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  1. Congratulations to Indiana Pride Academy Coach Nick Hull on being the 2014 USAW National Developmental Coach of the Year...... Thats a major award for such a great coach. Its been awesome seeing you take your vision to start something out of nothing turn that nothing into one of the best academy's around and produce champions. Keep up the outstanding hard work you put into Indiana wrestling as a whole. Knowing you the way I do you wont never settle you'll keep digging and working even after Indiana wrestling is on top.
  2. Dave was an awesome man...... He touched the hearts of so many and gave so much too so many. The man was a fighter to the end. God bless his family. Dave you was Great & I'm proud to say you was one of my hero's....
  3. I can assure you a lot of kids hope he does not move back to a Indiana school..... The kid is a BEAST......
  4. How about a Coach like Tonte his resume has to be pretty appealing 3x state champ 3x Disney Duals champ. Why not get a shot at the next level. He took a program with nothing and turned it into one of the top in the country.
  5. Wabash did a great job with the scholastic duals be a great place. This maybe totally off but just an ideal. What about a airporbuildingsnger out at the IMaybeianapolis airport they have some very big nice buildings out there. Maybe that could be a option.
  6. They should have went after Cary Kolat...
  7. Just a note these singlets can also be made without the PM on them if you want to support the cause but dont want the Perry PM on your singlet. Help support the cause do Dave is a great guy who loves our sport...
  8. In a match where either wrestler made one mistake the other would score Red raised to another level . Nick Lee is a machine you make 1small mistake he will pin you. The best thing about this kid he is so humble. Mark Hall is from a different planet hes that great. Bobby Stevenson is like the incredible hulk. He can slam you through the gym floor under the mat and likes too. I have to give Franklin props had 1 kid in this event and seemed like a third of Franklin was there to support him thats awesome. Wabash did a great job hosting this event. Everything was 1st class kept very clean and well ran.
  9. I agree Red looked the best I've ever seen him. He got slammed very hard in against a very tough kid. He quickly regained himself and wrestled like a champion. In
  10. Pimp University wants you offering you a full ride..... Player
  11. HAYSKY

    Shane Perky

    Shane Perky assistant coach for Indiana Pride Academy will be fighting at 8 Seconds April 5th. He will be fighting out of IBG & Indiana Prides stable. He was a state placer from Jimtown and a 4 time All American at U of I. Come out and cheer on one of the Indiana wrestling guys who still has a love for the sport and wants to give something back to the sport.....
  12. Spring break..... The room was great. Awesome to see so many studs banging on a vacation lol
  13. Now thats impressive the future looks bright... Going to be fun to see Perry and Avon battle it out for years.
  14. Theres a new Thornton Strong singlet being made to help raise $ to help support Daves battle. The singlets are $75.00 there will be a flyer with a picture of it at state. Make checks to PMWC lets help raise some $$$$$ to help Dave & his family and add a great looking singlet to your collection for a good reason.............. Link for the singlets https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99kk8BWi5ZUZ21zZ1piVTVJQnkweWhrQ3l1b2dmRno1Yjd3/edit?usp=sharing
  15. This tournament is right here in Indiana... Why not have 10-12-16 TOUGH Indiana teams to show other states that we taking wrestling serious... Now there does need to be some kind of balance to put good tough kids on these teams. Maybe that's saying they have to be a semi-state qualifier to be able to be on a team that keeps a kid from getting on a team and getting hammered by a stud. Why not give as many Indiana kids the chance to get better & wrestler other kids from out of state? How many Indiana kids get to go out of state & wrestle? These kids are coming to our backyard & we telling our kids only 4 kids at each weight can play that's not right. Besides the teams have to pay a good chunk of $ to get in & your turning teams away.........
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