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  1. I know I am a broken record with this topic, but Gil Journey (Perry Meridian) was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd.
  2. I'm pretty sure Greg Schaefer was state champion at 119 pounds in 1997 or 1998 (he won against Shaun Richardson of Perry Meridian). Impressive list.
  3. I think Gelen wrestled Donte in the offseason before Donte's senior year and I think Donte won that one. Donte was very tough to score on.
  4. The match between Wes and Donte would be another UTB...whoever has choice gets the win.
  5. Perry Meridian: 1) Nathan Moore : 2-time champ, Fargo National champ, 1-time qualifier 2) Cody Lecount : 2-time champ, 2nd 3) Jared McKinley : 2-time champ, 4th, Q 4) Chico Adams : 2-time champ, 8th 5) Nick Walpole : champ, 2-time 3rd, DII National champ HM: Frank Hammond : Champ, 2nd Gil Journey : 2nd, 2nd, 3rd
  6. You would be correct that we do not recruit or cheat. Jim Schoettle has constructed an alternate history of events that simply never happened. He says he doesn't want to use the kids names but the truth is there is nothing to tell. Nothing will be exposed because there is nothing to expose.
  7. I just talked to Matt at lunch and he said he has no idea what you are talking about.
  8. So now you are taking a personal shot at my intelligence? I changed the font size on your quote, but your embedded font size for your S was smaller. It wasn't meant as a slight to you. You say I am not being civil. Pot meet kettle.
  9. This post is seething with arrogance. And you are a liar about Perry recruiting and cheating.
  10. Jim, read your post. It is seething with inaccuracies and nonsense. As a professional educator, I learn new things all of the time. If you come up with something to teach me, I'll be happy to listen. Waiting patiently.
  11. look back a few posts when you mentioned BG, LN, Elwood, FC...did you have another BG in mind other than Beech Grove? Which of our titles would we not have won, but for move in?
  12. First, you never asked me not to mention names and even if you did, I am a grown man and don't need to take directions from you. As for needing to elaborate, yes you need to elaborate. You get on this board and make veiled accusations about a program I have devoted 21 years to, with no specifics and, dare I say, no proof. You say we are not a clean program. Don't mince words...spit it out. What are you accusing us of? I am also still curious where you get this claim of my being arrogant. If you say bragging about the titles, I will once again say I only brought that up when another post hinted that we could not compete with the big dogs. Air the dirty laundry, if you can find any.
  13. I don't remember anyone saying anything about Riley coming here. I guess it became an issue when he became a state champion here. Cody is a Perry Meridian kid...he wrestled in our middle school. I think you may have the Center Grove moves going the wrong direction: it has been our kids going there...as for Corny, he lived in Perry Township last year and only wrestled at FC due to a personal issue and his success was only realized after he came here. As for Brandon, his family made a choice to send him here. Three years ago, only Cody was varsity (of the wrestlers mentioned). That is a pretty thinly stacked deck with 0 move ins. Two years ago only Cody and Brandon were varsity. Kids like Cottey, Kenny, Bova, McKinley, Masengale, 2 Coopers, Tasseff, Winfield, Johnson...all Perry guys...thats where we won those titles...last year we added Riley, who did win it all, but still Cottey was 5th, Bova 7th, Masengale 2nd, Lecount and Winfield both champions with our dreaded move in James finishing 5th. You say we stacked the deck, implying something nefarious. I say we made a state championship team just that much stronger. To summarize, the title in 2011 was all PM kids. The title in 2012 was won with Brandon's help. The title in 2013 was won with Riley and Brandon's help. I contend we would have won these titles without move ins...it was more fun winning with them. This team, this program has been built thorugh hard work and countless weekends competing and coaches there every step of the way. If others come here of their own volition, we can't stop it. But it is not part of some illegal or unethical plan.
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