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  1. That’s is a good cause , thank you guys for that. Maybe one day we will be a a situation where we need them. But right now we have thousands of ventilators that have nobody to use them.
  2. The Jason fryar match was sick. He had something like 7 loses coming into the tournament. Nobody thought he could win it all! It was the last year it was at market square. I was a sophomore. I’ll never forget it. Later that evening we threw a party for him, he showed up and i remeber offering him a half gallon of vodka to drink on. He turned it down and left immediately. . He is now a officer with local police department, sounds about right. We partied to celebrate, he did not!
  3. Ok thank You. I’ll check into it I’ve tried to look there before. I try to tell my son that. I’ve been there and won it all but he keeps telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about . Soo I need some video proff
  4. Anybody know how to get video from the 2002 state finals. I have lost my “VHS” and really want to be able to show my kids the matches. Is there a way to buy a dvd of the finals matches?
  5. I’m trying to recall how much media coverage was giving to influenza last year. It’s hard to remember. I know 40 million Americans got the flu and 40,000 people died from it. But I just can’t seem to recall it being on the news every second of every day of every night. Maybe I’m mistaken.
  6. Jason Fryar from Whiteland High school. Heavy weight made it to state 2000 and won it all! Was down by 3 with 8 seconds left and hit a 5 pt move, for the win.
  7. Watts/ Cartwright was the best match of the day, no argument
  8. Brewer majors him, if he doesn’t finish him. Nothing against Laplace, but brewer is that good.
  9. Top dog we will have to agree to disagree. I saw warning for stalling in the 1st, and a point given in the 2nd. Ref didn’t see it that way. I thought it to be pretty obvious.
  10. And I agree that the officiating was crazy all day. I don’t volunteer to ref soo take it with a grain of salt, but I did see the south vs mater dei kid. I did not understand the lack of stalling call either. 1st period backed up for 2 minutes, 2 Nd period rode hips for 2 mins. Seemed like stalling to me but refs didn’t see it that way.
  11. Conway from Floyd central has crazy potential. He really impressed me. Brewer from Avon is the real deal, nobody can touch him. The Howell kid at 220 looks like a kid among men but has no fear, he’s trying to toss whoever he’s facing. Maybe not the most skilled but for a sophomore at 220 the kid is fearless. Bellamy from Edgewood has a great single leg and was not really tested until he met the beast Brewer. A lot of good wrestling at Evansville, glad I made the drive.
  12. I’ve not heard his name this year, what’s the word on that ?
  13. I don’t think I’d put it on the coach in this situation. The match in itself was pretty hectic with a lot of quick scoring and missed calls and points by the ref of the match . You can blame a few different people but like I said nobody noticed it till a match or 2 later. Thanks for all the input.
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