wrestler. I would have thought Egli could hang around and keep it close, but I wouldn't have dreamed he could put Hammack on his back. It must have been a heck of an effort. The other thing I have observed over watching Hammack after a loss you don't want to be the next one in his path.
  15. If Hammack is a decent sized 106, he's one of the best in the state. There are a lots of wrestlers in the rankings that he has lit up over the years through youth and middle school.
  16. Depending on Hammack's size at 106, I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a run. I think he is under the radar.
  17. I would note there is a distinction between club/ISWA & academy/ISWA routes. Clubs are good for beginners and those wanting to get their son or daughters feet wet. Most clubs are seasonal, often running between October to May at the latest (assuming they wrestle the ISWA freestyle season). That said, the top high schools may have feeder programs going on year round (more like academies). They are the most cost effective and depending on the coach and club very good. Good clubs will produce very good wrestlers. Academies run year round 3 to 4 days a week and cost around $80-$100/month. That doesn't mean athletes have to go year round, only that they are available. Some wrestlers take few months off or reduce the number of days they attend during baseball &/or football seasons. Wrestlers in those rooms range from beginner to High State champion. The rooms are focused and serious, but that isn't to say they aren't fun. There are lots of little guys just starting. If you decide that route and given your distance parameters, I would second julia2009's recommendation on CIA. They produce top notch wrestlers at all levels. At every step from starting through High School you can see the distinction between beginner, elementary club/ISWA, starting at middle school & academy/ISWA before they ever step on the mat.
  18. Conner Alcala (Decatur Central) 17-0 over #11 Sam Slivka (Roncalli) 14-1 (Dec 10-4)
  19. No, I'm not challenging or even remotely criticizing the rankings. It's certainly feasible that Fisher &/or Franklin Central would beat us in a dual, but they might not. What I have is what you see at the top of this post. I am sure there are defensible positions as to why Fishers and Franklin Central were ranked and we weren't. I'm just pointing out what I see, nothing more, nothing less. For all I know there are many deserving teams that should be considered above us (or above Fishers and Franklin Central). The rankers do a great job, and I certainly understand you can't please everyone (sometimes anyone). This was not intended as a criticism of the rankers. What I do know is where there is a lot of noise signal can go unseen.
  20. I take your point and I agree in principle. However, that really only works if the ranking are quantifiable and objective measures; they aren't always. By what measures did Fishers and Franklin Central get ranked ahead of Southport? We've never wrestled them in a dual. There is a level of subjectivity involved and that's the fun. And for what it's worth, we received the trophy at New Castle, so someone used some type of criteria to award it to us over them. Just say'n 😉 Besides, I'm simply trying to get some visibility and to have folks take into consideration new information. It's about reducing uncertainty, not expecting certainty.
  21. H!. I wish we could, but we have county, and the coach isn't particular inclined to my suggestions I know a number of the wrestlers on Fisher, they're good kids. I didn't and don't want my post to be misconstrued as maligning their accomplishments. I definitely root for your 106 through 126 whenever I can (except, of course, against our kids). Hey, they're all CIA alums.
  22. Hey, you know you're doing alright when Franklin Community's Social Media Representative gives you a like 🙂 I owe you one.
  23. Okay, let me start off with four premises: 1) I'm a homer for Southport, 2) I'm not the person who posted about love for Southport & Franklin Central (but good for them), 3) I am fully aware Southport is not in Perry's constellation (or Brownsburg, MD, Warren, Roncalli, Franklin Community, etc), 4) And most importantly, I do not want to start a flame war. That said, I noticed that Fishers and Franklin Central made the overall ranking at 19 and 20 (Fishers beat Franklin Central 35-32). And again, good for them. But, I want to point out that against common opponents at last weekend's New Castle Duals, Southport was the better of the two. Perhaps they were missing some wrestlers, but nevertheless the scores below might be instructive. I'm not trying to take anything away from Fishers or Franklin Central, but just asking for a measly point or two of consideration for Southport.
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