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State - 160

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State Rank, Name, Semi-State, Regional & SS Finish


1 Gleason Mappes - EV (1st & 2nd)
2 Jack Eiteljorge - NC (1st & 1st)
3 Diego Lemley - EC (2nd & 1st)
4 Oszkar Kasch - EC (1st & 2nd)
5 Nick South - EV (1st & 1st)
6 Hunter Reed - FW (1st & 3rd)
7 Chase Wilson - ELIMINATED
8 Dante Colza - EC (Eliminated by Lemley)
9 Dru Berkebile - NC (Eliminated by Davis)
10 Mason Winner - FW (1st & 1st)
11 Christian Bratcher - FW (Eliminated by Hicks)
12 Brooks Davis - NC (1st & 4th)
13 Tucker Coffman - NC (1st & 2nd)
14 Ethan Hicks - FW (3rd & 4th)
15 Tucker Schank - EV (1st & 3rd)
16 Chandler Woenker - FW (2nd & 2nd)
17 Clay Singleton - EV (Eliminated by Presson)
18 Sam Osho - EV (Eliminated by Schank)
19 Nolan Weidner - EV (Eliminated by South)
20 Malik Hoover - EC (2nd & 4th)
UNRANKED Anthony Mosconi - NC (1st & 3rd)
UNRANKED Wade Presson - EV (2nd & 4th)
UNRANKED Ben Kensinger - EC (1st & 3rd)

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Top Bracket -- Kasch #4, South #5, Winner #10, Coffman #13, Hicks #14, Presson unranked, Kensinger unranked, Mosconi unranked

Bottom Bracket -- Mappes #1, Eiteljorge #2, Lemley #3, Reed #6, Davis #12, Schank #15, Woenker #16, Hoover #20

Toughest 1st rd -- Coffman vs Kensinger & Mappes vs Reed

Champ -- NIck South

Friday Upset (per rankings) -- Brooks Davis over Diego Lemley

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1 hour ago, warsawwrestling said:

Hicks over South is my upset pick of Friday night!


No worries South, even the 34x NCAA National Wrestling Champs has non believers. Just go out there and do what Pistol does to all them NCAA mascots . GET TRIGGER HAPPY ... WOOOOOOOOO..... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! 

John Smith says look them in Eyes, Pull The Trigger Champ ! 

Pistol Pete 

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Just from what ive seen the last 3 years, he brings his best late in the season. He also never loses his composure. I think he finishes his carrer on top of the podium.

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