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  1. The first school is exceptionally strong academically but they only have the basic science degrees, Bio., Chem., etc and he hopes to carry on to grad and possible PHD in a specific healthcare field. The second school is about the same size, is still a strong academic school, maybe not as highly regarded as the first, but it has significantly more choices for the specific degree paths he hopes to make a career in. This is where the choice gets hard. He could choose to just take Bio. at the first and it would satisfy the pre-req’s needed for the specific grad school path, but not sure if he
  2. So you have large scholarship and grant offers from two schools. Both schools will cost about the same after scholarships. One school is a top five ranked wrestling schools in their division but has few choices academically in fact none of the degree paths you hope to study except in a very general way but they are a very strong academic school. The other has a wrestling program that is not very strong but has been getting better and has the exact degree you want to study. Which do you choose.
  3. I think you have to wrestle at ISWA state to be on the team trip to Iowa.
  4. I was hoping Purdue would still have an RTC with their new coaching staff.
  5. Armuth vs. Swank 152 Merrillville
  6. I see a few differences from the sectional brackets to the rankings. Are you going to update the rankings with the individual records as has been done in past years? It's always cool to see how the final rankings and stats match up.
  7. The HC Sports Daily usually has good coverage for the Hamilton County area. Unfortunately some coaches don't know how to take their lumps with a young and inexperienced team and badmouth them in interviews. I think some parents should be asking for an apology. http://hcsportsdaily.com/main.asp?SectionID=6&SubSectionID=46&ArticleID=43529
  8. Surprised to see that the RTC's at Warren and LN are no longer available. Sure there are sites south and far west Indy but not easy to get to with rush hour traffic. What happened?
  9. I don't think the are as close as you may think at 126. Chastain handled Mantel with ease at conference Saturday.
  10. I hope everyone is clear on this subject. Coach told my son's team the allowance will not start until Monday 01/06 so it will not apply for the tournament they are going to this Friday 01/03. ???
  11. What teams are at this event on Friday and is it an individual or dual tournament?
  12. [table] Noblesville48Fort Wayne Wayne23 Noblesville21Zionsville42 Noblesville39Pike32 Noblesville38McCutcheon21 Noblesville60Lapel6 Noblesville[/td]No Team NoblesvilleNo Team NoblesvilleNo Team NoblesvilleNo Team NoblesvilleNo Team [/table]
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