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  1. Or let selective choosing of data get in the way of your opinion. Folkstyle State 2017 SB 98 - 35 SB 105 - 35 SB 190-265 (3 weights) - 12 CA 100 - 14 CA 106 - 31 CA 113 - 34 CA 220 - 7 CA 285 - 17
  2. That is an absolutely valid point, but i would counter that fans dont have an expectation of equal level of quality for that last match thus its easier for them to leave. If it was the 126, 160 or 170 final i bet more folks would find a reason to stay, and although great match ups those arent Red vs Lee. Fans also understand that 220 and hwt have to lowest participation levels of all weights as it relates to off season practice and competition. This is reflected in the quality of the product on display, and fans know it.
  3. It's not a bad plan, but as opposed to pushing an idea that revamps the entire tournament structure, why not focus on fixing the semi state and state with minor changes? It's difficult for me to imagine the IHSAA biting on this and it fails to address state placing which in my eyes is one of the two biggest problems the tourney faces. Finally the consumers will stay if the product is compelling. The aren't walking out on the best match they are leaving when experience tells them the product doesn't warrant staying. The more hwts we develop with full skill sets (or even just expanded
  4. Any word on Berne Sports doing a broadcast again? That was great the last few years.
  5. The same stuff happened 25 years ago. The whole, "we were tougher back when" gets tiresome. Maybe this is one of the reasons kids quit, they get told how soft they are constantly by these glory dayers.
  6. Thorn only threatened once in the first. All Lee all day. That was impressive!
  7. Football and hwt both encourage massive weight gain (looks good in game programs and recruiting, and at weigh ins) The vast majority of HS boys are incapable of putting on more than 10 of muscle mass in a given offseason. Yet many kids gain 25-50 lbs in an offseason in preparation for football. Is that healthy?
  8. Is this like a landscaper watching grass grow, or a painter watching paint dry. I'm certain they are seeing things im not, but at the end of the day im still not watching.
  9. If i want nuance i'll watch a French art film, but when i go to a wrestling meet i prefer to see wrestling rather than pushing and the nuances of drawing stall calls.
  10. It was good on the high end last year(and will be this year too) but depth is lacking.
  11. Upper level suites are 3500 lowers are 5500. Unless you put a deposit down and have your name on the waiting list getting one at this point will be difficult.
  12. Having less than 7 qualifiers means you are a below average sectional. I get wanting to defend your sectional. There are a few really good wrestlers at Tri but overall depth clearly places this as a bottom half sectional.
  13. Imagine how weak some sectionals would be when divided by 3?
  14. I can see your last point, but still prefer the last weights (MI uses). I disagree that it should be more difficult to get your own body weight off of you unless you are conceding upper weights are less strong relative to their body weight. A 106 might only be able to bench press 110 but a 220 should put up 240, (given other equal strength ratios) thus giving him equal ability to get off his back. When we see this doesn't play out is typically when the strength doesnt match. Lineman have an entirely different function on the football field, than say skill players. Hwts have the same
  15. You bringing up Snyder only feeds my point. He is 215 as you point out (like Samuels ) and he wrestles Hwt. Without Snyder and some of the smaller guys who would more naturally fall at 220 the Hwt division in the NCAA would pretty shallow. Davison is no joke so your point there has some validity. I still think Lee could pin him but it's possible he's held to majors in some of the matches with the right amount of stalling.
  16. If Larson and Pokorney are wrestling 220 in HS this year you have a point, but since neither are, ill stick by my statement.
  17. I agree with that to an extent, but for every Samuels vs Clark there are 1,000 push and slap fests. There has been some good wrestling in both the upper weights, but the point was made that 220 was more valuable than 106 and 113 to HS wrestling. I was simply pointing out that it wasn't more valuable or more skilled or even more competive than the lower weights that are often derided as MS weights.
  18. Joe Lee would pin or TF every 220 not named Mason Parris, and he is 165. I understand Lee is special, but Fattore, Brewer, Mappes, and a number of really good 152-170 would beat all the 220s in the rankings stay for a couple. EC semistate has 2 really good Hwts, but beyond that we dont have much, and consistently lack depth at hwt and 220. Getting rid of 220 doesnt make Mason Parris sit, it just makes Hwt a more talented weight class that would be on par with the quality of more competitive weight classes. Getting rid of 106 and 113 does make kids sit and completely sabotages one of
  19. Bad idea. I have seen a lot of quality wrestling at 106 & 113 in every region of the state. Can't say that for Hwt and 225, in fact ive observed mostly ms quality wrestling from these groups. We'd rather have David Taylor and Logan Steiber sit so we can watch large unskilled wrestlers push each other towards the out of bounds line for 3 periods? If anything eliminate 225 for another middleweight.
  20. Hook and a half is my favorite. Awesome previews and history. My mom's favorite is Team Garcia. "He seems like such a nice guy" she said. (Far too many hastags for my taste though) I would also throw out. Maligned Decbell
  21. Smells like limburger from here. Lol
  22. Can you recommend a good cheese to go with the county whine?
  23. It appears to be a sizing issue. I noticed one team that had great looking new 2 pieces and all but a few were horribly ill fit. I think the coach let the kids pick and they went a size bigger than they should have. Shorts seem to be the biggest problem, with lots of variance between fight shorts and compression style. For the most part the ones ive seen work with no real issues. There will always be problems that arise with innovation but i think the rule has been good. Im hopeful the impact continues to grow as more and more teams are able to purchase new uniforms.
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