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  1. 1prouddad, I’m sure your son or sons have never wrestled under the lights. It is bigger than a dual meet. CJ will give Nick all he wants the next time they wrestle.
  2. I bet Ragle will have a loss after this weekend. He shouldn’t be the number 1 seed.
  3. White was injured with a knee to the head in the Harrington match. Was not the same wrestler the last 3 matches. Showed he was the best in the state the next week. Is improving everyday at Purdue. Some coaches and wrestlers saw that in person at University of Indy.
  4. The New Palestine Elementary Dual Team is hosting a dual meet tournament on Sunday December 22, 2013. The entry fee is $250.00 or swap on meets. Yorktown has already committed. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at kwhite511@att.net. Thanks Kevin White 317-498-4297
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