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      Bulldog Breakdown: Key Pieces Help Elevate Brownsburg Wrestling Under Snyder

      By Anna Kayser
      If you’ve been an unfamiliar passerby in the town of Brownsburg, Ind. over the past seven years, one of the first things that might catch your eye are the purple street signs – deep purple markers adorned with a bulldog, two on each corner if you’re lucky.
      At least, that’s what I noticed as I drove through the small – but not too small – suburb of Indianapolis en route to the fourth official practice of the 2022-23 IHSAA wrestling season, with no prior knowledge other than what was scribbled on the notepad next to me.
      One thing I hadn’t taken note of prior to passing the “Welcome to Brownsburg” sign on Highway 139, and something that might give any other small-town Midwesterner the same familiar wave of recognition: The residents of this town about 30 minutes northwest of downtown Indy live and breathe Brownsburg High School athletics.
      The 2021-22 Brownsburg wrestling team was nothing to snub at. The Bulldogs went 18-1 in duals and extended their program-record streak to eight consecutive Hoosier Crossroads Conference championships. Jake Hockaday led the lineup with the first state title by a freshman in school history, continuing Brownsburg’s reign of crowning one champion each year since 2016. More on him later – I promise.
      But that was last year, and while the result is indicative of the journey to get to where they are now, it’s not the full story. What better place to begin than at the beginning – when the Bulldog wrestling program transitioned from a bottom-of-the-barrel finish to an HCC Championship in two years, to an IHSAA State Championship in four.
      “Regardless of what it is, I have high expectations,” Brownsburg Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Jim Snapp said. “My experience has been if you want to have a state contending team, you [hire a coach] who has done it before.”
      After beginning his head coaching career at Mishawaka High School – a time in which he led the program to three consecutive top-two finishes and a pair of championships in 2008 and 2010 – Darrick Snyder found himself as the subject of a coaching inquiry almost 150 miles dead south of the place where he was a Northern Indiana Conference champion and state place winner.
      From Snyder’s point of view, there were a number of perks to coming to Brownsburg. And when his wife asked him about the wrestling team’s recent lack of success, he saw the potential to upgrade the team to something special.
      “Yeah – but there’s no reason [for that lack of success],” he said. “All the pieces are there.”
      Immediately, things began to shift. During Snyder’s first two seasons, the Bulldog program went 36-12 in duals and was crowned 2015 HCC Champions. Of course, that success comes not entirely from the corner but from the center of the mat itself – it’s a combination of what happens behind the scenes and the performances under the spotlight.
      That first piece of the puzzle, the one that is encapsulated in the public eye each time the mats are rolled out: The athletes.
      The success of that 2015 team was boasted by a pair of wrestlers that took center stage on the IHSAA State podium come February – Ty Mills (106), Brownsburg’s first finalist since Mark Meunier’s title in 1977, and Nathan Walton (170). As four-year place winners at the state tournament, they were two of four key athletes named by Snapp as being difference-makers in raising the heights of the program.
      None was more instrumental under Snyder’s tutelage, however, than All-American and two-time NCAA Division I Championships qualifier Brayton Lee, Minnesota’s current starting 157-pounder. A leader that, without Snyder’s drive to create a pipeline from younger levels into a high school program the town could be proud of, might never have donned the purple Bulldog in the first place.
      “[My family] knew that [Snyder] was a good coach and had a lot of success, but we weren’t that familiar with him,” Lee said. “We went to Brownsburg for a high school tournament to meet up with him when I was in middle school, and we just talked. He was just supportive and said that he would help me to become the best wrestler I can possibly be. We were really excited about Snyder, he pretty much sold us [on where the Brownsburg program would go].”
      Not only is building the high school program a key part in escalating success, but also what feeds into it. The implementation and management of a strong program for middle school students ensures that development and love for the sport occurs at a younger age.
      “We were fortunate enough to get some kids [like Lee] that came here because of him, and he’s worked on [building up] the middle school program – kids want to come here, kids want to stay here,” Snapp said. So, we’ve got this interaction of developing the feeder program and kids that, if they’re going to wrestle in the Indianapolis area, they [want] to come to Brownsburg.”
      With two established wrestling academies nearby – Contender’s Wrestling Academy in Brownsburg and Red Cobra Wrestling in Avon – growth through both the school program and external coaching elevates athletes even higher.
      Lee, a product of Red Cobra, was a good example of how development can skyrocket through that extra effort and help outside of a school program. What the Bulldogs standout star lacked early on, however, was the team aspect.
      “It was definitely different, just because I had never been on a team before – I had just wrestled on my own,” Lee said. “I had grown up going to our very intense wrestling club and on both sides, practices were tough. I appreciated and respected that. [Snyder] was always making us do lots of tough stuff intertwined with wrestling.”
      Prior to Lee’s first of three IHSAA state titles in 2016 – a year in which he, along with five other state placers, led the charge on Brownsburg’s IHSWCA Dual State championship and IHSAA state runner-up finishes – the Bulldogs had only crowned two individual champions in school history.
      “We were always focused on the next day,” Lee said. “The first time I won, it was awesome, and I was grateful for it – but there was always a team aspect. I wanted to win with our team, and that idea of winning definitely pushed us. I think me winning helped bring other guys along. Knowing I was kind of a leader, knowing that my success was inspiring other guys on the Brownsburg wrestling team made me want to keep pushing.”
      For Lee’s career specifically, the results of the drive to win as a team came quickly. His second title at 145 pounds saw seven Bulldogs on the IHSAA podium and a franchise-high three finalists – Mills and Blake Mulkey included as runners-up – to lead Brownsburg to its first IHSAA state championship in school history.
      That influx of high-performing athletes jumpstarted Brownsburg’s rise to the top of high school wrestling in central Indiana.
      “You put those kids together – we had a core of four, good kids – and Darrick coached up other kids around them,” Snapp said. “That started [a stretch] of us winning the conference every year for the last eight years, we’re in the strongest athletic conference in the state of Indiana. Our wrestling team has dominated. It hasn’t even been close.”
      The second piece to the puzzle, where Snapp, the administration and coaching staff as a whole come into play, is the support Snyder continues to have behind him.
      The best example? The wrestling room at Brownsburg High School, built during Snyder’s reign as head coach and designed by Snapp to help raise the standard of the program and accommodate the growing numbers of the extracurricular.
      “I knew I was going to have [Snapp’s] support on just simple things,” Snyder said. “My first year here, I wanted to take a fan bus to individual state… and I was told no [by the athletic director]. I said, ‘This is a really important to the program. These guys need to watch this event, it’s incredible.’
      “I called Jim, and every year [since], just like most teams, we get to take a team bus to state.”
      The backing from Snapp and the administration is a means to an end in shifting the culture not just in the Brownsburg wrestling room, but in the town that loves its high school athletics.
      “That first year, there wasn’t really anyone there for the kid that was wrestling [at state]. When you win, you want to look up and see a bunch of purple and sit with those people between rounds,” Snyder said. “We’ve really tried to change that around, anything like that.”
      It also extends to the actual competition and helping those wrestlers reach the mats at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.
      In order to develop the athletes coming to Brownsburg or growing through school programs the Bulldogs support, the level of competition needed to continuously be raised.
      “When I first got here, no program did any overnights or anything out of state,” Snyder said. “I went to [the athletic director] and told [them], ‘I’ve got to get out of Indianapolis’ – I was tired of wrestling the same teams over and over again, and then we got to the point that there weren’t many teams in our area that would be competitive.”
      This upcoming season, the Bulldogs’ schedule includes the Walsh Jesuit Ironman Wrestling Tournament from and the Crown Point Invitational – Crown Point defeated Brownsburg 178-105 in the 2022 finals, setting an IHSAA record for the largest margin of victory by a team champion by over 20 points – on back-to-back weekends in December.
      That elevation in competition level allows wrestlers to face some of their biggest challenges early and prepares them for high-pressure situations come February.
      “I always tell [our guys] that our schedule is not meant for them to go undefeated,” Snyder said. “If you do, that’s great, but we’ve set up a schedule where we’re going to take some losses. That took administrative support to be willing to allow us to do overnights, to allow us to go out of state.”
      Pushing athletes beyond their comfort zone to prepare them for future career hurdles is a common theme in Snyder’s coaching style, something that is on record in helping wrestlers reach their full potential.
      And, well, maybe no one can attest to that better than a Big Ten starter.
      “I think just his competitiveness and him pushing us every day helped me,” Lee said. “He helped push me past my comfort zone a little but more than maybe I would myself, and that’s really the main purpose of a coach. Snyder knew I wanted to be great, and he helped me move into a little bit more uncomfortable territories which is important for any athlete, especially when you’re trying to go to the next level.”

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      AAU Scholastic Duals Pools and Schedule

      The ever popular "Disney" duals starts up this weekend. Indiana has 24 teams represented out of over 150 teams entered. Even though the event is not held at Disney this year it still has attracted many top teams from around the country. Last year Brownsburg defeated Warren Central in the finals for an all-Indiana final for the first time ever. Good luck to all the teams competing.
      Bracket Link
      Community and Developmental Brackets
      Girls Bracket
      Community 1(Bigger Schools)
      Friday June 17th - Sunday June 19th
      Community 2(Smaller Schools)
      Friday June 17th - Sunday June 19th
      Monday June 20th - Wednesday, June 22nd
      Monday June 20th - Wednesday, June 22nd
      Team Division Pool Warrior Elite(Warren Central) Community 1 A Perry Meridian Blue Community 1 B Brownsburg Community 1 C Fight Barn(Columbus East) Community 1 C Adams Central Jets Community 2 E Jay County Community 2 E Terre Haute Blue Community 2 E Cascade HS Community 2 F John Glenn Wrestling Community 2 F Terre Haute South (1) Community 2 F Delta eagles Community 2 G MXW Gold(Penn) Community 2 G Franklin Black Community 2 H Perry Meridian Silver Community 2 H Franklin Blue Community 2 I Team Ali(Owen Valley) Community 2 I DC Elite(Decatur Central) Developmental M Indiana Smackdown Gold Developmental M Indiana Smackdown Black Developmental N MXW White Developmental N Indiana Smackdown White Developmental O Terre Haute South (2) Developmental O Intense Wrestling Developmental P MXW Black Developmental P Indiana Flash Developmental Q MXW Purple Girls Z

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      NHSCA National Duals Rosters

      Link to brackets
      Wrestling runs Saturday through Monday
      High School Rosters
      Elite Athletic Club  
      106 #14 Jamarcus Smith 
      113 HM Kade Kluce 
      120 HM Ashton Jackson 
      126 Blase Mele 
      132 Hayden Brady 
      138 Anthony Bahl 
      145 HM Aiden Torres 
      152 Kegan Knapp 
      160 Connor Svantner 
      170 Jesse Herrera 
      182 Lane Kiser 
      195 Rob Atwood 
      220 Paul Clark 
      285 Will Clark 
      285 Trey White 
      Fight Barn Wrestilng Club(Columbus East)  
      106 Talon Jessup 
      113 Cole Wright 
      120 Caleb Cooper 
      120 Gage Rutan 
      126 Liam Krueger 
      126 Rolando Ruiz-Tapia 
      132 Braden Isbell 
      132 Bo Wagner 
      138 William Anderson 
      138 Caleb Kirkpatrick 
      145 Nate Anderson 
      152 Kyler Rimer 
      160 Tyler Lake 
      170 Juan Puello 
      182 Braxton Schaefer 
      195 Jackson Fox 
      220 Tommy Morrill 
      285 Patrick McMahon 
      High Rollers  
      106 Charlie Larocca 
      113 Edward Goss 
      120 Michael Tharpe 
      126 Blake Wolf 
      132 Alex Plahitko 
      138 Eli Brooks 
      145 Zach Wilson 
      152 Tyler Jones 
      160 Kody Glitter 
      170 Hayden Shepherd 
      182 Jacob Skinner 
      220 Trey Deckard 
      285 Josh Clark 
      Indiana Flash North  
      113 Seth Aubin 
      120 Daniel Mata 
      126 Kaydon Kingery 
      132 Xavier Roberts 
      138 Tive Delgado 
      145 Giancorlo Laterzo 
      152 Ben Taborski 
      160 Kenneth Bisping 
      170 Aidan White 
      182 Anthony White 
      195 Demetrus Dean 
      220 Michael Degrado 
      285 Mitch Krolikowski 
      Indiana Flash South  
      106 Adrian Origel 
      113 Zachariah Reno 
      120 Anthony Fortenberry 
      126 Caleb Oliver 
      132 Avery Stanley 
      138 Larz Hughes 
      145 Mason Stanley 
      152 Lody Cheatham 
      160 Ben Phillips 
      170 Ethan Popp 
      182 Keaton Loudermilk 
      195 Treton Simmons 
      Indiana Mafia  
      106 Eli Collier 
      113 Jackson Emery 
      120 RJ Taylor 
      126 Mikey Wilson 
      132 Keaton Morton 
      138 Branson Weaver 
      152 Quaid Hinshaw 
      182 Jaylen Young 
      195 Ronin Hammond 
      285 Nolan Martin 
      Indiana Outlaws Black  
      106 Jalen May 
      113 #13 Jake Hockaday 
      120 Toby Billerman 
      126 HM Kyrel Leavell 
      132 Joey Buttler 
      138 HM Cheaney Schoeff 
      145 Dillon Graham 
      152 Bryce Lowery 
      160 HM Matthew Koontz 
      170 Delaney Ruhlman 
      182 HM Orlando Cruz 
      195 HM Gunner Henry 
      220 Jacob Navarro 
      285 Hosia Smith 
      Indiana Outlaws Gray  
      106 Jude Heaston 
      113 Jaden Farr 
      120 Sam Bustamante 
      126 Will May 
      132 Gabriel Clay 
      138 Kannon Zuber 
      145 Paul King 
      152 Connor Hoefling 
      160 Chase Mayes 
      170 Lucas Esposito 
      182 Collin Casad 
      195 Gregory Johnson 
      220 Luke Raines 
      285 Peyton Kendall 
      Indiana Outlaws Select  
      106 Cameron Meier 
      113 Logan Bickel 
      120 Dominic McFeeley 
      126 Tylin Thrine 
      132 Gavyn Whitehead 
      138 Cooper Baldwin 
      145 HM Rider Searcy 
      152 JJ Lowe 
      160 Michael Hutchison 
      170 Noah Clouser 
      182 Liam Farmer 
      195 Eli Hinshaw 
      220 Walker Van Ness 
      285 Trevi Hillman-Conley 
      Indiana Outlaws White  
      106 Levi Johns 
      113 Jackson Heaston 
      120 Preston Haines 
      126 Trevor Hott 
      132 Braden Haines 
      138 Romeo White 
      145 Silas Stits 
      152 Logan Fite 
      160 Landon Boe 
      170 Jude Powell 
      182 Caden Brewer 
      195 Wade Mettling 
      220 Will Clark 
      285 Paul Clark 
      Indiana Outlaws Yellow  
      106 Brennan Leonard 
      113 Tanner Tishner 
      120 Bryce Doss 
      126 Braden Getz 
      132 Mason Day 
      138 Logan Stuckman 
      145 Hunter miller 
      152 Jackson Neibert 
      160 Nick Cicciarelli 
      170 Anthony Cashman 
      182 Kaden McConnell 
      195 Bryce Crump 
      220 Jackson Weingart 
      285 Liam Begley 
      Team Iron Bear  
      106 Cooper Doucette 
      113 Porter Temple 
      120 Kaden Golden 
      126 Brian Harris 
      132 Jaylyn Pugh 
      138 Kaleb Jacobs 
      145 Carson Fettig 
      152 Hank Temple 
      160 Michael Cain 
      170 Charles Brown 
      182 Evan Tilton 
      195 Caleb Cohee 
      220 Michael Henderson 
      285 Josh Brown 
      285 Mason Moran 
      The Fort Hammers  
      106 Tyler Tun 
      113 Carter Krouse 
      120 DeJuan Clardy 
      132 keegan schlabach 
      138 gabe miller 
      145 ethan rodriguez 
      152 wayne wells 
      160 chase leech 
      170 ethan smith 
      182 De`Alcapon Veazy 
      195 Mickey Daring 
      220 Preston Howard 
      Random Teams
      106 Luke Rioux- Team Shutt Nation
      106 Nate Rioux- Team Shutt USA
      160 AJ Steenbeke- Team Shutt USA
      160 Cody Goodwin- Team Shutt Dethrone
      220 Peyton Kendall- Team Shutt GT
      138 Noah Sessions- Roundtree Wrestling Academy Black
      Middle School Rosters
      Elite Athletic Club
      75 takoda parker
      80 Zayden Mansfield
      85 Declan Mckee
      90 Drayton DeKay
      95 Matt Diley
      100 Cullen Edwards
      105 Logan Bellis
      112 Braylon Price
      119 Hunter Shike
      127 AJ Kroft
      135 Cooper Miller
      142 JACK HARTY
      154 Josh Heath
      165 Diego Irizarry
      230 Raul Martinez

      High Rollers
      75 Zavier Acuna
      75 Elio Gil
      85 Camden Hook
      90 Tomi Campian
      90 Ryder Gardner
      100 Tegan Newell
      105 Gunner Butt
      112 Sean Breedlove
      119 William Vander Luitgaren
      127 Porter Kleeberg
      135 Jack Davis
      142 Wyatt Hoppes
      154 Ben Clark
      165 Zach Clark
      180 Tristan Lanum
      Indiana Flash M
      80 Bella Wesley
      90 Jacoby Moore
      95 Aidan Diaz
      100 Max Quiroz
      105 Cooper Wilkins
      112 Gavin Lewis
      119 Chase Pekny
      127 Jacob Hill
      135 Aleksandar Tatum
      142 Cayden Webb
      154 Lucas Anderson

      Indiana Outlaws Red
      75 Sebastian Gracia
      80 Luke Neid
      85 Eli Ogle
      90 Peyton Schoettle
      95 Justin Williamson
      100 Lucas Day
      105 Braylon Reynolds
      112 Cade Zuber
      119 Landon Haines
      127 Angelo Vargo
      135 Peyton Hornsby
      142 Lucas Boe
      154 Mj Morton
      165 Camden Jeeninga
      180 Spencer Fain
      230 Alan Ortiz
      Indiana Outlaws Silver
      75 Symon Schoettle
      80 Blake Doss
      85 Gavyn Kemp
      90 Blake Getz
      95 Lincoln Underwood
      100 Justus Thrasher
      105 Jett Mcguire
      112 Trevor Bennett
      119 Wayne Harden
      127 Tyler Lavin
      135 Tucker Billerman
      142 Mason Thompson
      165 Brodie Melzoni
      180 Collin Whetsel
      230 Mark Gonzalez

      75 Alex Huddleston
      119 Clinton Shepherd
      127 Evan Stanley

      The Fort Hammers
      75 Remington Waldron
      80 ramon sierra
      85 brock mccartney
      90 Abrum Swathwood
      100 kaid jackson
      105 Grant Howard
      112 Carter Fielden
      119 evan omelian
      135 rylee biddle
      142 Hartley hoover
      180 aiden hunt

      Elementary Rosters
      The Fort Hammers
      52 Layten Marsh
      56 Karsten Castetter
      60 Henry Riesen
      65 Wyatt Melchi
      70 drew hiesler
      75 Maximus Kleeberg
      80 Isaac Brown
      85 Lane Williams
      90 Joseph Warner
      95 Lathen Janes
      100 Braxtyn Bauer
      100 Luke Oberlin
      110 Tatum jones
      120 Brennan mccartney

      High Rollers
      52 Tino Acuna
      56 Ian Weber
      60 Parker Stanzis
      65 Parker Kleeberg
      70 Logan Brickley
      75 Conner Maddox
      80 Xavier Flores
      85 Dallas Rosenbarger
      95 Jude Bratt
      100 Griffan Kline
      110 Issac Suddarth
      110 Justus Suddarth
      120 Jordan Parrett
      150 Dylan Stanley

      Indian Creek
      52 Chase Dowty
      56 Ryder Dowty
      60 Tyson Doll
      65 Tucker Dowty
      70 Esdon Morphet
      75 Ella Neibert
      80 Colton Stinson
      85 Maverick Smith
      90 Isaac Smith
      95 Patrick Dowty
      100 Noah Fitzgerald
      110 Bo Jackson
      120 Gavin Brown
      150 Wyatt Horton

      Indiana Outlaws Gold
      52 Joey Brown
      56 Cecil Nelson
      60 Lennon Jaggers
      65 Henry Antrobus
      70 Cameron Schofield
      75 Ashton Scott
      80 Kellen Schoeff
      85 William Smith
      90 Charlie Hutchinson
      95 Nik Freeze
      100 Ashton Goney
      110 Hayden Mullins
      120 Cohen Wuethrich
      150 Jackson Smith
      Indiana Outlaws Green
      52 Joey Graham
      56 Cory Buckley
      60 Alexander Schnurstein
      65 Jack May
      70 Richie Graham
      70 Jace Largent
      75 Maxwell Schnurstein
      80 Chase Shirley
      85 Jax Hanson
      90 Jonathan Nordyke Jr.
      100 Vinny Berberena
      110 Ezra Ostler
      120 Ava Strayer

      3263 26

      2024 State Finals Conundrum

      After the state finals our good friend Brandon Sisson of Floyd Central made a post about a potential conflict with the 2024 NBA All-Star game and our state finals. In 2021 the All-Star game was supposed to be held in Indianapolis, but they had a different date that did not conflict with the wrestling state finals. However, the 2024 game will indeed conflict with the wrestling state finals. The IHSAA along with the IHSWCA now has just under two years to figure out a plan for the state finals. On top of the wrestling state finals having a conflict, the boys basketball state finals in 2024 will have issues with Indianapolis hosting the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament.
      Before I go on with the options for 2024, a couple things to consider. The girl’s basketball state finals are slated for the week after wrestling. The IHSAA likely does not want two of their bigger state finals events on the same weekend. Even so this would push the girls out of Gainbridge Fieldhouse which would in turn likely cause a lot of negative press. Pushing the wrestling state finals to the week after our normal date would seem to be an option that would be the hardest to pull off. That would almost certainly require pushing the girl's basketball state finals to the next weekend and possibly start the boys tournament a week later. The chain reaction of that is enough to make administrators at the IHSAA and school level cringe.
      Here are the options that we have
      Keep the date, but change the venue.
      This will be a big obstacle as there are some venues big enough to host the event, but location is a huge factor. Venues such as the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne and Ford Center in Evansville both can hold about 10,000 in a hockey arena setup. They are however in the furthest corners of the state which would not be well received by many people further away. Arenas such as Mackey Arena, Assembly Hall, Butler Fieldhouse, or Indiana State’s updated Hulman Center would likely be able to handle the crowds. Of course, that poses the availability issue along with hotels and restaurants capable of handling a two day event at the college locations.
      Move the date, but keep the venue
      With this option we have a few different scenarios that could play out
      1. Move the whole state series back a week.
      Pros: Keep our 4 week state series
      Cons: Possibly lose a week of the season
      Commentary: We have two options with this, the first is simply cutting a week off of the regular season and the second starting the season a week earlier. With both we have potential conflicts. If we start the regular season a week earlier we still have a lot of conflicts with football early in the season. Both of these options would create scheduling issues with conference tournaments and simply being able to fill schedules with one less week.
      2. Create a 3 week state series
      Pros: No scheduling issues
      Cons: Logistics with a new state series configuration
      Commentary: With this option we have a multitude of different options that might just be the most feasible. There have been murmurs for a while about a three week state series from those within the wrestling community. One of the biggest proponents include the referee associations that are finding it harder and harder to find enough referees for the state series. One factor to consider is the events being held at the Ford Center and Memorial Coliseum and the availability of having our semi-state a week earlier. With any of the plans there could be a chain reaction that goes all the way back to the first week of the state series.
      Here are the options that we could see
      16-20 team sectionals
      The new super-super sectional that is basically a regional compacted into one weekend. With just over 300 schools it would mean we have an average of 18 schools in the new bigger sectionals. This would likely require a two-day event due to the possibility of some weight classes having over 16 entries. The logistics of a two-day event are big when you are talking about a state series event. Mid-week regional
      With regional being an 8 man bracket this is very logical to have it mid-week and get it done on a Wednesday. There would possibly be some travel issues, however schools are a little more forgiving for tournament series events. Create 5 sectionals with Top 3 advancing to each regional/semi-state
      This is the most radical change, but something to ponder. This would give us sectionals with no more than 16 teams thus being able to keep it at a one day event. The biggest drawback would be the absolute chaos at the new qualifying event super semi-state. There would be a random bye and then two #1’s would meet for a spot at state. The draws here could be absolutely brutal in some areas.  
      One of the biggest questions that would arise after 2024 is, will the IHSAA continue with the modified system? We might need an emergency coaches vote at state to change something, much like this past year. 
      There are likely other options, but these are some that come to mind. Which one do you like? Do you have a better option that the IHSAA could explore?

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      2022 Folkstyle Nationals Entries

      Here are the current entries for Folkstyle Nationals, the Recruiting Showcase, and Bill Farrell World Team Qualifier
      Division Weight Name Club 10U 120 lbs Calavito Hoskins Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club 10U 56 lbs Haley Guard Princeton Wrestling Club 10U 63 lbs Kullen Eckley Valparaiso Wrestling Club 10U 63 lbs Oscar Obregon Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club 10U 67 lbs Jon Luke Austin Contenders Wrestling Academy 10U 77 lbs Paxton Turner Princeton Wrestling Club 10U 84 lbs Lane Kolb Princeton Wrestling Club 12U 70 lbs Jeremy Carver Delta Wrestling Club Inc. 12U 82 lbs Alexander Ponce   12U 98 lbs Azarius Overstreet Peacock Wrestling Club, LLC 14U 106 lbs Braylon Reynolds Red Cobra Wrestling Academy 14U 110 lbs Gavin Lewis Peacock Wrestling Club, LLC 14U 136 lbs Lucas Boe   14U 149 lbs Benjamin Clark Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club 14U 165 lbs Zachary Clark Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club 14U 165 lbs Jett Goldsberry Patriots Wrestling Club 14U 187 lbs Ceasar Salas Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club 14U 71 lbs Alex Huddleston Red Cobra Wrestling Academy 14U 71 lbs Cameron Schofield Red Cobra Wrestling Academy 14U 77 lbs Karson Kahalekomo Daleville Broncos Wrestling Club 14U 97 lbs Colin Strayer Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club 16U 106 lbs Jude Heaston Indian Creek Wrestling Club 16U 113 lbs Matthew Maldonado Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club 16U 120 lbs Terry Easley Warren Wrestling Academy 16U 126 lbs Oscar A Baca III Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club 16U 132 lbs Silas Foster Legends of Gold 16U 132 lbs Christian Arberry Warren Wrestling Academy 16U 132 lbs Jarred Harlow Greenfield Wrestling Club 16U 138 lbs Kristian Blake Warren Wrestling Academy 16U 145 lbs Terran Williams   16U 152 lbs Hunter Wagers Warren Wrestling Academy 16U 152 lbs Brenton Russell Warren Wrestling Academy 16U 160 lbs Anthony Rinehart Contenders Wrestling Academy 16U 182 lbs Brilyn Smith Warren Wrestling Academy 16U 182 lbs De'Alcapon Veazy Legends of Gold 8U 49 lbs Sophia Gatewood Princeton Wrestling Club 8U 56 lbs Cory Buckley   8U 56 lbs Braxton Whitlow Contenders Wrestling Academy 8U 70 lbs Collin Hoskins Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club HS Recruiting Showcase 113 lbs Jackson Heaston Indian Creek Wrestling Club HS Recruiting Showcase 126 lbs David Maldonado Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club HS Recruiting Showcase 126 lbs Kyrel Leavell Warren Wrestling Academy HS Recruiting Showcase 138 lbs Lucas Clement Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club HS Recruiting Showcase 160 lbs Cody Goodwin Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club HS Recruiting Showcase 182 lbs Gunner Henry Red Cobra Wrestling Academy HS Recruiting Showcase 195 lbs Connor Barket Red Cobra Wrestling Academy HS Recruiting Showcase 285 lbs Trey White Portage Wrestling Club Masters A 88 kg Cory Graham Legends of Gold Masters B 100 kg Christopher Myers Carroll Wrestling Club Masters B 100 kg Michael Burke Yorktown Wrestling Club Open High School 100 lbs Brady Byrd Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club Open High School 120 lbs Tanner Tishner Western high School Open High School 120 lbs Nasir Christion Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club Open High School 126 lbs Joshua Johnson Red Cobra Wrestling Academy Open High School 126 lbs Dawson Brooks Daleville Broncos Wrestling Club Open High School 126 lbs Christopher Bohn Region Wrestling Academy Open High School 138 lbs Julius Gerencser Daleville Broncos Wrestling Club Open High School 145 lbs Isaiah Holden Greenfield Wrestling Club Open High School 145 lbs Gavin Phillips Greenfield Wrestling Club Open High School 152 lbs Cohen Hager Greenfield Wrestling Club Open High School 152 lbs Manolo Hood Portage Wrestling Club Open High School 160 lbs Cameron Crisp Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club Open High School 160 lbs Gage Gulley   Open High School 160 lbs Cody Goodwin Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club Open High School 170 lbs Clay Guenin Greenfield Wrestling Club Open High School 182 lbs Orlan Foster Legends of Gold Open High School 182 lbs Michael Durham Warren Wrestling Academy Open High School 195 lbs Connor Barket Red Cobra Wrestling Academy Open High School 220 lbs James Veal   Open High School 220 lbs William Clark Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club Open High School 220 lbs Caleb Asa Warren Wrestling Academy Open High School 220 lbs Gregory Johnson Warren Wrestling Academy Open High School 285 lbs Paul Clark Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club Open High School 285 lbs Dominic Burgett Legends of Gold Bill Farrell        Freestyle 86 kg Santos Cantu Indiana RTC Freestyle 86 kg Dylan Lydy Indiana RTC Freestyle 65 kg Henry Porter Indiana RTC Freestyle 70 kg Deondre Wilson  

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      2022 Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic Information

      This year Indiana has the privilege of having a full squad at the Rose Bowl of Wrestling, the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic. This page will have a lot of information on this year's event.
      Thursday March 24
      Wrestler check-in, practice, and banquet
      Friday March 25th
      Afternoon- Wrestler media session
      6:00pm Indiana vs. WPIAL
      8:00pm USA vs. Pennsylvania
      Peters Township High School
      121 Rolling Hills Drive
      McMurray PA 15317
      Host Hotel
      Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe
      1000 Corporate Dr.
      Canonsburg, PA 15317
      Click here to purchase tickets

      Team Indiana
      120lbs Braxton Vest- Westfield
      126lbs Matteo Vargo- Penn
      132lbs Elijah Anthony- Frankfort
      138lbs Ben Miller- Lakeland
      145lbs Hayden Watson- Center Grove
      152lbs Tyler Jones- Warren Central
      160lbs J Conway- Floyd Central
      170lbs Brodie Porter- Eastern
      182lbs Landon Buchanan- Jimtown
      195lbs Connor Barket- West Lafayette
      220lbs Juan Grange- Penn
      285lbs Mike Platonov- Westfield
      Cooper Samuels- Floyd Central
      Tom Griffin- Westfield
      Jerimiah Maggart- Jimtown

      Team USA
      132lbs Zeke Seltzer- Cathedral
      138lbs Jesse Mendez- Crown Point

      20859 47 3

      2022 Semi-State Information Center

      Date: Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022.
      Admission: $10 (Final session only); $12 (Season ticket).
      Advancement: The top four place winners in each weight class advance to the state finals.
      Videostream: A bundled package that includes access to all four semi-state sites as well as next weekend's state finals is available via IHSAAtv.org for $25. Access to all four semi-states only is available for $15. If you have a FloPro+ plan, you may also view the livestream at FloWrestling.com.
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT (one hour). Hosted by Greg Rakestraw and Mike Goebel.
      1. East Chicago Central (John C. Baratto Athletic Center) | 9 am CT
      Feeder Regionals: Crown Point, Hobart, Logansport, Penn.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      2. New Haven (Allen County War Memorial Coliseum) | 8:30 am ET
      Feeder Regionals: Carroll (Fort Wayne), Goshen, Jay County, Maconaquah.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      3. New Castle (New Castle Fieldhouse) | 9 am ET
      Feeder Regionals: Frankfort, Pendleton Heights, Perry Meridian, Richmond.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      4. Evansville F.J. Reitz  (Ford Center) | 8 am CT
      Feeder Regionals: Bloomington South, Castle, Jeffersonville, Mooresville.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      All-Time Pick'em History
      Click here to see where you stand in the all-time history of IndianaMat(and even BEFORE) pick'ems
      Gorilla Radio Episode 126 talking about East Chicago
      Gorilla Radio Episode 127 talking about Evansville and 106-145 at New Castle
      Gorilla Radio Episode 128 talking about 152-285 at New Castle and Fort Wayne
      Evansville Preview by Dustin Bentz

      11365 13 1

      2022 Regional Wrestling Brackets

      1. Hobart | 9 am CT
      Feeder Sectionals: East Chicago Central, Portage.
      2. Crown Point | 8 am CT
      Feeder Sectionals: Crown Point, LaPorte.
      Crown Point-1.pdf
      3. Penn | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Mishawaka, Plymouth.
      4. Logansport | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Lafayette Jefferson, Twin Lakes.
      5. Goshen | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Elkhart, West Noble.
      6. Carroll (Fort Wayne) | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Carroll (Fort Wayne), New Haven.
      7. Maconaquah | 9:30 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Peru, Oak Hill.
      8. Jay County | 8:30 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Delta, Jay County.
      Jay County-1.pdf
      9. North Montgomery | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Crawfordsville, Frankfort.
      North Montgomery-1.pdf
      10. Pendleton Heights | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Elwood, Indianapolis Arsenal Technical.
      Pendleton Heights-1.pdf
      11. Perry Meridian | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Shelbyville, Southport.
      Perry Meridian-1.pdf
      12. Richmond | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: South Dearborn, Tri.
      13. Mooresville | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Avon, Mooresville.
      14. Bloomington South | 8 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Bloomington North, Southridge.
      Bloomington South-1.pdf
      15. Jeffersonville | 9 am ET
      Feeder Sectionals: Jeffersonville, Jennings County.
      16. Castle | 8 am CT
      Feeder Sectionals: Castle, Evansville Central.
      Pendleton Heights.pdf Penn.pdf Perry Meridian.pdf Richmond.pdf Bloomington South.pdf Carroll.pdf Castle.pdf Crown Point.pdf Goshen.pdf Hobart.pdf Jay County.pdf Jeffersonville.pdf Logansport.pdf Maconaquah.pdf Mooresville.pdf North Montgomery.pdf Maconaquah-1.pdf

      3989 2 1

      2022 IHSWCA Team State Information

      Date: January 8th, 2022
      Qualification Procedures
      Click here to see the qualification procedures for teams participating
      Qualification Leaderboard
      Click here to see the leaderboard throughout the state series
      1A and 2A- Martinsville High School
      3A- Franklin Community High School
      4A- Brownsburg High School
      Weigh-ins 7:30am
      Doors open 8:00am
      Wrestling beings at 9:00am
      $15- Adults and Students
      Preschool and IHSWCA members FREE
      1A Event Link
      1A: Adams Central, Cascade, Centerville, Cowan, Daleville, North Posey, Prairie Heights, Rensselaer Central, Rochester, Southmont, Southridge, Tell City
      Vote In: Cascade
      2A Event Link
      2A: Bellmont, Charlestown, Delta, Garrett, Hamilton Heights, Jay County, Monrovia, New Prairie, Oak Hill, Peru, Wawasee, Western
      Vote In: Delta and Monrovia(Tippecanoe Valley withdrew from the event)
      3A Event Link
      3A:  Columbus East, East Central, Floyd Central, Franklin Community, Hobart, Mishawaka, Roncalli, Terre Haute South
      Vote In: Hobart and Roncalli(Columbia City withdrew from the event)
      4A Event Link
      4A: Brownsburg, Carmel, Cathedral, Center Grove, Evansville Mater Dei, Perry Meridian, Penn, and Crown Point
      Vote In: Carmel
      TrackWrestling Link
      ****Including Streaming Info****
      Streaming is through TrackWrestling/FloWrestling and cost is a yearly subscription of $150.
      Click here to access the event
      *Note: If you want a monthly subscription option you can subscribe to FloBowling and utilize that membership to watch wrestling or any other sports they offer. The cost is $30 per month for a monthly option.

      1182 4 1

      Indiana heading back to the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic

      Official Press Release from the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic
      Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic 2022 Date Announcement Press Release 1 v1 12-10-2021.pdf
      The Steel City is known for having great sports teams and the Rose Bowl of Wrestling the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic. For the second time Indiana has been invited to participate and take on the WPIAL. A team of 12 seniors will face off with a team from Pennsylvania on March 25th in Pittsburgh. This is a first-class event from start to finish with a banquet on Thursday night and team activities planned for during the day on Friday. As coach Trent McCormick said after the event in 2016, “Our wrestlers were treated like royalty leading up to the dual.”
      As organizer of this once again I am extremely excited to take another group of Indiana hammers to this event. The organizers are some of the best people in the sport and profits from the event go to charity. The kids are treated great with a nice banquet on Thursday evening with team announcements along with a guest speaker. On Friday plans are being worked out for a team activity. The last time we were there we had a boat ride and lunch along the river and got to see the city of Pittsburgh.
      Our seniors this year are loaded from top to bottom. We will have matches in 12 weights that we are working together with the PWC committee to align in the best way possible. Pennsylvania high schools currently utilize 13 weights with the major differences from 170 on up.
      Last time out we lost the WPIAL beat us 27-18 winning 7 matches by two points or less! I think it’s time we roll into Pittsburgh looking to dominate and come away with a big win in hostile territory. That was on top of having to make a couple last minute replacements due to injuries the week of the event.
      In the main event Indiana is 8-1 with wins from greats like Alex and Jason Tsirtsis, Stevan Micic, Blake Mauer and more! This year both Jesse Mendez and Zeke Seltzer are likely both on the short list for an invitation to wrestle for Team USA in the event.
      Once tickets are on sale I will post information on the website. The last time we brought a big contingent and the PWC committee was extremely impressed with how well we traveled. I told them we want to fill up half the gym and make it a home match this time!
      Stay up to date with Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic information on social media and their website. Web site is www.papowerwrestling.com/pittsburgh-wrestling-classic/
      Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PWrClassic and Twitter @PWrClassic

      2016 Indiana vs. WPIAL
      WPIAL 27, Indiana 18
      113: Aaron Burkett (WPIAL) dec. Geoffrey Davis (Indiana), 2-0 OT.
      120: Ethan McCoy (WPIAL) dec. Drew Hildebrandt (Indiana), 7-4.
      126: Chris Eddins (WPIAL) dec. Gaige Torres (Indiana), 6-3.
      132: Mike Heinl (WPIAL) dec. Owen Doster (Indiana), 6-4.
      138: Shaun Wilson (WPIAL) dec. Evan Eldred (Indiana), 8-4.
      145: Damon Greenwald (WPIAL) dec. Jordan Vaughn (Indiana), 5-4.
      152: Steven Lawrence (Indiana) FALL Derek Verkleeren (WPIAL).
      160: Mitch Hartman (WPIAL) dec. Cael McCormick (Indiana), 2-1.
      170: Drew Hughes (Indiana) FALL Anthony Welsh (WPIAL), :33.
      182: Blake Rypel (Indiana) dec. Milton Kobaly (WPIAL), 10-5.
      195: Jake Kleimola (Indiana) dec. Drew Phipps (WPIAL), 4-3.
      220: Mike McAleavey (WPIAL) dec. Nick Fox (Indiana), 2-1.
      285: Hayden Rice (WPIAL) dec. Sean Galligar (Indiana), 2-1.
      Past Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic participants and their results
      2016 285- Shawn Streck (USA) vs. Jacob Beistel (PA), 8-4.
      2016 132- Luke Pletcher (PA) tech fall Owen Doster (USA), 23-8.
      2016 160- Drew Hughes (USA) dec. Jake Wentzel (PA), 6-0.
      *Hughes won the Turning Point award for winning the match that sealed the dual for Team USA
      2014 126 - Stevan Micic Hanover Central, Indiana MD Zeke Moisey, Bethlehem Catholic 13-4
      *Micic was selected as the Outstanding Wrestler for Team USA
      2012 113- Jarred Brooks Warsaw, Indiana DEC Billy Rappo, Council Rock South 8-5
      2021 145- Jason Tsirtsis Crown Point, Indiana MD Zach Beitz, Juniata 13-4
      2004 140- Alex Tsirtsis Griffith, Indiana DEC Isaiah Britton, Loyalsock 6-4
      2004 171- Blake Maurer Mater Dei, Indiana DEC Kurt Brenner, Freedom 8-6
      1998 130- Steven Bradley, Beech Grove, Indiana, DEC. Mark Conley, Dennington, 5-3

      823 17 2

      IndianaMat Silverback Subscription Plan

      The increasing reality of the internet is subscription plans. Looking at other state websites almost all of them have some sort of subscription in order to view most of the content. IndianaMat has bucked the trend and continued to be a free site utilizing other revenue streams that pay the bills. One of our revenue streams over the past few years has been our extremely popular preseason magazine. This year we set a record with the sales which will help us add staff members and equipment to better cover the sport.
      However, with increasing coverage and content comes higher bills and expenses. This year we are going to implement our Silverback subscription program. Many of you may have noticed that some people are tagged as Silverbacks on the forum. That basically means they have purchased a magazine whether a physical or digital copy. With that perk comes the ability to view our preseason rankings. We are not going to stop there though. We are giving early access to all of our rankings to these people for the first 24 hours after each individual ranking set is released. As we move along this season there will be more perks added to this membership.
      If you do not want to purchase a magazine you can become a subscriber by going to the subscriptions tab at the top or in the mobile menu and subscribe. Once you purchase a subscription plan or a magazine you will be upgraded to the Silverback group.
      The cost is $10 and will give you access to our Silverback subscription plan for a year. There will be more perks later this year for members as we add more features to the website.
      Click here to purchase a subscription
      Any questions can be directed to me via private message.
      Other wrestling websites and their costs
      Michigan Grappler- $74.99/year or $11.99/month
      Illinois Matmen- $9.99/month on Rokfin
      Missouri Wrestling- $9.99/month on Rokfin
      HuskerMat(Nebraska)- $9.99/month on Rokfin
      Kabra Wrestling(Florida)- $70/year or $7/month
      Southeast Wrestling(Southeast)- $60/year or $8/month

      840 1

      Mendez chooses Ohio State

      The top wrestler in the class of 2022, Jesse Mendez, has made it official. He will head from Crown Point to Columbus, Ohio next fall for college. Mendez has won about everything under the sun. He has made two world teams in 2019 and 2021 and participated in Who's #1 for three straight years.
      Mendez projects as a 141lber in college and 65kg(143lbs) for international. This year he will attempt to be only the tenth wrestler from the state with four state titles. 
      Congratulations to Jesse and his family!
      Mendez's Resume
      2021 138 State 1st
      2020 132 State 1st
      2019 126 State 1st

      2019 132 16U Folkstyle Nationals 1st
      2019 60kg FloNationals 1st
      2019 60kg UWW Cadet Freestyle Nationals 1st
      2019 132 Super 32 5th
      2018 118 FloNationals 3rd
      2018 120 16U Folkstyle Nationals 2nd

      2020 141 IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open 1st
      2019 135 IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open 1st
      2018 125 Middle School State 1st
      2018 123 IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open 1st
      2017 109 IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open 1st
      2017 102 Middle School State 1st
      2016 85 Middle School State 1st

      2019 60kg Freestyle Cadet World Championship 9th

      2021 4A Wrestler of the Year

      533 3

      Tom Clark being inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

      Courtesy of the NWHOF – Link
      STILLWATER, Okla. – The National Wrestling Hall of Fame announced on Wednesday that the Class of 2022 is Distinguished Members Clarissa Chun, Sara McMann, Andy Rein and Jake Varner, Meritorious Official Tom Clark (posthumously), Order of Merit Recipient Mike Moyer, and Medal of Courage recipient Melissa Simmons. 

      “Following an extensive screening and selection process, I am excited to announce such a notable and deserving group of honorees for 2022,” said Lee Roy Smith, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. “We are fortunate to be able to spotlight these inductees who have transcended our sport’s heritage over the past 40 years. It is also a class that represents the positive transformational impact females are realizing in wrestling, with two female Distinguished Members and our first female Medal of Courage recipient.”

      The Hall of Fame Board of Governors approved the selections at their meeting in Waterloo, Iowa on October 25. 

      The Hall of Fame will announce its Outstanding American honoree at a later date.

      The induction ceremony will be held at the 45th Honors Weekend on June 3-4, 2022 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. For more information on Honors Weekend, please telephone (405) 377-5243.  
      The Meritorious Official award recognizes outstanding service as a referee, judge, or pairing official.

      Tom Clark, who passed away in 2017 at 58 years old, officiated for 35 years, beginning while attending Ohio State and continuing in Indiana. The Bluffton, Ohio native was selected as a referee for the Olympics in 2008 and worked dozens of World Championships and major international competitions at the senior level. Named Official of the Year by USA Wrestling in 1988, Clark retired after the Olympics to open up opportunities at the highest level for young, talented officials. A top high school wrestling official, he received the Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Officials Association Award for excellence in wrestling in 2007 and was the Indiana Wrestling Association Official of the Year in 2005. Clark served as a board member for the U.S. Wrestling Officials Association and was vice president of the organization at the time of his death. His commitment to wrestling was at every level, from youth to high school and on to the international level.
      National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum
      America’s shrine to the sport of wrestling, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1976 to honor the sport of wrestling, preserve its history, recognize extraordinary individual achievements, and inspire future generations. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame has museums in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Waterloo, Iowa. The Stillwater, Oklahoma, location reopened in June 2016 following a $3.8 million renovation while the Waterloo, Iowa, location reopened in March 2019 after undergoing a $1.4 million renovation. Both museums now feature interactive exhibits and electronic kiosks, as well as the opportunity to watch NCAA Championship matches from the 1930s to present day. Stillwater also has the John T. Vaughan Hall of Honors where the greatest names in wrestling are recognized, including iconic granite plaques presented to Distinguished Members since the Hall of Fame opened in 1976. The museum has the largest collection of wrestling artifacts and memorabilia in the world, including the most collegiate and Olympic wrestling uniforms. Wrestling truly is for everyone and the diversity and accessibility of the sport continues to be highlighted through exhibits featuring females, African-Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Latino Americans. There is also a library featuring historical documents, including NCAA guides and results, as well as books on the sport.
      For more information about the Hall of Fame, please visit www.NWHOF.org.

      1183 10

      Preview Magazine Release November 1st

      Well...that's the latest it will come out, maybe sooner!
      We are now taking pre-orders for the physical copies of the magazine and have something special in store for everyone. We have SIX different covers, one each featuring the five returning champions that are seniors this year and then one with all five of them together.
      We are taking preorders for the individual covers until November 3rd and after that you will only get the one with the five seniors together. So if you want Jesse, Zeke, J, Brody, or Gabe solo you need to order soon!
      You can purchase your copy in our store
      After you purchase the magazine you can go to our new downloads section for the digital copy to keep you occupied until the physical copy arrives.
      Here are the cover previews


      Wrestling Philosophy Show with Joe Caprino

      Recently the #800lbGorilla himself was on the Wrestling Philosophy show with Jared Opfer. 
      You can find other links to the podcast here.

      1337 7

      2021 Super 32 Entries

      High School
      Name Weight School Jake Hockaday 106 Brownsburg Gavin Jendreas 106 Crown point Isaiah Schaefer 106 Mater Dei High School Tanner Tishner 106 Western Toby Billerman 113 Perry Meridian Evan Dickey 113 Cathedral High School Ashton Jackson 113 Laporte high school Damian Resendez 113 Mount Carmel High School Zane Schreck 113 Corydon Central Evan Cruz 120 Crown Point High School Anthony Bahl 126 Crown Point High School Logan Frazier 126 Crown Point High School Sergio Lemley 126 Mount Carmel Michael Tharpe 126 Center Grove HS Matteo Vargo 126 Penn High School Tony Wood 126 Jay County High School Coy Hammack 132 Tell City High School Brac Hooper 132 Zionsville Cheaney Schoeff 132 Avon High School Zeke Seltzer 132 Indianapolis Cathedral Jesse Mendez 138 Crown Point Matthew Koontz 145 Perry Meridian Hayden Watson 145 Center Grove High School Toby Abbott 152 Cowan High School Toby Abbott 152 Cowan High School Sam Goin 152 Crown Point High school Delaney Ruhlman 152 Bloomington High School South Nick Cicciarelli 160 Brownsburg HS Jeb Prechtel 160 Jasper High School AJ Cashman 170 Warren central Orlando Cruz 170 Crown Point High School Drake Buchanan 182 Center Grove Gunner Henry 195 Brownsburg High School Gabe Sollars 195 Mater Dei High School Christian Carroll 220 New Prairie Nathan Critchfield 220 Mater Dei High School Devin Kendrex 220 Mount Vernon high school  
      Middle School
      Name Weight School Club Alex Huddleston 70 Brownsburg east middle school Red Cobra wrestling Zavier Acuna 75 Willowcreek REGION WRESTLING ACADEMY Revin Dickman 85 Brownsburg Brownsburg Layne Horn 90 Rochester Midwest RTC Justin Williamson 90 Hobart middle Region wrestling academy Logan Haney 95 Colonel Wheeler Midfle School Region Wrestlung Academy Teigan Newell 95 Crown Point Region Wrestling Academy Colin Strayer 95 Trinity Lutheran Region Wrestling Academy Elijah Gahl 100 Northfield middle school   Braylon Reynolds 100 Avon Red Cobra Wrestling Academy Landen Haines 105 Brownsburg East MS Red Cobra Sontonio Sessa 105 Crown point Region wrestling academy Clinton Shepherd 105 West central Midwest rtc Jackson Bradley 112 Cowan Cowan Wrestling Club Evan Stanley 112 Lowell Region wrestling academy Griffin Van Tichelt 112 Colonel John Wheeler Region Wrestling Academy Jairo Acuna 120 Mount Carmel Region Wrestling Landon Hawkins 120 Conolel J. Wheeler MS Region Wresting Academy Angelo Vargo 120 Discovery Middle MXW jeffrey huyvaert 128 new prairie middle school midwest rtc Parker Reynolds 128 Brownsburg Red Cobra Sam Howard 136 Boonville Maurer Coughlin WC Miguel Rojas 157 Brownsburg Red cobra  
      Name Weight School Club Antino Acuna 50 Union Center Region wrestling Academy Xavier Flores 80 Center Grove Center Grove Wrestling Club Easton Smith 60 Holy Spirit MCWC Elias Faith 65 Resurrection School Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club Maverick Hoehn 90 North posey MCWC Suncera Dickman 45 Brownsburg Brownsburg  
      Name Weight School Trinity Malave 108 Munster High School Joy Cantu 108 Merrillville Kyra Tomlinson 130 Noblesville High school Rose Kaplan 123 West Lafayette High School Anna Krejsa 123 Center Grove High School Ella Gahl 123 Northfield  

      1394 12

      Carroll and Mendez look to dominate at Who’s #1

      Jesse Mendez is making his third straight trip to FloWrestling’s Who’s #1 and Christian Carroll is wrestling in his first event. Both are looking to build upon a strong spring and summer and win their respective matches.
      Carroll has been nearly unbeatable since last fall when he won the Grappler Fall Classic and followed that up with a Super 32 belt. This spring he was runner-up in freestyle and Greco-roman to eventual world champion Braxton Amos. After that he dominated at Fargo and won a Junior title at 220lbs. Carroll is the first Indiana wrestler to win a Fargo Junior championship and a Super 32 championship.
      The match for Carroll will be the main event and a big guy super match. He will face off with the top ranked heavyweight in the country, Nick Feldman. Both “heavyweights” weighed in under 230lbs, so this is closer to a light heavyweight match-up. Feldman has won Beast of the East and National Prep titles to go along with winning at Who’s #1 a year ago. He’s an Ohio State commit and will be a great match-up for Carroll. This will NOT be a boring big guy battle.
      Jesse Mendez is making his third trip to Who’s #1 and looking to be the first competitor to four wins in the event. The past two years Mendez has had to wrestle multiple matches, but this year he only has one in Michigan’s Casey Swiderski. Mendez has had quite a busy off-season that has included a trip to Russia for Junior Worlds, recruiting visits, and even being the grand marshal of the Crown Point July 4th parade!
      His opponent, Casey Swiderski will look to pull off a big time upset and is likely the only one crazy enough to voluntarily take a match with Mendez. Swiderski is an Iowa State commit and according to everyone in the know has a similar style to Mendez with great technique, high pace, and tenacious attitude. Like Mendez, Swiderski has won three state titles in Michigan for Dundee High School. He was also a Fargo runner-up to Tagen Jamison of Texas. Look for this to be another great match.
      The schedule begins on Saturday with wrestling starting at 7pm ET/6pm CT. Mendez will be the 11th match, while Carroll will be the final bout, match #14. You can watch all the action with a loaded card of the top wrestlers in the country on FloWrestling.


      Fargo Junior Preview

      The Juniors will start on the mat Sunday at Fargo. This is a group that overall might be the deepest group in terms of state placers and champions that Indiana has taken in a long time. Eight wrestlers that have won a state title will be representing the Hoosier state along with over 40 wrestlers that have state level experience.
      Three wrestlers with Fargo experience that will have high expectations include Evan Bates, Zeke Seltzer, and Drake Buchanan. Both Selzer and Bates were runner-ups in 2019 at the 16U age level and looking to get the big stop sign this year. Bates will be wrestling at Northwestern this winter, while Seltzer recently committed to wrestle at Missouri after completing his senior year. Buchanan was 6th in 2019 and currently looking at finding a school to wrestle at after this year. By now we all know Christian Carroll's story, he'll be in the mix for his second major title during the season after winning the Super 32 last fall.
      Sergio Lemley has two state titles in two states during his career and is a threat for a spot in the finals. He struggled a little bit at UWW Cadets, but will be at a more natural weight for Fargo. Three Mater Dei state champs will all look to bring back hardware this year. Blake Boarman will be off to Chattanooga soon, but wants to grab some Fargo hardware before he leaves. Both Brody Baumann and Gabe Sollars will look to impress college coaches as they still have one more year left at Mater Dei.
      Floyd Central champ J Conway will be taking the mat at 160lbs. He will surprise some folks as he will come into Fargo without some national credentials. LaPorte little guy Ashton Jackson will take a break from leading local parades and join the fray at 113lbs at Fargo.
      Perry Meridian’s Matthew Koontz was 5-0 at the Junior duals and could headlock a few guys in the FargoDome.  Other wrestlers with experience under the lights include Evan Dickey, Cheaney Schoeff, Logan Frazier, and Jajuan Anderson. Sullivan’s Lane Gilbert represented the USA at the Pan Ams in the 15U age group and could surprise some folks in Fargo.
      Saturday, July 17
      Junior Freestyle Medical Check and Weigh-in
      7:30 PM
      Sunday, July 18
      Junior Men's Freestyle: Session I - Preliminaries and Consolations
      9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
      Junior Men's Freestyle: Session II - Preliminaries and Consolations
      4:30 PM - 9:00 PM
      Monday, July 19
      Junior Freestyle 2ND Medical Check and Weigh-in [+ 2 LBS]
      7:00 AM
      Junior Men's Freestyle: Session III – 1/8 Championships, Quarterfinals & Consolations
      9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      Junior Men's Freestyle: Session IV –- Semifinals, Consolations and Consolation Semifinals
      5:00 PM - 8:30 PM
      Tuesday, July 20
      Junior Freestyle: Session VI - Finals, Medal Matches & Awards
      1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
      Wednesday, July 21
      Junior Greco-Roman Medical Check and Weigh-in
      4:00 PM
      Thursday, July 22
      Junior Greco-Roman: Session I - Preliminaries and Consolations
      9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      Junior Greco-Roman: Session II – 1/8 Championship and Consolations
      4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
      Friday, July 23
      Junior Greco-Roman: Session III – Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Consolations
      9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
      Junior Greco-Roman: Session IV Finals, Medal Matches & Awards
      2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
      Entries from Indiana
      Weight Style Name School State FS Duals GR Duals 106 FS/GR Jackson Heaston Indian Creek       106 Freestyle Nathan Smith Southport 2021 7th at 106lbs 6-2 7-0 113 Freestyle Ashton Jackson LaPorte 2021 1st at 106lbs     113 Freestyle Evan Dickey Indianapolis Cathedral 2020 Qualifier at 106lbs
      2021 2nd at 106lbs     113 FS/GR Toby Billerman Perry Meridian 2021 3rd at 106lbs 5-1 2-2 120 Freestyle Lane Gilbert Sullivan 2020 4th at 113lbs
      2021 3rd at 120lbs     126 Freestyle Anthony Hughes Lawrence North 2020 Qualifier at 120lbs
      2021 Qualifier at 132lbs     126 FS/GR Cheaney Schoeff Avon 2020 2nd at 113lbs
      2021 2nd at 126lbs     126 Freestyle Logan Frazier Crown Point 2020 3rd at 113lbs
      2021 2nd at 120lbs     126 FS/GR Michael Tharpe Center Grove 2021 Qualifier at 126lbs     126 Freestyle Sergio Lemley Chesterton 2020 1st at 113lbs
      2021 1st at 120lbs     132 Freestyle Anthony Bahl Crown Point 2021 5th at 113lbs     132 FS/GR Matteo Vargo Penn 2019 2nd at 120lbs
      2020 1st at 126lbs
      2021 5th at 126lbs     132 FS/GR Zeke Seltzer Indianapolis Cathedral 2019 2nd at 113lbs
      2020 1st at 120lbs
      2021 1st at 126lbs     138 FS/GR Blake Boarman Evansville Mater Dei 2018 3rd at 113lbs
      2019 2nd at 120lbs
      2020 1st at 138lbs
      2021 3rd at 138lbs     138 FS/GR Brac Hooper Carmel 2020 Qualifier at 113lbs
      2021 Qualifier at 132lbs 1-6 3-4 138 Greco-Roman Brandon Kinnick Daleville       138 Freestyle Elijah Anthony Frankfort 2019 Qualifier at 106lbs
      2020 Qualifier at 113lbs
      2021 Qualifier at 126lbs     138 Greco-Roman Julius Gerencser Daleville 2021 8th at 138lbs     138 FS/GR Reakus Shelton Fort Wayne Snider 2020 8th at 132lbs     138 FS/GR Zach Wilson Roncalli       145 Freestyle Brody Arthur Oak Hill 2020 Qualifier at 132lbs
      2021 5th at 138lbs     145 Freestyle Dylan Stroud Manchester 2020 8th at 126lbs
      2021 Qualifier at 132lbs     145 Greco-Roman Ethan Jeffery Franklin Community       145 Greco-Roman Ethan Thompson Beech Grove   0-2 1-3 145 Freestyle Kody Glithero Roncalli   2-4 1-2 145 Freestyle Sam Goin Crown Point 2020 5th at 106lbs
      2021 4th at 126lbs     152 FS/GR Braedon Spears Plainfield   1-2 1-1 152 Freestyle Jaden Reynolds Avon 2019 5th at 138lbs
      2020 3rd at 145lbs
      2021 3rd at 145lbs     152 FS/GR Jajuan Anderson Warren Central 2020 2nd at 145lbs
      2021 4th at 152lbs     152 Freestyle Matthew Koontz Perry Meridian 2020 2nd at 132lbs
      2021 3rd at 152lbs 5-0 4-0 152 Freestyle Riley Rust Center Grove 2020 4th at 145lbs     152 Freestyle Scott Fitts Evansville Mater Dei 2018 Qualifier at 145lbs     160 Freestyle Hayden Shepherd Western 2019 Qualifier at 126lbs
      2020 Qualifier at 138lbs
      2021 6th at 145lbs     160 Freestyle J Conway Floyd Central 2019 Qualifier at 126lbs
      2020 6th at 138lbs
      2021 1st at 152lbs     160 Freestyle Kade Law Columbus East 2019 Qualifier at 145lbs
      2021 3rd at 160lbs     160 Freestyle Orlando Cruz Crown Point 2020 Qualifier at 145lbs
      2021 5th at 160lbs     160 FS/GR Ryan Younger Bloomington South       160 Freestyle Toby Abbott Cowan 2021 8th at 145lbs 4-4 4-3 170 FS/GR Aiden Reynolds Bloomington South       170 FS/GR Brody Baumann Evansville Mater Dei 2020 Qualifier at 145lbs
      2021 1st at 160lbs     170 FS/GR Codei Khawaja Floyd Central 2021 Qualifier at 170lbs     170 FS/GR Tyler Fuqua Franklin Community 2018 Qualifier at 120lbs
      2021 Qualifier at 170lbs     170 FS/GR Vincent McDonald Zionsville       182 FS/GR Brodie Porter Eastern (Greentown) 2020 Qualifier at 170lbs
      2021 Qualifier at 170lbs 1-1 2-3 182 FS/GR Drake Buchanan Center Grove 2020 6th at 182lbs
      2021 2nd at 182lbs 2-2 3-1 182 FS/GR Louis Mariacher Zionsville       182 FS/GR Noah Rowlett Lawrenceburg       182 FS/GR Pate Eastin Penn 2019 Qualifier at 145lbs
      2020 3rd at 160lbs
      2021 7th at 170lbs     195 FS/GR Brandon Hammer Tippecanoe Valley       220 FS/GR Christian Carroll New Prairie       195 FS/GR Connor Barket West Lafayette 2020 Qualifier at 182lbs
      2021 7th at 195lbs     195 Freestyle Evan Bates Chesterton 2019 3rd at 182lbs
      2020 1st at 220lbs
      2021 3rd at 220lbs     195 Freestyle Gabe Sollars Evansville Mater Dei 2019 Qualifier at 160lbs
      2020 7th at 170lbs
      2021 1st at 182lbs     195 Freestyle Keaton Grider Fort Wayne South Side       195 FS/GR Sam Hesser Center Grove       220 Freestyle Bryce Crump Center Grove       220 FS/GR Josh Howell Terre Haute South 2019 Qualifier at 220lbs
      2021 6th at 220lbs     220 Freestyle Nicholas Casad Terre Haute South       285 FS/GR Jacob Johnson Franklin Community 2020 Qualifier at 285lbs
      2021 Qualifier at 285lbs     285 FS/GR Ryan Lattimore Purdue Polytech      

      1794 1

      Fargo 16U Preview

      The 16U age group(formerly Cadets) is always filled with excitement as there is an element of surprise at many weights with the young kids hitting a big national tournament. This year’s Indiana squad is one to watch as they were double All-American as a team at the National Duals. This is the first time Indiana has ever doubled up at the duals. Many of these same wrestlers will be looking for individual honors at Fargo which could make this year a very good year.
      Seven of the wrestlers taking the mats will have experience at Bankers Life. Two-time state placer Aidan Torres of Chesterton has the most state experience. He was 4-1 in the Greco duals and 4-5 in freestyle. Other placers that will be coming include Whiteland’s Joey Buttler and his fantastic hair. Buttler was 4-3 in Greco at the duals and 4-4 in freestyle. Western’s little guy Tanner Tishner looks to impress after going 5-4 in freestyle and 4-4 in Greco at the duals. Other state qualifiers that will be heading to Fargo include Evan Cruz, Tony Wood, Cameron Clark, and Logan Farnell.
      Some young guns that you need to watch out for include future Brownsburg Bulldog Revin Dickman. He was 9-0 in freestyle at the duals and 5-3 in Greco. He is ranked in numerous grade level rankings and will be one to watch when he dons his purple singlet. Snider’s phenom De’Alcapon Veazy has already been in the high school level rankings and was 6-3 in freestyle and 7-1 in Greco at the national duals. He’s a big guy that has wrestled everywhere this year. The name Rioux is quite familiar to those at Avon and Nathan Rioux is one to watch at 88lbs. He was 7-1 at the national duals in freestyle and 5-0 in Greco. Older brother Luke was 8-0 in freestyle this June. Crown Point young gun Gavin Jendreas will be one to follow at 100lbs, he was 7-2 at the duals in freestyle.
      Friday, July 16
      16U Freestyle Medical Check and Weigh-in
      5:00 PM
      Saturday, July 17
      16U Freestyle: Session I – Preliminaries and Consolations
      9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
      16U Freestyle: Session II – Preliminaries, Consolations
      3:00 PM - 7:30 PM
      Sunday, July 18
      16U Freestyle 2ND Medical Check & Weigh-in [+2 lbs]
      7:00 AM
      16U Freestyle: Session III - Quarterfinals and Consolations
      9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
      16U Freestyle: Session IV - Semifinals, Consolations and Consolation Semifinals
      4:30 PM - 9:00 PM
      Monday, July 19
      16U Freestyle: Session V - Consolation Semifinals (IF NEEDED)
      9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
      16U Freestyle: Session VI - Finals, Medal Matches & Awards
      1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
      Tuesday, July 20
      16U Greco-Roman Medical Check and Weigh-in
      4:30 PM
      Wednesday, July 21
      16U Greco-Roman: Session I - Preliminaries and Consolations
      9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      16U Greco-Roman: Session II - 1/8 Championship, Quarterfinals and Consolations
      5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
      Thursday, July 22
      16U Greco-Roman: Session III Semifinals and Consolations
      9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      16U Greco-Roman: Session IV Finals, Medal Matches & Awards
      2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
      Entries from Indiana
      Weight Style Name School State FS Duals GR Duals 88 FS/GR Ayden Bollinger Alexandria   4-4 2-0 88 FS/GR Revin Dickman Brownsburg   9-0 5-3 88 FS/GR Nathan Rioux Avon   7-1 5-0 88 FS/GR Tyler Tun Fort Wayne Snider     1-2 94 FS/GR Brady Byrd Washington   1-8 2-6 94 FS/GR Logan Gilman Greenfield-Central       94 Freestyle Quinn Stauffacher Zionsville       100 Freestyle Gavin Jendreas Crown Point   7-2 1-1 100 FS/GR Luke Rioux Avon   8-0 3-4 106 Freestyle Charlie Larocca Center Grove       106 Freestyle Jalen May Peru   2-6 1-6 106 FS/GR Lincoln Parsons Greenfield-Central       106 FS/GR Tanner Tishner Western 2021 8th at 106lbs 5-4 4-4 113 Freestyle Kaptur Nowaczyk Crown Point       113 FS/GR Seth Syra Plainfield   3-6 1-7 120 Freestyle Evan Cruz Crown Point 2021 Qualifier at 106lbs     120 Freestyle Griffin Ingalls Fishers   4-4 1-7 126 FS/GR Joey Buttler Whiteland 2021 8th at 113lbs 4-4 4-3 126 Freestyle Aden Reyes Indianapolis Cathedral       126 Freestyle Tony Wood Jay County 2021 Qualifier at 120lbs     132 FS/GR Wyatt Krejsa Center Grove       132 Freestyle Jason Shuey Columbus North   0-7 0-4 138 Freestyle Cameron Clark Jay County 2021 Qualifier at 132lbs 1-8   138 FS/GR Gage Gulley Noblesville       138 FS/GR Cohen Hager Greenfield-Central       138 Freestyle Zach Lang Hamilton Southeastern       138 FS/GR Anthony Rinehart Zionsville   2-6 2-6 138 FS/GR Jackson Todd Pendleton Heights     4-4 138 Freestyle Aidan Torres Chesterton 2020 6th at 126lbs
      2021 8th at 132lbs 4-5 4-1 145 FS/GR Waylon Cressell Wabash   1-4 3-3 145 FS/GR Isaiah Holden Greenfield-Central       145 FS/GR Rider Searcy East Central   6-3 4-3 152 FS/GR Aidan Costello Hobart       160 FS/GR Jordan Ayres Manchester       160 FS/GR Fabian Chavez Mishawaka       160 FS/GR Logan Farnell Maconaquah 2021 Qualifier at 160lbs 2-7 0-1 170 Freestyle Dylan Forbus Franklin       170 Greco Dylan Pierce Mooresville       170 FS/GR Jase Robinson Floyd Central       170 FS/GR Brayden Tincher Eastern Hancock     0-3 170 Freestyle Vincent Tinoco Whiteland       182 FS/GR Dealcapon Veazy Fort Wayne Snider   6-3 7-1 195 Freestyle Kyvan Bandy Owen Valley   3-5 3-4 195 FS/GR Will Clark Crown Point   5-3 3-3 220 FS/GR Paul Clark Crown Point   2-7 6-2 285 FS/GR Dominic Burgett Hamilton Southeastern     3-5


      Fargo Women's 16U and Junior Preview

      Last summer was quite boring for many of us in the wrestling community and without Fargo it felt like the longest summer ever. This year Fargo is back and it looks to be better than ever with USAW allowing more entries per state. Thousands of wrestlers from across the country will converge upon Fargo July 17th through July 23rd for the biggest tournament in the country. This week we will feature write-ups on each age group and the top contenders from Indiana.
      Women's wrestling continues to grow within the state and this year it is most evident with 19 women making the trip to Fargo. Without and event last year, the credentials are a little limited past state level events. However, we have a great group that should be in contention for numerous medals over the course of the 16U and Junior age groups. We will have a handful of women doubling up wrestling both divisions that will equate to 27 entries over both divisions.
      At the 16U division Indiana has some hammers that will look to bring back a coveted stop sign. Leading the way is Rianne Murphy. She was the champion at this year’s Women’s Nationals at the 15U age group and runner-up at the UWW Cadet(17 and under) age group. She is from Valparaiso, but goes to school at Wyoming Seminary in Pennsylvania. Another one to keep an eye on is Northeastern’s Heather Crull. She was second at Middle School State this year against the boys. She also was second at the 15U Nationals falling to Murphy in the finals. At the UWW Cadet age level she was 5th. 
      Munster’s Trinity Malave was a 2020 IHSGW champion and also has had some success at the national level. She was a double placer at Women’s Nationals this year placing 7th at UWW Cadet and 8th at UWW Junior(20 and under) age groups. Another one to watch at the 16U age group will be Joy Cantu who was 7-2 at the national duals in June.
      State champions Kaylie Petersen, Torieonna Buchanan, Cailin Campbell, Catie Campbell, Aulani Davis, Kiersten O’Neill, and Riley Dempewolf also will be representing the state at Fargo. Cailin Campbell was 6-3 this June at the national duals, while Dempewolf was undefeated at 9-0. Three wrestlers will return with previous placements at Fargo. Kiersten O’neill, Torieonna Buchanan, and Riley Dempewolf all placed 6th in 2019 at the 16U age group.
      Friday, July 16th
      16U Women Freestyle Medical Check and Weigh-in
      5:30 PM
      Saturday, July 17th
      16U Women Freestyle: Session I – Preliminaries and Consolations
      9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      16U Women Freestyle: Session II – Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Consolations
      3:00 PM - 7:30 PM
      Saturday, July 18th
      16U Women Freestyle: Session III – Consolation Semifinals (IF NEEDED)
      9:00 AM - 10:00 AM\
      16U Women Freestyle: Session IV - Finals, Medal Matches & Awards
      1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
      Monday, July 19th
      Junior Women Freestyle Medical Check and Weigh-in
      6:30 PM
      Tuesday, July 20th
      Junior Women: Session I - Preliminaries and Consolations
      (FargoDome - Main Floor)
      9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      Junior Women Freestyle: Session II - 1/8 Championship, Quarterfinals and Consolations
      (FargoDome - Main Floor)
      4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      Wednesday, July 21st
      Junior Women Freestyle: Session III Semifinals and Consolation
      (FargoDome - Main Floor)
      9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
      Junior Women Freestyle: Session IV Finals, Medal Matches & Awards
      (FargoDome - Main Floor)
      1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
      Entries from Indiana
      Age Weight Name School State Duals 16U 100 Makenzie Smith Heritage Hills 2021 2nd at 106lbs   16U 106 Rianne Murphy Wyoming Seminary(PA)   8-1 16U 106 Heather Crull Northeastern   9-0 16U 112 Joy Cantu Merrillville   7-2 16U 112 Sydney Delois New Palestine 2021 4th at 113lbs   16U 122 Rose Kaplan West Lafayette 2021 2nd at 113lbs   16U 127 Hannah Seitzinger Indian Creek     16U 132 Kyra Tomlinson Noblesville 2021 3rd at 132lbs   16U 138 Josie Hause Monrovia   2-6 16U 144 Kaylie Petersen Evansville Central 2021 1st at 138lbs 2-0 Junior 100 Makenzie Smith Heritage Hills 2021 2nd at 106lbs   Junior 106 Rianne Murphy Wyoming Seminary(PA)   8-1 Junior 112 Trinity Malave Munster 2020 1st at 113lbs   Junior 112 Makenzie Smith Heritage Hills 2021 2nd at 106lbs   Junior 117 Torieonna Buchanan West Vigo 2019 1st at 106lbs
      2020 1st at 106lbs
      2021 1st at 113lbs   Junior 122 Cailin Campbell North Montgomery 2019 2nd at 120lbs
      2020 1st at 120lbs
      2021 1st at 120lbs 6-3 Junior 122 Rose Kaplan West Lafayette 2021 2nd at 113lbs   Junior 127 Hannah Seitzinger Indian Creek     Junior 127 Anna Krejsa Center Grove 2020 4th at 126lbs
      2021 2nd at 120lbs   Junior 127 Catie Campbell North Montgomery 2019 1st at 126lbs
      2020 2nd at 132lbs
      2021 1st at 126lbs   Junior 132 Kyra Tomlinson Noblesville 2021 3rd at 132lbs   Junior 138 Aulani Davis Kokomo 2020 1st at 132lbs
      2021 1st at 145lbs   Junior 138 Sierra Pienkowski Mount Vernon (Fortville) 2019 8th at 145lbs
      2020 7th at 138lbs
      2021 2nd at 138lbs   Junior 138 Josie Hause Monrovia   2-6 Junior 144 Kaylie Petersen Evansville Central 2021 1st at 138lbs 2-0 Junior 152 Kiersten O'Neill Wabash 2019 1st at 160lbs
      2020 2nd at 160lbs
      2021 1st at 152lbs   Junior 200 Riley Dempewolf McCutcheon 2019 1st at 195lbs
      2020 1st at 195lbs
      2021 1st at 195lbs 9-0

      1490 5 2

      Two exciting opportunities for the Fort Wayne area

      By Dane Fuelling
      Decades ago, the stretch of land from Fort Wayne to Muncie was the heart of high school wrestling in Indiana. Storied programs like Bellmont, Delta and the now-shuttered high schools of Muncie South and Muncie North won 11 of the twenty-one state championships from 1974 to 1994. Since Bellmont’s title in 1994, the area has fallen behind the rest of the state. While plenty of wrestling fans around the state like to talk about the struggles of the Fort Wayne area, two men have taken big steps in their lives to put actions where others will only speak words. 
      Wade McClurg has been hired to a new dual position in the Indiana Tech athletic program. He will simultaneously be assistant coach for the Warrior program and the head of its new Warrior Regional Training Center. 
      “With the Warrior RTC,” says McClurg, “we have an opportunity to positively impact hundreds of boys and girls in the Fort Wayne community and surrounding area through the sport of wrestling.  In return, we will not only have the ability to produce elite athletes, but we will strive to form servant-leaders and mold outstanding individuals through the world’s oldest and greatest sport.”
      On the other side of town, coach Andy Oberlin has opened a new wrestling-focused facility on Goshen Road, not far from the Zoo in Fort Wayne. Oberlin has invested much of his own personal money and time into a venture that has no guarantee of success. It is a new idea for the city, a place for clubs and teams to host camps, retreats and for visiting coaches to hold clinics. 
      Oberlin has hooked up with ONE for sponsorship and his facility has new wall mats and wrestling mats being installed this week. He has enlisted the help of Anton Talamantes, one of the city’s all-time wrestling greats, to host the very first clinic at his facility. That will take place on June 12th. 
      Coach McClurg was a graduate of Beech Grove High School in Indianapolis who went on to wrestle for the Greyhounds of the University of Indianapolis. In five years at the helm of the Roncalli program, McClurg won 84 duals with 18 losses and had 17 state qualifiers, including three state champions. He qualified for Team State in his final four seasons and won a semi-state title in 2019. 
      With all that time spent on the south side of Indy, moving to Fort Wayne will be a big change for the coach. A state of the art, 25,000 square feet facility was a good place to start.    
      For Oberlin, Fort Wayne is home and since wrestling against two-time state champion Tim Myers multiple times in his high school career at DeKalb High School, Oberlin has also seen the drop in competitiveness in the area. 
      “The question is whether we have gotten worse or everyone else has gotten better,” says Oberlin. “But I think it is a combination of both.”
      Oberlin feels that the strong group of wrestlers out of Griffith High School in the early 2000s, which included current IU head coach Angel Escobedo, transformed high school wrestling in Indiana and created a new, higher ceiling. 
      “We have so many more kids competing nationally,” he says. “Just look at how many D1 wrestlers we have produced now. Things are so much more competitive now than they were 25 years ago.”
      Both Oberlin and McClurg see potential for the sport in the state’s largest school district, Fort Wayne Community Schools. 
      “Kids today need to see some success to get hooked on the sport,” declares Oberlin. “And when you try to get them to start the sport in high school, there isn’t much of a chance for success against experienced wrestlers. We need to change that.”
      McClurg’s program will open in September, and with established men’s and women’s wrestling teams at the school, things might just be looking up for wrestling in our area.

      1474 8 1

      National Event Preview for April 23-25th

      The national scene for wrestling is starting to get back to normal this spring. In the past the spring has been littered with national level events and this week is no different with two big events going on. In Wisconsin there will be the UWW Cadet, UWW U15 and UWW Futures divisions and in Virginia Beach the NHSCA grade level nationals will be held. Indiana will have many representatives in each event.
      UWW Cadet/U15/Futures in Wisconsin
      As of registration on Thursday morning Indiana will have 15 different wrestlers participating at this event with most of them doubling up in both freestyle and Greco-roman. The UWW Cadet division has a lot at stake as winners will be representing the USA in the world and Pan Am championships this off-season. The UWW U15 age group winners will represent the USA at the Pan Am championships this off-season. At the cadet division you will see wrestlers from 15 to 17 years old, which encompasses basically 8th graders through high school juniors. The U15 age group is 13 to 15 year olds and the Futures division is 10-12 year old competitors.
      In the Futures division we have two competitors, Samuel Rioux and Elias Faith. Rioux is a name that will likely be in the Avon lineup until about the year 3000, so keep an eye on all of the brothers coming up. Samuel is a multiple time ISWA placer. Faith is wrestling in both styles and is a multiple time ISWA champion and placer. He wrestles for the Maurer Coughlin wrestling club. Both of these guys are wrestling at the 28kg weight class which is just under 62lbs.
      The U15 age group has some very intriguing wrestlers to watch for the future in Indiana wrestling. At 38kg we have both Nathan Rioux and Caleb Schaefer. Rioux has had an immense amount of success at the state level. Schaefer is the son of Mater Dei coach Greg Schaefer and has had quite a bit of success himself. Revin Dickman is one to keep an eye on not only this weekend, but in the years to come. He has been nationally ranked for a couple years and certainly is a contender for a title here. He will be wrestling 41kg. Another Rioux will take the mat at 44kg in Luke. He was a starter this year for Avon and while undersized had a fine freshman year. Speaking of brothers Isaiah Schaefer will be wrestling 48kg. He was a middle school state runner-up and has been a fixture at the top of ISWA events for a while. Delta freshman Wyatt Krejsa will be wrestling 62kg. He was a semi-state qualifier this year at 126lbs and has won folkstyle state and Indy Nationals this off-season so far. Lastly, De’Alcapon Veazy will be taking his talents to the mat at 85kg. Veazy is another one that has been recognized in the national rankings and will be one to watch this weekend. Both Rioux’s, Dickman, Krejsa, and Veazy will all be wrestling both styles this weekend.
      Six wrestlers will test their abilities against the best in the country trying to make the UWW Cadet World Team this weekend. Leading the way is state champion Sergio Lemley at 60kg. According to the experts he is a strong contender to win the spot in a very deep weight class. Indiana will have some very talented wrestlers in the upper weights. At 80kg Seth Willems and Drake Buchanan will both be participating. Buchanan was on the U15 Pan Am team before his freshman year and was a runner-up this year at state. Willems has been a solid contributor in the upper weights for Crown Point. At 92kg we will have West Lafayette’s Connor Barket. He has steadily improved each year finishing this year as a state placer. Leighton Jones will be a contender at 110kg. Jones placed third this past year at heavyweight and was a Cadet Greco-Roman All-American back in 2019. Michael Tharpe of Center Grove is the last competitor from Indiana. He will be wrestling 55kg. He was a state qualifier at 126lbs this season. All six of these wrestlers will be wrestling both styles to increase their chances of making Team USA.
      Friday, April 23rd
      Session I
      UWW U15 Greco-Roman
      UWW Cadet Greco-Roman
      Preliminaries and Consolation
      10:00am – 2:00pm
      Session II
      UWW U15 Greco-Roman
      UWW Cadet Greco-Roman
      Consolation, Semifinals, Consolation Semis, 3rd-7th place matches, Best 2 out of 3 Championship Finals
      4:00pm – 8:00pm
      Saturday, April 24th
      Session III
      UWW U15 Freestyle
      UWW Cadet Freestyle
      Preliminaries and Consolation
      10:00am – 2:00pm
      Session IV
      UWW U15 Freestyle
      UWW Cadet Freestyle
      Quarterfinals, Consolations
      4:00pm – 8:00pm
      UWW Futures Freestyle
      Preliminaries to completion
      4:00pm – 8:00pm
      Sunday, April 25th
      Session V
      UWW U15 Freestyle
      UWW Cadet Freestyle
      Semifinals, Consolation, Cons Semis, Best 2 out of 3 Championship Finals, 3rd-7th place matches.
      10:00am – 2:00pm
      UWW Futures Greco-Roman
      Preliminaries to completion
      10:00am – 2:00pm
      On Arena.Flowrestling.org
      Age Weight Name Team U15 Freestyle 38 kg Nathan Rioux Contenders Wrestling Academy U15 Freestyle 38 kg Caleb Schaefer Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club U15 Freestyle 41 kg Revin Dickman Contenders Wrestling Academy U15 Freestyle 44 kg Luke Rioux Contenders Wrestling Academy U15 Freestyle 48 kg Isaiah Schaefer Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club U15 Freestyle 62 kg Wyatt Krejsa High Rollers Wrestling Academy U15 Freestyle 85 kg De'Alcapon Veazy Warrior Elite Wrestling U15 Greco-Roman 38 kg Nathan Rioux Contenders Wrestling Academy U15 Greco-Roman 41 kg Revin Dickman Contenders Wrestling Academy U15 Greco-Roman 44 kg Luke Rioux Contenders Wrestling Academy U15 Greco-Roman 62 kg Wyatt Krejsa High Rollers Wrestling Academy U15 Greco-Roman 85 kg De'Alcapon Veazy Warrior Elite Wrestling UWW Cadet Freestyle 110 kg Leighton Jones Red Cobra Wrestling Academy UWW Cadet Freestyle 55 kg Michael Tharpe Center Grove Wrestling Club UWW Cadet Freestyle 60 kg Sergio Lemley Region Wrestling Academy UWW Cadet Freestyle 80 kg Seth Willems Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club UWW Cadet Freestyle 80 kg Drake Buchanan Center Grove Wrestling Club UWW Cadet Freestyle 92 kg Connor Barket Red Cobra Wrestling Academy UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 110 kg Leighton Jones Red Cobra Wrestling Academy UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 55 kg Michael Tharpe Center Grove Wrestling Club UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 60 kg Sergio Lemley Region Wrestling Academy UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 80 kg Seth Willems Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 80 kg Drake Buchanan Center Grove Wrestling Club UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 92 kg Connor Barket Red Cobra Wrestling Academy UWW Futures Freestyle 28 kg Samuel Rioux Contenders Wrestling Academy UWW Futures Freestyle 28 kg Elias Faith Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club UWW Futures Greco-Roman 28 kg Elias Faith Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club  
      NHSCA Nationals
      The NHSCA grade level nationals always brings in the best competition from around the country. This year Indiana will have 34 wrestlers participating with most of them from the Indianapolis area. Perry Meridian is bringing 16 of those wrestlers with Warren Central and Southport having four representatives each. Unlike the event in Wisconsin, this is a folkstyle event.
      In the senior divison we will have only two wrestlers. Southport’s Luke Goodwin will be wrestling at 132lbs. Goodwin placed 7th the past two years at 132lbs and 138lbs respectively. Perry Meridian’s Aidan Warren will be wrestling at 182lbs. Warren is no stranger to national level competition and accumulated three third place medals during his career as a Falcon.
      The junior division will have three wrestlers with state placements in the mix. At 106lbs Southport’s Nathan Smith will be competing. He was 7th this year at 106lbs. Penn’s Matteo Vargo is no stranger to the area and will bring his 5th place finish back to an area that he is familiar with. Tyler Jones of Warren Central will be wrestling at 160lbs. He has placed 6th and 7th the past two years.
      Leading the way in the sophomore division will be two-time state runner-up Cheaney Schoeff of Avon. He will be at 126lbs. The only other state placer in the field from Indiana is Perry Meridian’s Toby Billerman. He was 3rd at 106lbs this year and is at that weight this weekend. A pair of state qualifiers rounds out the top wrestlers in Hobart’s Devin Wible at 126lbs and Perry Meridian’s Keaton Morton at 120lbs.
      State third placer Kyrel Leavell will be at 113lbs in the freshman division. Leavell was very impressive for the Warriors this past year. State qualifier Duke Myers will be at 170lbs representing the storied Bellmont program. He is no stranger to national level success so keep an eye out for him.
      Do not be surprised if some of the young studs from Perry Meridian or Warren Central have deep runs in this division. Both teams have some very good wrestlers entered that will make an impact soon on the state level.
      In the middle school division keep an eye on ISWA champion Angelo Vargo from Penn. Others that were recent ISWA folkstyle placers include Perry Meridian’s Peyton Brummitt and Hobart’s Seth Aubin.
      Friday April 23rd
      7:45am: Session 1 Championship Matches Only, No Consolation Matches
      Boys Freshman Division: 106lbs-HWT
      Boys Sophomore Division: 170lbs -HWT
      11:00am: Session 2 Championship Matches Only, No Consolation Matches
      Boys Sophomore Division: 106lbs-160lbs
      2:15pm: Session 3 Championship Matches Only, No Consolation Matches
      Boys Junior Division: 106lbs-160lbs
      5:30pm: Session 4 Championship Matches Only, No Consolation Matches
      Boys Junior Division: 170lbs-HWT
      Boys Senior Division: 113lbs-HWT
      Saturday April 24th
      7:45am: Session 1
      Boys Freshman Division: 106lbs-HWT
      Boys Sophomore Division: 170lbs -HWT
      11:00am: Session 2
      Boys Sophomore Division: 106lbs-160lbs
      2:15pm: Session 3
      Boys Junior Division: 106lbs-160lbs
      5:30pm: Session 4
      Session 2 wrestlers
      Sunday April 25th
      7:45am: Session 1
      High School All-Americans
      11:00am: Session 2
      Middle School and Girls High School
      132 Luke Goodwin- Southport
      182 Aiden Warren- Perry Meridian
      106 Nathan Smith- Southport
      120 Trevor Schammert- Hobart
      126 Matteo Vargo- Penn
      160 Tyler Jones- Warren Central
      170 Jesse Herrera- Highland
      285 Kai SanAgustin- Perry Meridian
      106 Toby Billerman- Perry Meridian
      120 Kenny Shotts- Perry Meridian
      120 Keaton Morton- Perry Meridian
      126 Cheaney Schoeff- Avon
      126 Devin Wible- Hobart
      138 Andrew Goodwin- Southport
      160 Daunte Hon- Perry Meridian
      195 Ronin Hammond- Perry Meridian
      285 Nolan Martin- Perry Meridian
      113 Ryan Taylor- Perry Meridian
      113 Kyrel Leavell- Warren Central
      126 Keegan Logan- Southport
      132 Zachariah Harris- Perry Meridian
      132 Kohlten Rhonemus- Delta
      152 Zach Huckaby- Perry Meridian
      152 Branson Beckam- Perry Meridian
      160 Anthony Cashman- Warren Central
      170 Duke Myers- Bellmont
      170 Cadyn McBride- Perry Meridian
      220 Jaylen Young- Perry Meridian
      220 Timothy Wine- Delta
      Middle School(5)
      85 Jack Richardson- Perry Meridian
      95 Peyton Brummitt- Perry Meridian
      105 Seth Aubin- Hobart
      112 Angelo Vargo- Penn
      127 Michael Ortega- Portage

      1130 2

      2021 NFHS Rule Changes Reactions

      Every spring the NFHS makes rule changes within the sport. Some years the changes are small in nature and just small clarifications to existing rules. Last year there were grumblings that the NFHS was ready to pull the trigger on reducing the number of weight classes. With participation levels different in each state the threat of losing weight classes is always looming.
      This year there are three major rule changes that were highlighted by the NFHS. Here they are and a quick reaction to each of them.
      Change #1
      Each state has an option of three different weight class sets for boys and girls that includes 12, 13, or 14 weights effective for the 2023-2024 season.
      Girls weight class options
      12 Weight Classes – 100, 107, 114, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 165, 185, 235.
      13 Weight Classes – 100, 106, 112, 118, 124, 130, 136, 142, 148, 155, 170, 190, 235.
      14 Weight Classes – 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 155, 170, 190, 235.
      Boys weight class options
      12 Weight Classes – 108, 116, 124, 131, 138, 145, 152, 160, 170, 190, 215, 285
      13 Weight Classes – 107, 114, 121, 127, 133, 139, 145, 152, 160, 172, 189, 215, 285
      14 Weight Classes – 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 144, 150, 157, 165, 175, 190, 215, 285
      This is a great move by the NFHS to allow states to have flexibility in their weight class options. This gives states with lower participation the option of having less weight classes without going against the NFHS’ wishes. For the most part, states do not like to go against the NFHS’ rule recommendations and having this option gives each state solid options to choose from. This also keeps things as close to uniform as possible.
      Having different options for girls weights is great as the sport is growing on the girls side of things. This gives state the option to start with 12 weights and as the sport becomes more popular go up to 13 or 14 weights. 
      As far as the weight classes go, they look to be geared a little closer to the old weights, but with a little more separation in the middle weights. In all honesty, teams and coaches will adapt to the weight classes. There are no perfect set of weights as each team has different demographics and even each season provides different obstacles for filling of the weight classes in the best possible manner. 
      Change #2
      Head and neck injury time will be a separate injury time.
      This should make it easier for referees and coaches to keep track of this time. Previously there were many nuances to the rule that combined this type of stoppage versus blood or injury time. Hopefully this clears things up and referees don’t have to spend hours trying the if this, then that scenarios of stoppages.
      Change #3
      Allow athletes to have six matches during one day during a state series event.
      For high school wrestling this is great. This could mean a lot for Indiana wrestling as currently we have the one and done round at most sectional sites. This would allow the state to give those wrestlers a full wrestle-back to placement if they wish. I do not know if the IHSAA will look into utilizing this exception but having it on the table can lead to good discussions with making our state series better.
      Click here to read the full NFHS press release

      1786 7

      2021 USAW Folkstyle National Entries from Indiana

      This weekend USAW is hosting their annual Folkstyle Nationals in Cedar Falls, Iowa. As usual, Indiana has many entries in this prestigious event across every age division. Here is a listing of all the entries that registered for the event. As with any tournament some athletes may not attend the event or may move up or down a weight class.
      You can follow all the action at the following link on TrackWrestling.
      USAW Preseason Nationals Brackets
      Thursday, April 1st
      Session I - 16U (Preliminaries, Consolation and Quarterfinals)
      9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      Session II – Junior (Preliminaries, Consolation and Quarterfinals) 
      3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      Friday, April 2nd
      Session III - Junior & 16U Session II (Semifinals, Consolations, Medal Matches) 
      16U and Junior Finals at 11am
      9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      Session IV - 14U (Preliminaries, Consolation and Quarterfinals) 
      9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
      Session V – 14U (Semifinals, Consolations, Medal Matches) 
      3:00pm – 7:00pm
      Session V – 12U & 10U (Preliminaries, Consolation, Quarterfinals) 
      3:00pm – 7:00pm
      Session V – 8U (Preliminaries through medal matches) 
      3:00pm – 7:00pm
      Saturday, April 3rd
      Session VI – 12U & 10U (Semifinals, Consolations Medal Matches) 
      9:00am – 12:00pm
      Session VI - Masters Competition 
      9:00 AM – 4:00pm
      Session VI - College Open Competition 
      9:00am – 4:00pm
      Division Weight Name Team 10U Boys 105 lbs Noah Fitzgerald Indian Creek Wrestling Club 10U Boys 120 lbs Gavin Brown Indian Creek Wrestling Club 10U Boys 56 lbs Jeremiah Maldonado   10U Boys 59 lbs Tucker Dowty Indian Creek Wrestling Club 10U Boys 71 lbs William Smith Patriots Wrestling Club 10U Boys 71 lbs Alexander Ponce Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club 10U Boys 71 lbs Ethan Alvarez   10U Boys 77 lbs JJ Doty Red Cobra Wrestling Academy 10U Boys 93 lbs Azarius Overstreet   12U Boys 108 lbs Jackson Smith Patriots Wrestling Club 12U Boys 67 lbs Jeremy Carver Delta Wrestling Club Inc. 12U Boys 78 lbs Cruz Orueta Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club 12U Boys 78 lbs Timothy Maldonado   12U Boys 78 lbs Colton Stinson Indian Creek Wrestling Club 12U Boys 86 lbs Patrick Dowty Indian Creek Wrestling Club 14U Boys 102 lbs Griffin Van Tichelt Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club 14U Boys 106 lbs Evan Stanley Region Wrestling Academy 14U Boys 119 lbs Oliver Hallett Indian Creek Wrestling Club 14U Boys 130 lbs Christian Arberry Warren Wrestling Academy 14U Boys 149 lbs Zachary Blevens   14U Boys 165 lbs Kyle Harden Central Indiana Academy Of Wrestling 14U Boys 165 lbs Hayden Smith Patriots Wrestling Club 14U Boys 165 lbs Miguel Rojas   14U Boys 77 lbs Case Bell Contenders Wrestling Academy 14U Boys 83 lbs Lincoln Underwood Peacock Wrestling Club, LLC 14U Boys 83 lbs Ayden Campbell Peacock Wrestling Club, LLC 14U Boys 83 lbs Justin Williamson Region Wrestling Academy 14U Boys 87 lbs Gavin Lewis   16U Boys 106 lbs Tanner Tishner Western Wrestling Club 16U Boys 106 lbs Lincoln Parsons Greenfield Wrestling Club 16U Boys 120 lbs Kyrel Leavell Warren Wrestling Academy 16U Boys 126 lbs Gavin Phillips Greenfield Wrestling Club 16U Boys 126 lbs Adrian Cohen Warren Wrestling Academy 16U Boys 132 lbs Cohen Hager Greenfield Wrestling Club 16U Boys 138 lbs Isaiah Holden Greenfield Wrestling Club 16U Boys 138 lbs Aidan Torres Region Wrestling Academy 16U Boys 138 lbs Alexander Smith Patriots Wrestling Club 16U Boys 145 lbs Mitchell Betz Western Wrestling Club 16U Boys 145 lbs Rider Searcy East Central Wrestling Club 16U Boys 160 lbs Clay Guenin Greenfield Wrestling Club 16U Boys 160 lbs Anthony Cashman Warren Wrestling Academy 16U Boys 220 lbs Brandon Johnson Central Indiana Academy Of Wrestling 16U Boys 285 lbs Dominic Burgett Legends of Gold 16U Boys 88 lbs Jude Heaston Indian Creek Wrestling Club 8U Boys 85 lbs Isabella Smith Patriots Wrestling Club College Men 197 lbs Jacob Huffman Fighting Irish Wrestling Club College Men 285 lbs Ethan Bunce KNIGHTS WRESTLING CLUB Junior Boys 106 lbs Jackson Heaston Indian Creek Wrestling Club Junior Boys 120 lbs Michael Tharpe Center Grove Wrestling Club Junior Boys 126 lbs Sergio Lemley Region Wrestling Academy Junior Boys 126 lbs Matteo Vargo Penn Wrestling Club Junior Boys 126 lbs Anthony Hughes Lawrence North Wildcat Wrestling Club Junior Boys 132 lbs David Pierson Warren Wrestling Academy Junior Boys 132 lbs Jeremiah Henderson Central Indiana Academy Of Wrestling Junior Boys 145 lbs Cody Goodwin Peacock Wrestling Club, LLC Junior Boys 145 lbs James Smith Penn Wrestling Club (PWC) Junior Boys 195 lbs Connor Barket Red Cobra Wrestling Academy Junior Boys 220 lbs Ali Richardson Central Indiana Academy Of Wrestling Masters A 100 kg Joshua Branson   Masters A 78 kg Brendon Helm   Masters A 88 kg Mark Maldonado Highland Wrestling Club Masters B 100 kg Christopher Myers Carroll Wrestling Club Masters C 100 kg Adam Miller Shelbyville Wrestling Club

      988 1

      Comparing 2021 vs. 2011 State Tournament

      By Drew Hughes
      A Decade Ago
      After such a great weekend of wrestling at the 2021 state tournament, let’s take a look back at some of the similarities, differences, and other interesting facts about this year’s tournament and the one from 10 years ago.
      The Bank
      The first difference between these two tournaments has nothing at all to do with wrestling but the name of the arena. While the tournament is still held in the Indiana Pacers fieldhouse, 2011 was the last year of the fieldhouses original name Conseco Fieldhouse. Since then, the arena has been known as Bankers Life Fieldhouse.
      Weight Difference
      The 2011 state finals were also the last year of the old weight classes, after this state tournament is when the IHSAA changed the weights to the ones we still use today. With the changes being
      103 – 106
      112 – 113
      119 – 120
      125 – 126
      130 – 132
      135 – 138
      140 – 145
      145 – 152
      152 – 160
      160 – 170
      171 – 182
      189 – 195
      215 – 220
      285 – 285
      The Bulldogs Junior’s 3rd Title
      In 2011 the Crown Point Bulldogs had their eventual 4-time state champion Jason Tsirtsis win his 3rd state title. This season with just a 2-pound difference in their weight classes, Crown Point’s Jesse Mendez won his 3rd state title and will be looking to join Jason as a four-time state champ next season.
      The Potential 3-timer
      Zeke Seltzer just won his second consecutive title as a junior and will be in the hunt to become one of the next 3-time state champions next year. Similar to this, in 2011 Kyle Ayersman also won his second title as a junior and would go on to be a 3-time state champ.
      Brothers in The Finals
      In 2011 twin brothers Doug and Chad Welch both capped off their senior seasons as state champions. While not twins, the Ruhlman brothers of Bloomington South both made state finals appearances, with the younger brother and sophomore Delaney Ruhlman falling to Jesse Mendez in the finals. The older brother and senior Tristan Ruhlman capped off his high school career with a state title. The Welch brothers were only the 3rd pair of siblings to ever accomplish this feat in Indiana.
      Attendance on hold
      Due to COVID and the limited in person attendance many had to watch this year’s state tournament from home. The 2011 state tournament brought in 27,999 fans throughout the weekends 3 sessions. Hopefully, Bankers Life Fieldhouse will be filled with fans for the 2022 state championships.

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