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  1. No man alive will be heavyweight UFC champion until Francis retires , That dude is a very scary person. Crazy , a guy who has never wrestled a match, or did any combat sports. Gable is a beast but I don’t think any amount of mma training could prepare him for Francis. If he has the option he should definitely get paid doing the fake WWE wrestling. That would be the smart choice!
  2. The best kid in the state at gut wrenches reigns king .
  3. If any has or knows how to get a dvd of the state finals matches from 2002 state championships, let me know. I’d like to get a copy of those matches.
  4. Whiteland has had a bunch of qualifiers, places and champions. BUT Buttlers match against ruble was crazy. Joey dominated the 3rd period , had ruble on his back twice. Another 20 seconds and I have no doubt Buttler would have had his hand raised. Seemed like ruble gassed out and had no answers
  5. No problem. But yea I saw others agreed. That was a crazy night. He was my teammate, and had 6 or Soo loses on the season , it was wild to see him pull it off. Plus, who ties up with 10 seconds left ! We tried to throw a party for Fryar that night and he told everyone he was tired and going home to sleep ! Acted like it was no big deal.
  6. I don’t recall in my post where I said other people did not pick the Fryar match . I just said to me that’s the best finish. Confused by your post. And where is this party?
  7. My pick is Heavyweight Jason Fryar from whiteland. Down 3 , only 10 seconds left, boom, lat drop takedown with the near fall for the win.
  8. Gonna be some good final matches tonight. I’m getting hyped up waiting for it to come on. I still Feel bad for these great wrestlers, that they are being shorted on the full affect of the crowd. My best memory from wrestling in the finals is the lights going off, and the thousands of fans going crazy for every match. It would be weird being at bankers life in the finals and only a couple hundred fans there in that huge venue. But congrats to all the studs that are wrestling for gold tonight
  9. It’s my story , let me tell it. In 2021 I had the pickems contest won , in my mind. But my phone malfunctioned , and I was not given correct information, causing me to lose. Next year I will know I need to pick the top 8
  10. I have been bamboozaled. My phone only showed me to pick the top 4 place winners. I didn’t k ow I needed to scroll over and pick the top 8 . I’m 100% certain I would have won it all if I had picked the other 4 spots. Facts
  11. If 1 takedown is waxing an opponent, and of score of 4-2. Can we now start calling a victory in the final overtime , with second stalling call, as blood time runs out, The DOMINATION of an opponent ?
  12. Burning heart from the rocky 4 sound track! ,
  13. Id say as many freestyle, Greco, folk style matches as possible when Not in season. I ust to hate that my dad would have me and my brothers run 2-3 miles and lift for an hour , 5 days a week after wrestling practice. I started wrestling at 9 years old, and remember getting teched by 5 gator rolls my first ever match. Freshman year made it to regionals, sophomore year semi state, junior year state qualifier, senior year winning gold. Working harder outside of practice , that what I believe made the difference over the years.
  14. Ok. I missed the active coaches part. My bad. Thompson was my coach way back when for high school, making sure he got his credit !
  15. I don’t see Thompson on the coaches list on any of them. And I’m 99.7% percent sure he has coached a few more than 10 state qualifiers.
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