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What determines your semi-state?

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Just remember SS is not split up by each schools location, but rather by the regionals proximity to the SS locations. It’s not a perfect system but things tend to get strung out when schools are clustered or spread out in different areas across the state to start with.  Then someone has to arrange those schools into somewhat even sectionals.  Then two sectionals have to be put together for a regional.  Regionals are where we sometimes see the crazy gerrymandered looking school location maps.  But it helps to realize it’s based on sectional groups not the schools starting location.  Then you have to clump four regionals together that are located the closest each semi-state.  In a perfect world you would have sectional, regionals and semi-state evenly sepereted around the state but state population, school districts, and school with wrestling teams are not set up evenly across the state to start with. 

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