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  1. HSE Junior - Alec Jessop is fastly becoming one of the best LB in the state. Can't wait to see him on the mat come November.
  2. Just FYI, "120: Hudkins (Evv)" is registered at 126 for Super 32 & "126: Bailey (NC)" is registered at 120.
  3. Who's we? Several people are talking NCAA and/or freestyles, which goes to the Sr. Division. The topic is titled "Chad Red Indian's best ever?" So that's what I was taking about, "Best Ever". If we're taking High school only, it would be hard to vote against Chad. That is given he wins State this year. I mean none of the others listed had anything like "Who's #1" on their Resume. I still say he has work to do....on his celebration dance !!!
  4. Chad is a great wrestler along with the others listed, but I don't think any have the body of work Reece Humphrey does. Has Chad ever had to beat an Andrew Howe in the State finals? Only time will tell. Chad has all the tools to eclipse everyone. But again only time will tell... On a side note, Chad's celebration dance need work...He might want to checkout some of Reese's...
  5. Too soon...I'm still hurting!!! IMG_1983.JPG ( Sorry I can't get the "crying baby cardinal fan" picture to post )
  6. I really like the second one, if it had their actual pictures and not animated caricatures.
  7. Not counting Dual tournaments, HSE has 6. Dec 1, 2015 at Avon High School 6:30 PM Dec 9, 2015 at Zionsville High School 6:30 PM Dec 15, 2015 vs. Noblesville High School 6:30 PM Jan 6, 2016 vs. Fishers High School 6:30 PM Jan 13, 2016 at Center Grove High School 6:00 PM Jan 20, 2016 vs. Carmel High School 6:30 PM
  8. You are %100 correct, Mills and Miranda didn't wrestle at SS. At SS Rooks beat Mills in the semis & Miranda in the final. It was at regionals that Mills beat Miranda.
  9. Yeah, I believe he was sick with the flu, if memory serves. If he would have been able to go, that 106 bracket would have been very interesting. He would have had Ty Mill (who he beat twice during the season but lost to at SS) in the semifinals, just to turnaround and face Klayton Anderson who beat Ty in the HCC finales. All 3 are so much fun to watch!!!
  10. 9 Returning Champions Klayton Anderson (10) HSE Austin Holmes (12) HSE Blake Mulkey (10) Brownsburg Kody Wagner (10) Zionsville Brayton Lee (10) Brownsburg Nathan Walton (10) Brownsburg Scott Fuller (12) Zionsville Gunnar Larson (11) Avon Brett Henson (11) Avon
  11. Since the "HOOSIER CROSSROADS CONFERENCE" has not updated the wrestling portion of their websight. Does anyone know how many returning HCC champion we have?
  12. HOOSIER CROSSROADS CONFERENCE - Avon - Brownsburg - Fishers - HSE - Nobelsville - Westfield - Zionsville
  13. I know there's been lots of weight changes (as usual) & some school changes. Any Teams or individuals predictions for New Castle SS???
  14. I have a Taser, will that work? Lol... In all seriousness I dont belive he whould have been made it as far as he did with out his father. Even though I dont agree with all of Mr. Kolat's training (abuse) techniques, Cary said his father always made him feel like he was unbeatable.
  15. Like them or not Flo is doing a great job with these documentaries!!! The Humphery doc. was very good but the one on Kolat takes it to a new level. These documentaries are a must see for all aspiring wrestler. Wheather you agree with their tactics and techniques or not these are Americas best!!! If a wrestler is aspiring to reach the top of the wrestling world, they need to know what it takes to get there. These documentaries show what our greats had to do to reach the top!!! VERY INSPIRING...
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