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Everything posted by ENoblewrestling

  1. ENoblewrestling

    Way too early FW SS predictions

    I’m bored, and was thinking the other day that most of the Regionals seem pretty open this year. So who do you have winning the team race in each regional? Goshen, Carroll, Peru, Jay County are the regionals if you didn’t know.
  2. ENoblewrestling

    Way too early FW SS predictions

    Fall break lol. Didn’t have too much going on. I was letting them destroy the house while I wrote it.
  3. ENoblewrestling

    East Noble Possible Opening

    East Noble will possibly have an opening for this up coming season. We are waiting for the event we are in to find a replacement before we make anything official. Preferably we would want a 5 match day. As of right now we are looking for 12/15 this season. Please contact me if you have an opening that date.
  4. ENoblewrestling

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    I'll be rocking blue and gold this year, the hair will be gone, but the belly is getting bigger to make up for it. Going for best looking man in Rome City this year, I'll have to wait a few years for Tom Marsh to retire before I can get the title for the whole of Noble County.
  5. Hey are you guys still looking for a dual?  I doubt we can make it work, there would be a lot of logistics to it. We are full, but would love to move some stuff to see you. Like I said I doubt it would work, but I wanted to get a conversation going for the future if nothing else.

    1. ehighley84


      Perfect, we are full for this year, but could work something out as early as next year. Let me know your contact situations and we will make it happen! Right now we are on a bad home and home with East Chicago Central and would love to get out of it. They aren't good and are 2+ goes away! 

    2. ENoblewrestling


      We have Plymouth for four years!  Its like an 1:45 away!  No clue why we signed that contract, it was before me. 

      My plan BTW was to have you somehow take that dual from us, and then dual us hahaha. Long shot, but I don't want to drive that far for a non semi-state team.

  6. ENoblewrestling

    1/5 East Noble Invite has 1 spot open

    The East Noble Invite currently has a spot open. The date is 1/5. The teams are Elkhart Central Huntington North Fort Wayne Northrop East Noble Manchester Westview Snider "B" It makes for a nice, quick, quality tournament. If you are interested please contact me on here or at sriesen@eastnoble.net
  7. ENoblewrestling

    East Noble Varsity Assistant

    East Noble High School in Kendallville is looking to fill a varsity assistant coaching position. East Noble has a strong wrestling tradition, and has the potential to one of the top programs in the Fort Wayne semi-state. Interested candidates should contact head coach Sam Riesen at sriesen@eastnoble.net or 260-273-0043.
  8. ENoblewrestling

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Josh Kimmel- New Churubusco Head Coach. Congrats Coach!!!
  9. ENoblewrestling

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

  10. ENoblewrestling

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Looks like Matt Cochran is the new head coach at Snider. Ester is staying in as assistant according to Facebook.
  11. ENoblewrestling

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Team State Vote In Results Congratulations to the following teams on being invited to next years team state. 3A Warren Central Carmel 2A Southridge Rochester 1A Centerville Southern Wells All Teams have accepted their invite. Other News Committee voted 4-2 (with 1 member abstaining from voting) to change the minimum number of wrestlers needed for a team to qualify for consideration for team state to 7 wrestlers. Previously the minimum threshold was 3 wrestlers. Possible changes in venue and structure of the tournament were discussed, but tabled until a later date. Committee Greg Ratliff- President IHSWCA (Edgewood High School) Jake O’Neill- Vice President IHSWCA (Wabash High School) Sam Riesen- Secretary IHSWCA (Churubusco High School) Tyson Skinner- Madison High School- Former IHSWCA President Dustin Betz- Madison High School Eric Myers- Jay County High School Alex Johns- New Palestine High School Josh Holden- Greenfield Central High School Mike Reiser- Indianamat individual Rankings Coordinator Dane Fueling- Indianamat Team Rankings Coordinator
  12. ENoblewrestling

    Wrestlers at the Track State Finals

    Sam Wood 152 varsity at Busco won, I believe, his second straight regional in pole vault. I’m 100% he made state the past two years. Only a Sophomore.
  13. My appologies for the delay. 2018 Spring Clinic Meeting Minutes.doc
  14. ENoblewrestling

    Looking for coaching position

    Sorry I didn't read the full post lol.
  15. ENoblewrestling

    Looking for coaching position

    What area of the state will you be moving to?
  16. ENoblewrestling

    Spring Clinic- Logan Stieber!

    Reminder this clinic is this Friday!
  17. ENoblewrestling

    Team State Vote-In Results

    We (Churubusco) finished 1st in 2014 as a vote in, and last in 2016 as a vote in. Its tough projecting who should get those last spots. I can tell you it sucked being invited when we shouldn't have been in 2016. I'm sure it would have been even worse though not getting in in 2016 when we had a championship team.
  18. ENoblewrestling

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Two solid teams in the Northeast will have new head coaches- Fort Wayne Snider Central Noble
  19. ENoblewrestling

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    I was thinking about the all star classic and what other all star Duals I would like to see. Curious other Duals you’d be interested in, also who you would take in those presented. Anyhow here are mine. Get a little Fort Wayne flavor with a mini tourney of Conferences in Northeast Indiana. Dual between champs from each conference. NECC vs ACAC NE8 vs SAC Winners face off. Academy Championship. A tourney that has- RWA vs Mauer/Couphlin(sp) Red Cobra vs Contenders Finally a county faceoff. Hendricks vs Delaware Marion vs Lake
  20. ENoblewrestling

    Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    Had a kid asking if they can have a beard for Hyway or ISWA events can anyone clarify oneway or the other.
  21. ENoblewrestling

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    I guess the fact that the NECC would surely win the Northeast Indiana challenge has slowed the debate on that topic... what about the academies? I think it would be awesome to see them dual. Is there too much crossover (kids wrestling for multiple academies) to do something like that, or do most kids work with just one group?
  22. The IHSWCA is looking into making some changes to the 2019 middle school state tournament and are looking for some members to serve on a committee to make sure the event is heading in the right direction. If this interests, you please contact your regional representative or an officer. If you are not a member and would be interested, please follow the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf54zwIymiVzGVWoc0fF7JQ7mdwYvVaZRDUrx-VhW74vFfhFA/viewform
  23. ENoblewrestling

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    I thought about throwing a Carroll/ Homestead all-star team in there. They would pry hold their own pretty well.
  24. ENoblewrestling

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    I don't get why you guys get so mad about this? The only thing these ratings are used for is to try to make the qualification process more accurate for smaller schools. Do you feel that the wrong teams are being invited to team state? If not then this really isn't as big of an issue as your making it out to be. Also it seems like the Jay County regional has had really good representation over the years at team state, that is all these are used for so I don't understand why this is brought up all the time on here.
  25. ENoblewrestling

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Fort Wayne has really been dominant in the smaller classes. Wawasee is the first team not from the FW Semi-state to win either class 1A or 2A.

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