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  1. I guess Heads Up Football is the scam I thought it was. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2016/07/27/report-nfl-usa-football-trumpeted-false-data-about-protecting-kids-from-concussions-and-injuries/
  2. Just curious and jealous - how do you fund that? Are these guys unpaid, paid by the club, or school funded? Are they teachers or "outside" coaches? Whatever it is, it is super impressive.
  3. Can you give a typical schedule for the RTC? Is it just warm up, work a little on technique from guest, then wrestle live? What is the typical end time? Was also wondering what the numbers would be in the 95 - 110 lb range? Thank you
  4. I like the sitting out a year to not lose a year of eligibility take on this. May be over thinking that one.
  5. Strongly consider having your middle school wear fight shorts and compression shirts instead of singlets and spend the money to make them something they want to wear. We saw our numbers increase by approximately 20% just by changing the uniform. Also have the uniforms ready before the season starts so your returning wrestlers can have them to wear and show off - tell them to wear them to PE and around school. If you can get a teacher on staff who can recruit during PE class pre-season, that helps a lot also. I highly recommend Wrestling Addix, but plan well in advance to make sure you have it early. Most kids will buy their own shorts and shirts to keep if they are nice. If you can afford an initial investement and then sell to the kids who want to buy at cost, you should come close to getting your money back.
  6. Was reading through Joe McFarland's bio for some reason and ran across this: Formerly the head wrestling coach at Indiana University (1990-92), McFarland produced one of the most impressive first-year improvements in Big Ten Conference history when he guided the Hoosiers to a perfect 14-0 dual meet record in 1989-90, the program's first undefeated season since 1946. IU placed eighth at the NCAA Championships that season and claimed runner-up honors at the Big Ten Championships. Indiana was also the only unbeaten team in NCAA Division I in 1989-90 and reached the No. 5 national ranking in the final dual-meet listing by Amateur Wrestling News. McFarland produced three All-Americans and three Big Ten champions and was named the 1990 Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year. I don't remember that for some reason and was shocked to see that was even possible. I don't recall IU being that good ever. Two questions - did McFarland just walk into a can't miss opportunity and how did IU let him get away after that?
  7. I can't stop wondering what was going on at the high school practices that would be so hard on his body. Was he wrestling kids who were too large? Who does he practice with daily now and how would they be different than the kids who were on his team as far as damaging his body? Or does he even practice daily or just show up and wrestle national tournaments? I would have bent over backward to keep him on the team - You only want to practice 2 days a week? No problem. Maybe there are good answers to those questions, but I think they will linger until more is known.
  8. I don't know, I think he said he won the Jr. Olympics in his second year of wrestling. I think he might have been ok without the abuse.
  9. I wasn't saying I didn't like them. They are all very good and this one does go deeper than others. However, compare it to series they did on Reece. Reece's father was an Olympic coach but never pushed him into the sport and never even told Reece he wrestled until his son was in junior high. Then look at how Kolat was abused as a child by a father who never wrestled. Both wrestled for the US in the world championships. Was Kolat better - yes. Was it worth it - no. As a father it makes me sick to see how Kolat was treated in Episode 1, it was still a good show. My concern is that younger kids or some parents will watch it and miss the point. I see a FEW parents at most youth tournaments who I could envision taking the wrong thing away from it.
  10. Anyone else watch the Kolat video part 1 on Flowrestling and just come away thinking "I hope no kids or parents think that was a good idea." I know its not their job to spell it out for people, but what his dad was doing to him was horrible. Kolat says a couple times "that was the worst thing I could have done" by just writing down his goals as an 8 year old, but I am afraid people will skip by that and think that's how you make a champion. I see the comments on there saying how much it motivated people to go work out and think they are missing the point.
  11. Obviously this is none of anyone's business but if you care to answer this, great. What are the benefits of the new school and what were the main reason's for the decision? It is just rare to see kids with an opportunity to win a state championship choose not to for any reason. If it is for an academic reason that he hopes to pursue, that is great to see him put everything in perspective and have the guts to pick a different path.
  12. Flo wrestling podcast really talks up Purdue's program after Griffin Parriot calls in to announce his decision to commit there. He mentions a couple other big names will sign with Purdue. Shawn Streck is mentioned as a possible future Boiler. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251957-Flowrestling-Radio-Live/article/32360-Flo-Radio-Archive-Griffin-Parriott-Announces-College-Decision#.VZ498M9VhBc
  13. There is a 50 minute interview with Reece on Short Time Wrestling Podcast this week. Talks a little about Indiana wrestling and mentions quite a few names of former Indiana greats. Definately worth the time to listen.
  14. Here's how I could be pursuaded to think this might work. First, every freestyle tournament must require the kids to wrestle greco also. If that works, then the format should go to 4 periods in high school. 1st period greco, 2nd period freestyle, then 3 and 4th period we go to the coin flip and choice of top or bottom.
  15. Just a couple scenarios/questions. You coach at a school where half the kids start wrestling in middle school or high school. While freestyle may be easier to teach, do you want a kid who is just starting wrestling to compete against a state level wrestler in free-style or folkstyle? I am sure they will take their lumps in either style, but folkstyle just seems safer and less likely to get someone hurt or parents scared to death. This is also why I think free style is for the elite kids because they know what to expect and how defend themselves better than a kid off the street. If the idea is to wrestle multiple styles, how easy is that to teach a new kid? Ok, now you can lock your hands except the next match it will be a penalty. Now you should lay on your stomach on bottom and just try not to get turned, and on Tuesday you need to try to escape. Not to even mention greco. I still don't think parents and kids would understand it. One of the reasons I saw listed a lot when Olympic wrestling was almost lost was that people didn't understand the rules. This would be rampant with multiple styles.
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